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  1. Mad Man Muntz. He was apparently quite the character. -Pat
  2. If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you! -Pat
  3. Damn - those poor things have some mileage on them!!! Tubes rock. I loves me some vacuum tubes... -Pat
  4. That thing got a bilge pump? -Pat
  5. Old pic of Sparky -Pat
  6. I did some searching - yes, it's after the bomb tests in Bikini. She was later towed back to the states, and they practiced decontamination procedures on her. She was eventually sunk off the Farralon Islands. -Pat
  7. USS Independence during Operation Crossroads? -Pat
  8. Wyatt Derp and Cock Holiday. -Pat
  9. That Firechicken is a thing of beauty. The Stanza? Meh, not so much, though I'm sure it was practical. Styling seems to really have hit a nadir in the mid-late 80s and early 90s. -Pat
  10. Another one I like is that the founders couldn't possibly have foreseen the development of semi and fully automatic weapons, so the second doesn't cover them. But of course the first covers radio, television and the interwebs, despite the fact that said weapons were developed while electricity was still a laboratory curiosity and we were decades away from electronic communication. And some of the same people who say the founders couldn't have foreseen things more advanced than muzzle loading muskets will also say that the second was written for the national guard, which, IIRC, came to be some time after WWI. So they were really prescient on the one hand but totally oblivious on the other. Quite the mix, those guys who founded our country. -Pat
  11. It always amuses me how antis will twist themselves into knots insisting that yes, of course 'the people' in the 1st, 4th, 9th and 10th means the people, but that somehow, when the founders wrote 'the people' in the second, they actually meant 'the government'. I guess maybe spell check got them, and they didn't properly proofread before they hit 'print' on the BOR. -Pat
  12. He likes to be where he's not supposed to be... (In other words, a typical cat.) Spotted: Reminded that he's not supposed to be there... What??? Is there a problem? He just doesn't care. -Pat
  13. I got my Aunt's ‘69 Catalina as a hand-me-down in HS in the early 80s when she bought an ’81 LeMans (don't get me started on what a monumental POS that thing was - pre FI 'computer controlled' carburetor on a 231 Buick V-6. Step on the gas pedal and it would *think* about going for a few moments, then usually do so. Reluctantly. Other times, for some excitement, it might stumble a few feet then stall! It also 'idled' at what felt like 1200 or so RPM, and if you took your foot off the brake in a level parking lot it would happily get moving and shift through the gears, getting up to 20-25 if left alone long enough on a level stretch). Anywho... The '69 was easy to work on - PCV, vacuum advance, heated air intake to the snorkel, and that was about it. My uncle's 70 was pretty much the same. A friend had a 74 Nova that was more of a challenge; by then it was beginning to look like someone had draped a handful of assorted vacuum lines atop the engine, making it look like a strange bird had built a nest. That one was a lot less fun to work on. Pat
  14. Didn't that start more around 1973 or so when they really began putting the early pollution control systems in? I vaguely remember reading about such-and-such system to control some emission at speed, and another to disable the previous system in other operating regimes because it made things worse there, or simply made the engine not run. Seems it was a delicate balance of this thing pulling against that depending on temperature, speed, moon phase, etc, with lots of ways for everything to go off into the weeds. Once computer control finally got nailed down, things improved in a big way. That said, I'd have no qualms about maintenance if I had that beautiful old beast living in my garage. -Pat
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