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  1. I was disappointed that they didn't make the dogs day.
  2. I don't get why drivers don't get out of the way when there are lights and sirens behind the. I start to look for a safe place to pull over when I hear a siren let alone seeing the lights.
  3. On separate occasions, I've seen Prince, Elvis Costello, William Shatner , Bono and his wife out and about doing normal things. Shatner was having dinner by himself at a local restaurant. I saw someone approach for an autograph. He told the guy to leave him alone.
  4. I'm in Minnesota and have Progressive. I've been with them for over 15 years. I made claims Feb 2018 and Feb 2021. I've never had a ticket. I traded in a 2014 Camry and bought a new car last may. My payments dropped from $252 every 6 months to $240. I asked them why the rate dropped, as I was buying a new car that was valued way over twice the the value of the 2014 Camry. They told me it's because of all the safety features that comes with the new car. $450 deducible. And same/good coverage. Knocking on wood...I hope they don't change my rates.
  5. Ketchup. I can't the taste or smell of it.
  6. The other one is, "We'll meet or beat your expectations." So you know my expectations?
  7. We've been running our family businesses for over 35 years. I train the new hires. I tell them, if anyone tells you "the customer is always right", you're allowed to tell them to go f*** themselves. It's only happened a few times. Our employee retention has been spectacular.
  8. The price of beer at the local bar. Before the shutdown a pint of my favorite beer was $4.50 at happy hour. They got rid of happy hour and raised the price to $7.15 a pint.
  9. That was impressive. No one sawed off and sold the catalytic converter.
  10. I guess that explains the up-tick of midget hitchhikers.
  11. It looks like we're in huge trouble. Wind gusts of 30 mph. I'm going to buy a used school bus and bury it in the backyard for a bunker.😳
  12. In hindsight, I should have had it checked out. It all worked out in the end.
  13. It was a few years ago. I cleaned it up with hydrogen peroxide and slapped a couple of my daughters Band-Aids on it. It left a pretty good scar.
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