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  1. Apparently those in power in the UK are good with referendums, but aren't big on following through if the vote doesn't go the way they want it to... -Pat
  2. Cubdriver

    E-Bay Rant

    What makes you so absolutely 100% beyond-any-doubt certain that anyone who buys it is going to do such a thing? You seem unwilling to consider any other possibilities. -Pat
  3. Lord help you if you need to troubleshoot it, though! -Pat
  4. Exactly! Pick them up on the spot and ship them out. You don't like it here? Then leave and go somewhere else. -Pat
  5. Good to see both had their chemtrail generators cranked up to eleven! -Pat
  6. Boo, hiss, boo - she's facing the wrong direction!! -Pat
  7. How'd you get the shift pattern to go sideways like that? Front wheel drive tranny in a rear wheel drive vehicle? -Pat
  8. Hell, I'll BUY her a gun if she doesn't have one! <edit to add for clarity - then I'D marry her> -Pat
  9. That's great news!! I'm very happy to hear. -Pat
  10. I dunno - if you project a line up from where her toes touch the ground, it looks like it passes through her center of gravity - there looks to be as much weight in front of it as there is behind. I'll call that a maybe. How long she could hold it, on the other hand.... That being said, the girl on the Delta flight is insanely cute (and bendy). Why can't SHE ever be seated next to me on a cross country flight? -Pat
  11. He was one of the best. It was especially hilarious how he'd get Korman and the rest of them to be nearly in pain trying not to bust a gut during the skits. Thank you for all the laughs, and rest in peace. Pat
  12. Hmm... 'Lending discrimination'. Is that leftie-speak for 'only loaning money to people who have the ability to pay it back'? Didn't the democrats forbidding 'lending discrimination' lead, in large part, to the huge housing bubble that preceded the financial collapse in 2008? "Let's try it again - I know we'll get it right THIS time!!" Does that idiot still touch glowing orange stove burners, too? He seems incapable of learning. -Pat
  13. My condolences to the family of your departed coworker; may she rest in peace. I'd posit that sudden is better from the point of whoever's doing the dying, but potentially harder on those left behind, On the other hand, while going slowly may give others time to make peace with the whole thing, I think that's much tougher on the person passing as they linger on, possibly in pain, counting their days and staring their mortality in the face. Neither way strikes me as a picnic. -Pat
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