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  1. Funny, we had a whole thread about Aubrey.
  2. That is why Liberals are crazy. They pretend like anything negative in their matrix of reality doesn't exist:
  3. Color doesn't affect functionality.
  4. That is reality. I guess if you haven't experienced hate crimes, you wouldn't get it. It also fascinates me that it always comes from the Left and Rednecks. What exactly do they have in common?
  5. Moshe

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    You sure it isn't head injury, inbred, troglodyte?
  6. Moshe

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    Someone just talked themselves into some shop time.
  7. Yes, my hands are slow. And I could fill a couple hundred PMAGS. Several more soviet style AK mags. Bullets are a wonderful thing, until you have load them.
  8. Well, order everyone to stay home, or be "racist," (still trying to figure that one out), who is monitoring the dams? No one. Meanwhile, Harris is saying Wuhan Virus should be declared "racist," because we wouldn't want the people who unleased biological and economic terror on the world to be offended? In other news, Liberals still hate Jews and that's somehow okay.
  9. I have been in that part of the country before California became Commiefornia.
  10. I am sure everyone is familiar with the UPULA pistol loading system. Now, there is the Butler ASAP, to load your 556 or .223 brass ammo via battery or AC outlet about 30 seconds per 30 round magazine. For those of us who uses 7.62x39 there is also a hopper, except you crank it up and down manually to load those rounds. I just thought I would share, for those of us who don't have the thumb strength, due to age, disability, whatever. Or, you just plain hate counting out your rounds and spend the day wearing out your hands when more magazines and ammo arrive. I have plenty of each category. Father's day is coming up, but it appears the sales are on for Memorial Day. Just a thought.
  11. Moshe

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    Usually my wife, but she isn't here.
  12. Moshe

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    Not offended. I own two. Fine examples of each.
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