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  1. You might like Texas, it has a lot of varied topography. It even has places for people who actually like snow.
  2. I wouldn't care if they were purple, they are still evil, stupid, and evil respectively.
  3. I wonder what butthole came up with that? LOL So, if they have a crossdressing mailman they can now call them a mail-thing?
  4. That is because CNN couldn't investigate themselves out of a dead horse's nut sack. It is very rare that a murderer murders outside their own race. If they do, you probably have a budding preferential serial killer/sexual sadist on your hands.
  5. A meaningful death threat should be followed through. She is making up **** to distract from her crap. But, she has her brother to comfort her at night.
  6. A lot of water wells have been successfully dug this way.
  7. Waaah! He refuses to go where all men have gone before and see if his cock falls off. He thinks sloppy thirds, isn't his thing. There is no inherent right for a woman to demand sex from a man or vice versa. I have been on the other end of an aggressive woman, who just didn't want to take 'NO' for an answer. But, she had to.. Slut shaming? My wife put that particular Academy low behind the computer monitor and calls it the "whore," photo for trying to FLETC (It should be a gerund by now), her husband. She has always been a very jealous woman. But, over the years, she has come to accept that I don't play the field. I don't cheat. I have known many who have, and figured that way their problem, not mine. I don't get in the middle of their bedroom, and I sure as hell don't want them in mine. So, if he doesn't want to have sex with someone who spreads as easy as warm butter, that is his call. Also, I am tired of homosexual month. You never see an army of heterosexuals marching around how they got laid by their husband or wife. We have forgotten about a society that was keep it to your damn self. I am not going to go on this forum and announce to one and all I pleasured my wife. Most people would be, why in the hell are you telling us this? Frankly, I would like to go back to a social norm, where everyone just minded their own business, and if they colored outside the lines took the consequence for advertising.
  8. The fakata network. I watched it one day on my phone. I wanted to see about an incident. All I got was trump bashing with an interjected same Mueller statement. It was like watching a really bad SNL skit rather than something that is supposed to be news.
  9. Speaking of my Historian friend, I did a lot of research on the 7mm08 and was surprised in an article that it is nearly evenly matched with the .270 with less recoil. I found a provider that makes AR-10's in 7mm08 and offers LEO/FLEO/Military Discounts, of a carrier, 2 extra magazines and a 5% discount. They have one with the Vortex sight, and one with out. I prefer my own scopes. On my 6.5CM, I have the Burris Eliminator 3. When I pick up the 7mm08 I will probably put on the latest Nikon BDC. I am not a mildot fan, unless I have all the time in the world to adjust my X and Y access and do some quick math. Unless your target is not moving, and most animals, and other things tend to move around quickly. I prefer one shot, one kill. I noticed that, before I gave up my 7mm mag to my father, a doe will maybe give you one broad side if you are lucky. Then she will turn. I remember putting the perfect size hole on her for the kill. Then CLICK. I had my safety off. I quickly took off the safety, and she looked around for awhile. She finally broadsided, and I dropped her. I think the longest kill I had to take with that Weatherby 7mm mag was a little over 250 yards. Still one shot, one kill. With rifles, I don't like the idea of taking multiple shots.
  10. What do you expect given their track record?
  11. Guarantee you that is an Agent/Officer's wife. Being an FLEO IS a bit like being in the military. They would Hatch Act you so fast you wouldn't know what happened. But, when you are retired you can tell Obama to go sniff a camel's butt if you want to.
  12. I saw some at the Mayo. Besides the black burka mess. They were uncovered and tattooed, and had the most alluring perfume.
  13. They can eat a steaming bowl of bissel. I am who I am, and always will be.
  14. Use two sticks as a water witch, then dig. That is how it has been done long before my time. Ii have water witched before. It is a strange sensation when the wishbone sticks pull against you toward the ground. Simple physics. Very simple.
  15. I am worn out with all the honey do's this week. My energy red peg is out of gas. I am going rest at home.
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