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  1. My parents are from that part of Ireland. Derry City, Northern Ireland. That's how they speak in those parts.
  2. True about family stress but I'm still off the cigarettes. It helps that it's been cold outside and I haven't been around any smokers. I ordered myself a new computer. It arrived today. I justified buying it with the money I've saved and the money I'll be saving. Thanks for asking.
  3. Yes. Taste and smell is much improved. I'm fine with having a few drinks. My biggest trigger is when I'm out doing day to day things and people do/say stupid sh*t.
  4. They cancelled jury duty for the rest of the week. I'm excused.
  5. Juror Attire "Please dress appropriately for court. Shorts, hats, halter or tank tops and jeans with tears are not acceptable courtroom attire. The courtrooms can be quite cool, so dress accordingly. ;" My peers wear the above. Who are we trying to impress? And who is in a position to judge what is appropriate garb in a courtroom?
  6. It's going well. Thank you for asking. Tomorrow will be a full two weeks. I've had some cravings but soldiered through them. I've even gone out to happy hour with friends who smoke. Damn do they stink when they come back in from smoking! One of the things that helps is when they tell me they're jealous of me that I quit smoking.
  7. I've never done Jury Service before...I'm in group number 29 and the courts will be closed Thanksgiving and the Friday after. Do any of you have experience with this? Any idea of the odds I'll be called in? "The following group numbers will need to report to the Lower Level, Room 30 of the Ramsey County City Hall / Courthouse by 8:15 a.m. Group numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. If your group number is not listed, you must check for the next update Monday at 11:30 a.m. for the afternoon session. It is important to note that jurors may be directed to report to the courthouse with less than 75 minutes notice for the afternoon, so please plan accordingly. Please note: Do not check this message prior to the times listed above, as the message is subject to change up until those times. Thank you, stay safe and have a great day."
  8. Thank you all for the posts. I found myself in some stressful situations today. The crave was pretty heavy. I re-read what you have all said. It really helped. Thank you.
  9. Going on week two. So far so good. I toss $10 a day in an old cigar box. Any quitter advice?
  10. And if anyone is close to Bayfield Wisconsin, my family has 50 acres on Madeline Island. It's just too long of a drive for me.
  11. If anyone is near the twin cities area and has some land, I have ammo. Just saying.
  12. The dog in my profile picture used to laugh. He was very well behaved. He never got up on the furniture etc. He was a big dog. One morning I woke up and he was stretched out laying next to me in bed. I said "Chase, what are you doing here?" He made this noise that kind of sounded like an old man laughing. His cheeks were puffing out in a rhythmic way like a person trying to hide a laugh. I miss that dog.
  13. I don't like indoor ranges either. Fortunately there's one close to me that's only a few years old but I'd much prefer to shoot outside. I'm always on the hunt for someone who has enough land that's not too far away.
  14. People who open their car doors and ding other cars.
  15. I told my daughter to never be late to work. If you are always on time, you'll never get fired if you make a mistake on the clock.
  16. I had to kill a few hours. This was at 1pm on a Wednesday. It was like something out of a movie.
  17. God bless this man and his friends and family. And your're a great man to empower his memory. I toast you.
  18. I heard the tiger was hungry again half an hour later.
  19. I have Jury Duty coming up the week of November 22nd (Thanksgiving week). I figure the courts will not have much going on during a holiday week.
  20. I had a 2014 Toyota Camry built by Subaru. It was a great car.
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