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  1. Was this guy listening to a police radio scanner? It seems way too random that he'd shoot a guy in his yard if he didn't know he was on the run.
  2. "A Florida man is behind bars after threatening to destroy everyone with an army of turtles, according to a report." It would be a slow death.🐢
  3. Headline... "...5D porn cinema..." My mind jumped to...Wow...those are a huge set of 🍉's.
  4. My daughter is over there now. She texted me while in the Chunnel. She's having a great time. The weather has been great.
  5. Great point. Swimming is another thing all kids should learn to do. We signed our daughter up for synchronized swimming classes at a young age.
  6. This was my first gun (not the actual gun). My dad bought it for me when I was 7. Sheridan Silver Streak pellet gun. He pounded safety into us at a young age. I'm amazed that some of my friends who consider themselves to be gun people, lack muzzle discipline etc. It was so ingrained in me at an early age that when if I field strip a gun after clearing it and the barrel isn't even in the gun it's pointed in a safe direction. By the way, I still have that gun. I can't tell you how many thousands of pellets I've shot through it but I've always kept it oiled and it still works after 44 years.
  7. The basic 2019 Ford Ranger 4x4 and the basic Toyota Tacoma 4x4 are well over $28,000.
  8. No Academy Award? That's crazy?
  9. It would be great if they went back to the basics. The days when trucks were cheaper than cars.
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