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  1. They tried that on a public University once, it failed. All fee payers were represented equally despite the cries of the LGBT and the Thurnburgs of the world.
  2. I went with .460 Rowland for a similar equivalent. The G-21 Conversion worked great, the extra heavy springs tamed the round nicely.
  3. I think it would be a great trainer for a kid who is timid of the Glock and doesn't want to dive into a 9mm right away. It would get them used to the functions, so a 9mm comes out for them to shoot, a lot less anxiety. From that standpoint it is genius. It also saves all those aftermarket slides and magazines.
  4. I am probably in the dog house for ordering 8 more boxes of Hornady Black .308 155 Grain. I know, despite what Crimson trace says, getting it sited out to 0-100 for CQB for my SOCOM II will probably take more than a few mags, rather than a few rounds. I am curious to see how the BDC lights up a night.
  5. Can you put a pistol grip on your Bren Ten and make it into a more convenient pistol?
  6. You have to grasp that she is a young, spoiled, sociopath, when she declared that all world leaders needed to be put up against the wall for disagreeing with her. She is all about the evils of carbon emissions, yet, there is a picture on the internet after her statement to assassinate people who disagree with her anti-carbon emissions, while firing a DI AR-15. Now, those of you who have done, and know, that when you qualify with a semi or full auto M-4 system, it shoots GSR and carbon everywhere. When I had to qualify with an M-4 3 times a year for five years, part of the process was using solvent, just to get the carbon off the bolt assembly. When it was really bad, it require a pocket knife to scrape away the excess carbon. I rest my case.
  7. After her recent need to end patriarchal, racist Western society, I invited her to STFU and go home.
  8. That depends on who you work for. We qualified 4 times a year, all the way out to 25 yards with a pistol. If you missed 75 percent of the time, they would confiscate your badge, creds, firearm, and passport and send you to remedials. I have only heard of that happening a couple of times.
  9. Moshe

    prayers needed

    Prayers sent. We went through our own scare with my wife who had an angiogram. Everything turned out fine. I was pretty stressed waiting around three hours for results. I can only imagine unpleasant results, and sympathize.
  10. I can respect that. I would feel similarly. Prior to the San Antonio fiasco, I have been by churches where there were signs prohibiting firearms. We turned right around and left. I figured, if something pops off, they are on their own.
  11. You can get away with that on that on Twitter. The only thing you can't do there, is issue death threats. Like the opponent of Omar, who said she should be hung for treason. I can hound Omar for her links to CAIR, Farakhan, FEC and IRS fraud, and espionage as part of the foreign committee to Iran through Qatar, and helping through CAIR to buy rockets to launch at Israel by purchasing rockets from China. That I can do. But, if you are her political opponent and state she should be hung for treason, you get deleted forever. I did see a link on FB disappear or a really pissed off man in Israel complaining about Omar and Talib's involvement in trying to deny Israel defense of its southern borders from a Jewish contact.
  12. I am sure google keeps track of everything, as evidenced in adds that pop up in yahoo e-mail.
  13. Nice looking blade, looks like the grip helps for a no slip, and lanyard hole.
  14. Parts, parts, and more parts. I purchased a grip pod, to go with that, an picatiny mount to the grip pod (they are making those in singles and duals these days), so I could put my Elzeta light onto the grip pod. I decided to go with the Crimsons traces tactical 2 BDC 1x4 scope, that has a lifetime warranty and free batteries for life. If can be illuminated at night or low light, or you can leave it black during the day. I thought that was a neat feature, about the same price as a Zeiss in that category with less features.
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