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  1. Damn!! I gotta run an air line to the kitchen!! -Pat
  2. I've been using these for many years - more of a shearing action than a pinch off, so (I think anyway) less of a shock. Thought I'd lost them a while back and ordered another one from Amazon, then found the original again so kept the new one in reserve for the future. -Pat
  3. Shame they can't fry the worthless POS. Hopefully he'll make someone a nice girlfriend in the big house... -Pat
  4. They won't reach? Besides, what could possibly go wrong? -Pat
  5. When I was a kid I remember my father trying to make dandelion wine at least once. Recall lifting the lid of the big crock in the garage and seeing severed dandelion flower heads floating in a foul smelling brownish liquid. I'm not sure if it ever came out and was drinkable (at about seven years old I certainly had no interest in trying it), but he certainly gave it a go. Lord knows we had enough of the damned things growing in the yard! -Pat
  6. At the very least we should be calling them leftists rather than liberals. -Pat
  7. When did the Democrats start needing 'evidence' again? Seems in the recent past an allegation has been sufficient. I think we need to do some investigation and start issuing subpoenas. /s but maybe not entirely -Pat
  8. I'm wondering how it's cooled - don't see a fan, unless it's underneath. -Pat
  9. Yeah, but the coffeemaker's clock probably also acts as a timer to turn it on in the morning... -Pat
  10. Assuming that it is a line-synced clock in the coffeemaker, then the GFCI receptacle he's plugging in to is likely generating some electrical hash that is being read by the clock as the normal AC cycling and causing it to increment its count faster than it should. A line filter might help, or it might be a defective GFCI. If the coffeemaker has a crystal oscillator, then I have no idea. That should be running from rectified and filtered DC and shouldn't really see the line. -Pat
  11. And a necker's knob. -Pat
  12. Because of power and telegraph lines, maybe? -Pat
  13. That rear oblique view - the ass end just looks wrong. Baby got too much back for my tastes. -Pat
  14. And perhaps most important, the one that got a big part of its start selling to the bottom center, and without which we probably wouldn't now have the top three (I'm not sure whether we might not be better off in that regard, mind you): Sadly, after the founders left, they began to lose their way and forgot how they got to where they were, and ultimately went off the rails (IMO) around the turn of the century after losing their culture and forgetting their roots. -Pat
  15. And copping a nice feel, too. Bet if I did that, she'd slap my face! #bearprivilege -Pat
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