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  1. Moshe


    I have been absent and will be for awhile. I have several projects in the works. As they used to say in Graduate School, publish or perish. I have several in the works, that my wife edit's and puts her two cents in before I am going to ship off to publish. So, more-or-less working on getting four done. She is having a hard time keeping up with me,; because, I tend to be rather prolific. I enjoy the quiet times when the children are in school. It is hard when you are immersive in the psyche of a character to be ripped away by loud chaos. My wife didn't believe me, until she started editing. Suddenly, she was wearing hearing protection to block out the noise. Most of what I like to write is allegorical, and have commentary that is imbedded into the subtext. Of course, you have to leave little tidbits about yourself, that only people who know you intimately would know. Essentially, Easter Eggs imbedded in the text. I like to challenge myself in various genres because that is the only way to get out of your comfort zone. If you can't attempt to do that, you may as well be a ghost writer for a series and bang your head on the keyboard. That alternative was suggested, and it violates the way I like to work. I prefer to work with differing characters, and they respond to stimuli differently. Sometimes, they take me in directions I am not expecting. That concept baffles my wife, who is used to writers who make this cumbersome bios that they have to beat the reader over the head with; because they took the time to generate them. I find it is easier to get into the mind of a character, and based on what I intuitively know about them, how they will respond to situations. It is more dynamic and less stilted. So, when the silence is broken while writing, it is like being ripped back from a dream suddenly. I am no longer in the character's mind. The short side of this, is they sometimes take the plot in a direction I didn't necessarily want to go, and attempt to steer it more-or-less. After years of formulaic and boring law enforcement technical writing , it is nice to be creative again. I still have work nightmares. At least lately, they have been about teaching the generally lost on how to process a case. No dead bodies, none of the people I lost along the way. No more being shot at. Just, stupid amounts of simple paperwork, trying to get simpletons to grasp how to process a prosecution.
  2. If I had an AR pistol, and wanted to carry it, a large coat on a fall day works well, none is the wiser. Honestly, I think an AR Pistol is a waist of time. You are not making full potential of the round. You may as well get an UZI or Mac-10 for that matter. You are CQB, and with new BATFE, you aren't even allowed to shoulder it. So, it has become even more useless. If someone likes the idea of full potential in a shorter package, the Bullpup is the way to go. However, that is a rifle. So, better off with a Steyr Aug (I have shot and qualified with those with the donut of death at 100 yards, it is built a lot like a Glock in the way it comes apart easily for cleaning and maintenance. It eats desert sand when you are laying prone just like a Glock. Then there is the Tavor X95 in the same caliber, where your optic options are not endemic to the rifle. Also, a dirt eater since it was made for conditions in Israel. That would be a short package using a full potential of the .233/556 in a compact method. Personally, I am partial to the Tavor 7, just finally made to US specifications. More knockdown, and the IDF has moved to that caliber for that reason.
  3. Happy upcoming New Year, (Rosh Hashana) or to some Feast of Trumpets (Shofar). I don't own a Shofar, I respect those that can do it well. My attempt would probably sound like the dying throes of the animals it was removed from. I am not wizard in the kitchen, so with any luck my wife will make the challah bread.
  4. Everyplace I go encourages it. I am surprised by their position. Most churches like to sweep dirt under the rug. The Mormons I know are the first people to throw their members under the bus and have them arrested. An interesting position for them to take, as I have known many, and been friends with many. Granted, most of them were law enforcement. I am not a fan of the religion, but I liked working with them, especially on foreign assignments. You didn't have to worry about them being drunk and rolled in a whorehouse or something to that effect.
  5. I had no idea they made street level drugs that Obama allowed to come in from Afghanistan?
  6. VA? My father has no problem with the VA either.
  7. California hands out hands out clean needles to street level users, that sound like they are encouraging a crisis.
  8. Moshe

    The Atomic Tank

    True, nothing shielded from an EMP pulse will function. There are similar smaller devices for shutting down modern motor vehicles, by frying the electronics that they have. With the right equipment, spike strips are a thing of the past. If used to be if you blew a fuse you had problems in older vehicles. I replaced many of them on my first ones. Now, that the new ones all have computers to operate them, fry them, and that vehicle is going absolutely nowhere.
  9. This is why I don't like the idea of subdivisions with lots of neighbors.
  10. Moshe

    The Atomic Tank

    Wrap the thing in an internal faraday cage, then add armor and concrete.
  11. If I can still move around, once they leave the draconian pain regulations in place, and allow, marijuana legal for recreational use, I think I might burn those marijuana fields just for spite.
  12. It was never an issue until angry liberals wanted marijuana legalized. Before that, it was regular and common place. If you don't live with chronic pain, it is probably a non-issue for you. But, I had a frank conversation regarding that issue with the general practitioner. The only one that I know got their hand spanked was over prescribing. He was having someone take 8 hydrocodone. I knew the person involved. Then the doctor dropped him cold turkey once he realized he was addicted and messed him up. But, the root of the issue is the liberal drum beat, that it is not fair that they can't recreationally smoke pot. When the same news cast is castigating people who live in constant pain and then out the same mouth say that recreational pot should be legalized, it is not hard to put all the pieces together.
  13. The reason that doctor's in general are shying away from assisting chronic pain sufferers is that D.C. has mandated they take 15 hours of training in Opioid awareness, due to the false narrative set by the media that those people on pain medicine for chronic incurable pain will turn to heroine, or whatever, and that all Opioids from the least to the greatest are now all in one category. I could be a low dose of hydrocodone or morphine, they are all viewed the same now. Now, the backstory as to why. The Liberal media has been beating that drum beat for awhile, to push it to faux crisis. The reason being is they are angry that marijuana isn't available for personal use nationally. Essentially, we are going to torture people who would be receiving relief from pain, because they assume it is a high, rather than a temporary session of pain. It has become so bad, that oncologists have to fight for Opioids for their patients bother because of pain and sadly hospice. All because of Liberal Tears that they might get in trouble for recreational pot. Even Conservatives are afraid to touch the issue, like when climate change was in vogue, worried about their continued electability. You might recall the push for Ron Paul for President, was because he said he was legalize pot. Long diatribe short, the government does not have, nor ever has had your best interests in mind.
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