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  1. Glad you found it early. Hopefully you have a successful surgery and a quick recovery.
  2. Had one......................Lucky to still have my finger tip.
  3. I was in Yakima, WA out target shooting. Heard it blow, saw it coming our way. Drove home and awaited my wife and 3 year old son to return from church. By noon it was pitch black out, the smell of sulfur was almost overwhelming. Hot and humid.....for days. Shoveled and swept that ash for weeks. Within sixty days lost head gaskets on both of our rigs. Accepted a position with Weyerhaeuser in Portland Oregon on October 16, 1980.
  4. Send me some and I'll let you know for sure.
  5. It's just the latest internet outrage of the week. Cecil the lion......... NRA and Yeti........ Dicks........... Under Armor....... t's getting really old.
  6. The problem with that is Oregon has a Dem super majority.
  7. Apparently she didn't want a sugar high....
  8. If you would have watched and waited for another day or so the problem would have resolved itself....
  9. So you are saying they are politicians?......
  10. If you're running'.......we're gunning'! Stop means STOP!!!!!
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