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  1. Every shake I get I ask for DOUBLE malt. People usually restrict malt to chocolate (which I really like), I usually get vanilla (which I love), and I never thought of strawberry but I’m gonna try that next - why not? Thanks for the idea...
  2. Truly amazing what all of us Americans have allowed over the years.
  3. Dafaq? This is supposed to be America! fixed it for you
  4. ChuckUles

    Hot Sauce

    a single line of it on a hot dog is great
  5. This. This is quite simply one of the best books I’ve read of any genre. 5 star average on Amazon with more than 3k reviews. Get it at the library and the longer edition though; sounds like kindle edition has some editing. The author was a mortar man in the Pacific war...so it’s not very strategic...but was quite eloquent in conveying the horror he and his buddies experienced; example: “In combat, cleanliness for the infantryman was all but impossible. Our filth added to our general misery. Fear and filth went hand in hand. It has always puzzled me that this important factor in our daily lives has received so little attention from historians and often is omitted from otherwise excellent personal memoirs by infantrymen. It is, of course, a vile subject, but it was as important to us then as being wet or dry, hot or cold, in the shade or exposed to the blistering sun, hungry, tired, or sick.” — With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa by E.B. Sledge
  6. Imagine how dumb the average person is. Now consider that about half of them are dumber than that.
  7. I love both formats for different reasons. I travel a lot for work (read that as waiting in airports). The Kindle is great for this. But paper still rules at home. There are a number of books I’ve considered good enough to have in both formats: I’ve read many times “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” and “With the Old Breed” by Eugene Sledge. Two of my favorites. The former is real quick and I’ve read it several times purposefully when having a bad day full of First World Problems, which are then cured. I was also started early in grade school on the Hardy Boys. Discovered Lord of the Rings in 6th grade and that REALLY made me take off in reading. Love history; some of the best days in elementary school were when my school had the annual book fair when there was tons of stuff to buy. In terms of when this was, I’m 52 so there wasn’t any electronics at play...I had to work HARD in our little library to find out stuff like how to make a crossbow with a leaf spring...??
  8. I would have said Rain because the puddles of rain were what kept her alive. Until you said you already have a dog named Rain! When I was a kid, one of my friends had a dog named Puddles...because she made lots of puddles. You could name her Puddles once again because in her case the puddles kept her alive. One of my uncles named one of his dogs Precious...which seems appropriate for just about any dog.
  9. Pic is a little more than a month old now; the breeder temporarily named her Laney, but her forever name is Rosie.
  10. I guess you could say that engine was LinkedIn...
  11. Our new pup on the drive home in repose. Acting more like a redhead now.
  12. I think this must have been before Hai Karate...?
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