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  1. Last post as I get tired of political comments in the 'gun' section but the above is a great way to get a visit from the FBI...
  2. There is a big different in 'Defender' type and 'Penetrator' type...yes, Lehigh, trying to sell their ammo but the 'testing'(I know) of 'Defender' seems very promising..the 'Penetrator' type does just that, (over?) penetrate. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=video+of+Lehigh+defender+vs+penetrator&view=detail&mid=8DD01D233757828B6B948DD01D233757828B6B94&FORM=VIRE
  3. The trigger is fine, doesn't bother me at all. It's just really long, compared to my Glocks but it's not 'bad', IMHO, just different. Fun little gun tho and it will work when I ride me bicycle just fine. I had a LCP, that was smaller and lighter but it failed miserably the 'FTS' test(FunToShoot)...if I'm gonna own a gun, I want to shoot it and often.
  4. Got it, shot it yesterday..neat little revolver. Not using the 'moonclips' no problem, spent casing fall out no problem..Loooonnnngggg trigger but that makes it safe, i'm thinkin'... Happy overall, plus about 1/2 of 'going' price..
  5. HA..if you take a look at a lot of TV, where people are firing a semi-auto..a LOT are computer generated 'shots', the slide isn't even moving..
  6. Already have a G42..this is for wife to plink and for me to carry in my bicycle jersey pocket or just in my pocket. Yup, similar size and I could just carry the G42..but I wanted a new gun..and the $ couldn't be passed up. Bidding, GunBroker, looking at the $, I didn't think I'd win it..but I did...
  7. Thanks for the info..I have 2 G42..looking to use this M380 revolver as 'bicycle jersey' type carry..bought it..new, $225...
  8. Want a small 380 that's a 'little' more fun to shoot than the LCP I had(didn't like that at all)..seeing a good deal on a NIB M380...anybody own or shoot one? What do ya think? Have 2 other 380s, not really interested in a 38/357 type snubbie..
  9. Try this..also made by Lehigh and Underwood..really good test results.
  10. Same, I have 2 G42s..never any malfunction on either..cheap, bulk ammo to expensive, any case material, any weight..Same with my G17, son's G17, son's G43 and other son's G45..
  11. Bought 3 Meprolight front sights on 3 Glocks..and..after shooting once or twice, went back to factory dot..I can see it more better..
  12. His hat was turned around cuz it says this on the front...DOH!! Girlfriend..he's not even divorced yet is he?
  13. I have a 'speed' loader, not as whizbang as the Upula but it still takes a while. Biggest issue is the speed at which I end up using up ammo...
  14. I have a 33 round 9mm mag for my G-17..and altho it's kinda a neat range toy..it takes FOREVER to load and it makes for lotsa rounds being fired really quickly. After the first empty, I normally put it aside and use 3 17 round magazines.
  15. Agree. I bought a gun show, used G-19/4 that even still had the factory gold-ish grease in it..BUT it never failed in any way with any ammo..cheapo 115 to expensive 90g Xtreme Defender..think it's just getting a a wee bit broken in. Also bought a new G17/4...never had any issue with anything...
  16. Just for info..from another forum https://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/recall?utm_source=2017+Media+List&utm_campaign=b5f7308bb1-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_02_08_04_15_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_48a850c027-b5f7308bb1-102936849
  17. I'd say if you like and are comfy with the Glock 19 grip size and length..go rent a G30...get a 10 round magazine(s) that make the grip the same feel and length as the G19..I'd stay away from any 1911 unless you are happy with the external safety/decocker/DA/SA type stuff that makes it more difficult as a CCW..particularly if you are comfy with a Glock.
  18. All black is an option..+$25.. https://www.glockstore.com/handguns/glock-factory-handguns
  19. Ahh, another 'it's the liberals, democrats'...more anti gun legislation was signed by Bush 2 than President Obama. Sanctuary cities nor problems with undocumented immigrants aren't new and more than a few GOP governors/Mayors have sanctuary cities. Any LEO organization that comes in contact with an undocumented person has NO requirement to tell ICE about it. THAT'S the Feds job. IF LEO doesn't tell ICE about somebody, that doesn't make them a 'sanctuary city'. BTW-President Obama deported FAR more than Bush2 did. BTW again. Enforcing immigration laws is entirely in the purview of the Feds, not any state or local government. Saying that any mayor or governor 'promotes' lawlessness is GOP talking point number?? The GOP is ignorant about the immigration issue and the Dems aren't for open borders..maybe less time watching Faux news? You and djt. Who was POTUS? The PRESENT DOJ, has adopted a hand's off policy toward state's MJ policy..Like it or don't..do you ever drive after having a beer after work? Breaking the law..Do you ever CCW somewhere it's not permitted? Breaking the law...
  20. Ha..Mossberg making a handgun..Glock making a rifle?? Interesting....
  21. Quite well. Teen use is actually down, Tax revenues WAY up. Laws and restrictions very precise and seem very effective. People that smoked dope before, still smoke dope today. There hasn't been a YUGE increase of regular use..it's just out of the back alley now. 'Some' first time users but most of them don't really like it. PLUS, it really isn't cheap. Gross income of TacoBell has stayed consistent too. Peanut butter up a little. The feds need to get their collective butt outta their arses. Weed instead of Rx pain killers is a YUGE benefit. Also real benefit for those with PTSD(former military)..Too much old 20th century thought out there..'demon weed' type crap. I don't use MJ, BTW... For steve4102 above..how do ya feel about the Feds and gun control?? Living w/o pain not being addicted to something a quack doc prescribes is a basic 'right' also.
  22. I doubt anybody of this forum hasn't heard of this but just in case.. https://www.wikiarms.com/
  23. Why are you 'retiring' the Detective Special?
  24. Gen 5 below..BUT I prefer my gen 4 to my son's gen 5..finger grooves..helps my crappy RH wrist and thumb. As for the 'hump..I donno, kinda like it but own only Glocks now.
  25. All true and it's why the NRA/ETC are losing the messaging 'battle'. A little less, 'I know my rights', 'gonna pry that gun from my cold dead fingers', 'confiscation right around the corner'...and 'only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun'......this stuff means nothing to those who don't own guns but watch TV or the interweb...it only reinforces the 'us vs them' scenario, of which the gun owners are only too eager to add to.
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