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  1. "fired three shoots at a dude in a Cici's parking lot striking him in a his shoulder them the crazy culprit capped a guy in the Chin at a Chinese restaurant." For some reason I found that very funny. The chin at a Chinese restaurant part.
  2. Instead of yelling "fore" you'd be yelling "duck".
  3. I've never played golf but if I take the rare afternoon nap I put it on TV. Puts me right to sleep.
  4. I can't remember the last time I "dropped a deuce" in a public bathroom. I'll often use a stall to "drain the main vein" because I flip the seat up and flush with my foot/shoe. That way I don't to touch anything I don't have to.
  5. They day before the Oshkosh and the day after the airshow. No fatalities but two people died on the road in the same week.
  6. I'm going for the first time. It begins 7/22. I've always wanted to go.
  7. Braille on the buttons of the ATM machine at the bank drive thru.
  8. The inside of a vintage Cessna. The Irish countryside on a cool rainy day when they're all burning turf in their fireplaces.
  9. Okay...I'm done.😁
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