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  1. !Oy Gavalt! This Hok a chanik thread is still going? Enough already. Use whatever tools you guys want. You would think someone kholerye about Glock or something.
  2. And both sides need to be sued again in a class action as they have been before for a violation of the 13th Amendment. The settlements take forever. I have been retired two years, and am still waiting for mine for a violation of my Civil Rights under the Color of Law, (Bivens), just as I would be sued if I behaved similarly to someone I took into custody, or was in charge of their custody.
  3. Moshe

    Peanut smuggling awareness

    I say meh, I see a set on average twice a day, and all I can say, father time has made several cup sizes of improvement.
  4. Moshe

    Random Posting

    Government computers for everyone but the Washington elites and the NSA were always behind by a generation and by the lowest bidder with increasingly web based programming. Glad I am gone, because days like this were:
  5. Moshe

    Murder Mountain

    That is because it takes a bit for the plot twists to all co-mingle. There are threads interwoven that finally make sense as it goes along.
  6. Moshe

    The Punisher back on Netflix

    Finally! The guy is a killing machine and takes out the scum. What's not to like?
  7. Moshe

    Murder Mountain

    I finished Netflix "Red Road" mostly because I am a fan of Jason Moamoa's work. He has always played the badass. His real life wife plays the attorney on show.
  8. Moshe

    Anybody have a Professional model

    I have the Springfield MC Operator, and I have a light on it. It is by far my favorite 1911. I am retired, and carrying handguns I always wished I could when I was working. I like putting lights on as many handguns as I can. The simple reason, is target identification. Especially with teenagers in the house. I remember when I was a very young man, and lived at home in the desert with no lighting, my senses were heightened. Someone or something was watching me intently in the dark, I couldn't see them, I just knew. So, I moved carefully, cautiously, wondering what or whom was clearly out there. My dad waited up to play one of his many twisted pranks. It just didn't work out for him this time. He was in in PJ's as I found out and leaped at me in a roar. Little did he realize, my instinct is to hit first and ask questions later. I slammed his scrotum with my foot flat against his pelvis, and he howled in pain and fell to his knees. As I was about to grab his chin and head to twist, I realized it was dad playing a prank that was ill conceived. He moaned, "You did that on purpose!" "Yes, I did. I didn't know it was you, and I was about to snap your neck," Back then besides manual labor work, I was weight lifting in High School, and I could have done just that. I am glad I didn't.