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  1. Dog Soldier

    New "assault rifle" arrived...

    The "Assault Rifle", of WWII was a Nazi select fire weapon. The term assault rifle was created by the Anti-Gun Orgs.. in 1989. It has stuck and continues to confuse the public about the difference of semiauto and select fire. The American voters confuse appearances of machine guns and semiauto legal to own rifles.
  2. Dog Soldier

    WA state to allow "composting" of human remains.

    Try disturbing graves of Native Americans. That will get you time in a Federal Prison. It is not unusual for victims of a homicide to be dumped in field or forest. Now a murderer could claim he was legally disposing of human remains. The Bible does not say how your remains "Must", be disposed of.
  3. Dog Soldier

    Assassination Attempt???

    It maybe Senator Pelosi or Senator Schumer that are the targets. These are Senators who are at the center of many "hot button:, issues as well. JFK a Democrat ignored the Danger of being assassinated going to Dallas. His nemesis was Richard Nixon whom many thought was a target.
  4. Dog Soldier

    Anybody have a Professional model

    These are beautifully crafted handguns. However I have never seen a or known of a career lawman or Military that owned anything expect issue pistols. Many career officers prefer a standard issue 1911 with no tricks. Myself retired, has long preferred the custom combat 1911 or P-220 Legion.
  5. Dog Soldier

    Man Takes Preschooler Along On A Burglary

    The Democrats/Left are using the children issue to divert attention from the adults> They are evading International Law regarding the borders of sovereign Nations.
  6. Dog Soldier

    Offenhauser Racing Engines

    Do you remember Spider Webb? He was an Offenhauser Piolet.
  7. Dog Soldier

    So Trayvon Martin's mother was in PGH tonight

    The Liberal Media chose to vindicate a Black felon? Liberal Media threw a mixed race Hispanic under the bus? Now is that "Racism", ?
  8. Dog Soldier

    Random Posting

    Off Road rigs are great.
  9. Dog Soldier

    Man Takes Preschooler Along On A Burglary

    Excellent cover. If apprehended he will plead that he is trying to provide for this child. The Caravans attacking our Southern Border are using their children to evade the law. The Illegals even kidnap children to use. This will a common criminal ploy.
  10. Dog Soldier

    Do You Photocopy the Items in Your Wallet?

    I like that idea. I will do that "Pronto", thanks.
  11. Dog Soldier

    Words That Get Overused. A Lot.

    An Anglo-Saxon word referring to sexual intercourse.
  12. If they did this in China they would executed with rifle. Their survivors would be charged for the 7.62 X 39 cartridge that was expended.
  13. Dog Soldier

    Random Posting

    As Willie Nelson put to music. There are more old drunks than old doctors.
  14. It would not have been approved by the Continental Congress with out the Bill Of Rights. These 10 Amendments dictate the rights of Americans over their government. The Founding Fathers were escaping the oppressive British Royalty. We do not in anyway detest their efforts to have created the most profound nation in History.