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  1. Not one of the more pleasant subjects to discuss but thought I'd just pass on my experience with in the past week....had some extreme pain on my left side and I mean bad pain, like excruciating pain, couldn't sit or sleep, went to the Doctor we had scans done are they showed I had or was in the process of passing kidney stones, for you gents 50-70 it is a pretty common event so I'm told, very draining on your strength, mentally and physically no appetite not much sleep to speak of, even if memory serves me I took one of those powerful painkillers for the first time, they are truly devastating can now see why the government is cracking down on the dispensing of these drugs, totally shuts down your sensory system, you know where u are but don't know why. Can't understand how people enjoy being in that state day after day, me, I'd rather sip a few Foster largers and chill out that way, anyway, got the new storm lake barrel for my G30, two G29 10m mags a box of S&B 180 gr 10mm and as soon as this event passes heading to the pistol range .... Another day paradise !!
  2. Horse racing been interesting of late, wouldn't you just have loved to see that jockey less horse cross the finish line first, nowadays someone would have sued someone, and ask for a DQ, ya gotta know though that your luck is running bad when the jockey falls off the horse you bet all that money on in the starting gate the epitome of very bad luck and you need to take a break and stop putting your bucks on the horses, maybe you can get good odds on a potato sack race ?
  3. Tad, Florida Atlantic university here in palm beach has a tremendous ciriculum on nursing, advertisements on the tube, billboards, one page newspaper ads..very very sought after positions in hospitals, private practices, medical centers, buddy of mine has three nurses on his staff, I mean graduate nurses not paper pushes, he's a internist ...so keep on those books!!
  4. Yes come to think of it people of the Jewish faith do not consume pig or pork. They are definitely dirty animals, I usually, like I reflected in a prior post give the carcass away, the person usually offers me a piece and out of curtesy I'll take it and later chop it up for the dog who just loves the meat. One can go out hunting these animals and literally see hundreds in a few hours, you can really see and test the ballistic performance of your reloads, they are tough thick skinned beasts ...
  5. They are considered a nuisance here in Florida also, millions destroying grazing lands and vegetable crops, but no hunting license is required, we hunt em all the time, especially on the Indian reservations and give the meat the tribe, my preference is hunting them with a handgun, usually my judge, 45 colt, slugs, 000 buck shot, but looking forward to hunting them next few weeks with my glock 30 with the new 10m barrel, have hunted them many times with 45 ACP fun hog hunting in Florida see I told ya there was some positives living down here, I'll think of more don't rush me !!
  6. Ah you fellas are too harsh and negative regarding Florida living, I'm a transplant from the beautiful state of Oregon, yes many negatives re the Florida Eco system and positives also, Hmmm let me get back to ya on the positives ....
  7. He was one funny dude, never saw him in a segment that wasn't hysterical ..my all time favorite was when he was a dentist and Harvey Korman was his first patient, I understand Korman wet his pants he was laughing so hard .. A once in a lifetime performer. Thanks for making us laugh .. RIP Tim Conway
  8. The never ending thread ! Now the jockey Luis Saez has been suspended by the commission for 14 days he also has an attorney which will dispute he did anything dangerous to be DQ, and all the jockeys in the race will appear at a hearing and testified in his behalf, wonder who is going to appear on the horses behalf, how they going to punish the horse, he only gets half a bale of hay for a week, they are really milking this thing, they'll still be disputing this by the time next Derby takes place ...
  9. One got into our house, you had a see the little lady freak out, like terrified the poor woman, she would not go back til I captured it and it was a chore, they are very fast moving critters ....
  10. Bet ya don’t see many of these if you live up north, prehistoric reptiles’ Iguanas when it gets below a certain temp they go into a hibernation state like they are dead you can pick em up and they don’t move warms up they are back to normal
  11. Been watching the forecast for a week these forecasters are wrong more than they are right supposed to have strong storms yesterday through this evening and the sun is shining as we speak they need to look out the window once in awhile someone told me they are going outlaw forecasts in advance of three days they are incorrect 75 percent of the time, they screwed up my whole day, no BBQ, went to a festival, sun fest other night predicated on the forecast of no precipitation it friggin monsooned, lightning,thunder they hadda send people home it was so bad ...
  12. NP Tim just FYI I release all these fish back into the waters even tho I should not .......sorry you didn't like photos just outa curiosity what did cause the sour face reaction?
  13. Saw a YouTube presentation using these fish in a tropical fish tank along with Oscars very attractive display ... Beautiful coloring living well in all Florida fresh waters and reproducing prolifically ...
  14. Using campaign funds, paid off her daughters accrued $50K debt. They need to put this b%#*h in prisoner, this person is nothing but an agitator and a thief, she doesn't even live in the area of the constituents she represents, uses a false address, telling ya folks, we got some rotten dishonest people making laws in this country .... Terrible stuff makes a veteran sick to see it going on, next flush you hear is USA going down the toilet ...
  15. Tad, stay the course man, hang in there strong, cause it'll payoff big time in the long run ..
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