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  1. I have no choice. Condition yellow is a world that never-ever stops. I wear inside and outside usually, or inside have ready access. Haven't had a home invasion yet, but enough things that make me very misanthropic toward strangers. If I don't know you, and you bang on my door, the odds of me waiting on the other side with the firearm of my choosing is high.
  2. The eyes tell you what they are going to do, first warning. Then see what is in the hands. They hope what is coming out their mouth as they try to close personal space is going to distract you long enough. Then it is life and death. Most people don't look for the signs. Most people help them on their victim count. I taught my wife street smarts that way. Before she decided a CCL, now CHL was a good idea. She was out with the girls and an Asian guy decides to put himself in the mix. He was laying out his come hither and be a victim speech. My wife noticed the eyes, and said just a few simple words, "My husband is Law Enforcement." He decided that would bring too much heat and went off into the night to seek easier prey.
  3. When it comes to sociopaths, no matter what their mouth might be saying, or expressing, watch the eyes, they don't change. At that point you need to watch the hands, and be ready to kill the SOB.
  4. Remind me again, which member was planning to hike that area? Have we heard from them in awhile?
  5. I am not a Grammar Nazi or any other kind of Nazi.
  6. Would you prefer more prisons at tax payer's expense?
  7. Yes. The joys of earning your way through University, or as some called it white privilege. There was nothing white about it, and it was far from a privilege. Essentially, someone wrote United States Customs (inside joke) all over the walls floors, and a bit on the ceiling. That day the manager instructed me to get a mop. I had officially become Dirty Harry, but I certainly got a **** job.
  8. I get the feeling the grips feel like the gen 2's and the trigger is as squishy as ever. Now, Glock's have always had a squishy trigger, but I have found that Johnny Glocks makes a good crisp trigger that makes shooting a Glock far more pleasurable.
  9. If I lived in NY, I would be completely depressed. Concrete jungles and I do cohabitate well. It was bad enough having to stay over in Queens/Jamaica on the job. I learned that most people pride themselves on who can be the biggest ******* in NY.
  10. That would make as much sense as Ron Jeremy playing the part.
  11. You mean the same administration that banned bump stocks? Not that I want one. But, it seems they are talking out of both sides of their mouth on this one. Once, they repeal the NFA, then I will be dully impressed.
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