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  1. In Portland the government thinks that the Antifa thugs are heroes and if you defend yourself, they will try to throw you in jail.
  2. No right to vote multiple times No right to vote if you are not a citizen No right to vote if you are a felon or a illegal An ID allows voting (once) by those who have a right to vote and stops those who have no right to vote, from voting. Which is why the Democrats hate voter ID laws
  3. I think all of those seniors should should do a "Occupy" the new senior center and recite the pledge every half hour until someone fires that a-hole manager.
  4. I'm guessing she knows where every penny of it went The Cayman Islands Switzerland Luxembourg Barbados Belize
  5. I'm planning on getting the 4" SP101 in .357 for carry when hiking and camping. Add some Hogue Monogrips and a simply rugged holster and it's a perfect kit/trail gun. For urban carry I'd go with a 2.5-3 inch barrel for better ability to conceal. I'd also go with a bobbed or internal hammer and a DA Only action.
  6. I love some of the custom lever guns by Wild West and Grizzly, but I suspect they are poor investments. I doubt that you would ever be able to recoup the $2500-$3500 that they cost if you wanted to re-sell the gun. But they look awesome!!!
  7. Maybe he just needs a better choice in ammo. Don't know what he was carrying but it might have been old 158 grain round nose lead. . . Maybe HP ammo is illegal in his state.
  8. EVERY after market site I have purchased and installed that uses a dovetail has required filing to fit.
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