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  1. Winchester short rifle in 357 mag or 44 mag.
  2. Some little pot metal pocket .25 (Jennings, Bryco??) A Rossi 357 lever gun (used) that wouldn't chamber a round. A AMT .22Mag that blew up in my hand
  3. Portland mayor shut down some thugs that were trying to set up a free zone just like they did in Seattle. Their mistake? Setting up the zone in a area that included the mayors home. the mayor doesn't give a crap when someone else's property is damaged or when other people are threatened. But do it by the mayor's mayors home and suddenly the police are told to shut down the trouble makers.
  4. I do believe that the FBI has no Intelligence. They were corrupted from the inside out by the Clintons and Obama.
  5. wjv

    Turkish delight

    Yes! Who / Where did you order it from?
  6. wjv

    Turkish delight

    Nice! Especially at that price.
  7. Not a Slick Side. . . But pretty old. . . 1994
  8. Dr. Miguelito Quixote Loveless
  9. Already have. NYC has refrigerator parked behind a couple hospitals to stack the bodies in. And they are being used. And unlike the Flu - Even survivors stand a good chance of having permanent lung damage.
  10. In Portland the government thinks that the Antifa thugs are heroes and if you defend yourself, they will try to throw you in jail.
  11. No right to vote multiple times No right to vote if you are not a citizen No right to vote if you are a felon or a illegal An ID allows voting (once) by those who have a right to vote and stops those who have no right to vote, from voting. Which is why the Democrats hate voter ID laws
  12. I think all of those seniors should should do a "Occupy" the new senior center and recite the pledge every half hour until someone fires that a-hole manager.
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