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  1. Moshe

    Aero Lowers.

    What uppers are compatible?
  2. True. I think that is the only way out of the hole. He will have to seek prosecution against the offenders, or hope they forget until the next election cycle.
  3. Reading, yet another horridly written article regarding the beaten 63 year old man. It took jurors one hour to vote not guilty. Apparently, they managed to find a pool that was interested in not having elder abuse persist. Ironically, local man makes good as Prosecutor, took a nose dive in local popularity as well. Now, will they charge those that beat up the 63 year old man? I doubt it.
  4. In this area you won't find it in a pharmacy, but in a mason jar by the side of the road, with who knows what was put into it.
  5. Sadly, that is an important sign. My brother-in-law, who feels he is more intelligent than everyone, without being so, put my niece and nephew when they were toddlers, on an alligator in LA sunning itself in a parking lot;, and then took a picture of his genius.
  6. Moshe

    Shepherds Pie

    I was too, before I found left overs.
  7. Moshe

    Steve McQueen

    Well, it sucks to get that one way or the other. But, at least he was industrious and had fame and fortune before passing.
  8. Nice bow kill. That big boy should fill the freezer. I always love the need for the guy you are with to take a photo knowing the enormous amount of work ahead. I have a few of those. It always looks like a guy and a deer had a hell of a fight, and are now buds.
  9. Cool. I am glad you finally got that resolved. The ordeal had to be absolutely infuriating.
  10. Moshe

    Steve McQueen

    Did he remove asbestos before his career took off? Or did some home remodeling/demolition? How did he get mesothelioma?
  11. Moshe

    Shepherds Pie

    We may end up having to do that. If you get a chance, try it with venison burger. I don't get a mix in mine, but I am guessing you could, if you want to cut it with beef or pork at some people do. I am one of those weird people who love the gamey flavor of venison. It is a lot of work to cut down a deer for a processor to do the rest of the way for you. But, when the pain fades of doing that, you eat like a king.
  12. My wife made shepherd's pie last night. I don't care for crust, so she makes it with mashed potatoes, with peas, carrots, and venison burger. I am going to be bummed when we finally run out of venison, which is about to happen.
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