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    Grammy Award-winning singer Nancy Wilson dies at 81

    Yes, she could do it all. May she RIP. Hawk
  2. Brown Hawk

    Random Posting

    You must be racist! This shows it clearly as you aren’t showing enough redheads. And no bikinis at all!!! 😁 Hawk
  3. Brown Hawk

    Snipers Row

    Not sure what you mean. It looks like an orientation class. Most military mags have the light green follower in the mag. The original followers were black, which worked well in the twenty rounders, but not in the curved thirty rounders. Since I see feed lips with no brass, and dark interiors, I’m guessing no followers at all. The students might even have been searched for live rounds, as can be done. And has been done, in both the military and my own dry fire. As for the original picture, if no one is near having a hand on the gun, I’ll walk in front all day long. Same with a case or holster. So far, in all my life, not one gun has ever jumped off the shelf and attacked me, or even made a threatening move. Hawk
  4. Brown Hawk

    Would it be passive aggressive...

    Now that would be way too far over on the aggressive side. Besides, you’d probably miss. 😇. Hawk
  5. Brown Hawk

    Snipers Row

    Probably. Looks like there are no followers that I can see. Showing the red to make sure there can’t be any rounds available. Hawk
  6. Brown Hawk

    Religion Not Sure Where to Post This

    Well, earlier on, I got transferred around a lot. I found the slow and steady worked out best. Not Jewish, so I can’t help much on that part. Hawk
  7. Brown Hawk

    Snipers Row

    Air Force. What do you expect? They usually worry more about recoil from those jet engines. 😂😁. Hawk
  8. Since history only goes back a few thousand years, and humans have been around a million or more, who knows? Try a population growth calculation on two people starting one million years ago. This just seems to be pointing out the hypocrisy, not blaming them for everything. Just more of do as I say, not as I do. If the problem is so bad, why are the worst polluting nations given a pass? Seems like maybe we should help them reduce the problem, not the ones who are contributing the least to the problem. Hawk
  9. Brown Hawk

    Arpaio sues CNN, Rolling Stone for $300 million

    You didn’t say felon, the articles quoted in the lawsuit did. And from what I read, they are appealing the conviction, which goes to an appeals court. Expungement is handled by lower courts. Hawk
  10. Brown Hawk

    Arpaio sues CNN, Rolling Stone for $300 million

    To be a felon, you have to be convicted of a felony, which he has not been. And the misdemeanor conviction is on appeal, which means that legally he hasn’t even been convicted of that. So anyone referring to him as a “convicted felon” is guilty of liable on the face of it. So he has a case worth trying. YMMV. Hawk
  11. Actually, it is called a Romance language because it is derived from the Roman language of Latin. So Roman - ce. And the whole thing is stupid, I don’t care what language you’re using. Hawk
  12. Brown Hawk

    Religion Not Sure Where to Post This

    I’ll go with tous. But you may need to go to both for a while until you settle on one. Pushing for a quick answer can really screw you up. Take your time. You will learn from both. My grandfather always said that no matter where you went, G_d would teach you something worthwhile. One time he went to one, and when he came home, he said nothing. When I asked him what he had learned, he gave a long sigh, looked me in the eye and said, “Not to go back.” It sounds like your choices are better than that, so take your time. That’s why He counsels patience so much in Proverbs. Hawk ETA And He may lead you to another you have not yet encountered.
  13. The regulations have been in place for years, and updated almost continuously. Redundant failsafes are in place, and also updated. Can anyone say USNavy nuclear powered ships? Breeder reactors create less waste. Pebble reactors can only die out if there is no power, not melt down. Main problem with waste is that by law, everything coming out of a reactor is waste. So we end up going to forgeign countries to buy the same radioactives for med and other uses that we throw away. Hawk
  14. Brown Hawk

    Global Warming, Ban Private Jets

    Damn! Now I’m caught between streak and Chic-Fli-A for supper tonight! 😂😂😁. Hawk
  15. True. And two new ones are being built here, due to open in 21 and 22, with more planned. Major problem is lawsuits one after another, instead of being joined. And the irrational fears that environmentalists keep pumping up. We’ll just have to see. Hawk
  16. Don’t worry about it. I’ve been on their last catalog list for three years. In fact, one arrived yesterday. 😁. Hawk
  17. So government can’t talk about religion, but they can force you to say what they want? The KGB and the Gestapo would love to impose that!! Oh, wait a minute. They did!!! 🤬🤬🤯 Hawk
  18. Brown Hawk

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Any used car dealer. Hawk
  19. Some people need to get a life. As for Bond, he was taken from a real life spy who covered himself as a dissolute playboy with the drinking and womanizing. And no, that one never killed anyone. But Fleming also knew some some who did. Hawk
  20. Brown Hawk

    Old Pictures

    Never, ever let the little stuff distract you! Hawk
  21. Sorry. Completely wrong. They want to take money from first world people and put it in their pockets. They couldn’t care less about the third world, and they want the first world to keep producing their toys. Hawk
  22. I think we need to report this post to the Internal Affairs. It’s obviously aimed at decreasing police productivity and ability to handle all the a******s out there. Hawk
  23. Brown Hawk

    Let's get drunk at the airport!!

    When you are waiting for them to land, it’s more like going to a swim meet. It doesn’t last for years, it just seems like it. Hawk
  24. Brown Hawk

    Random Political/Social Posting

    I have been seeing this for years. When K-Mart was the largest retailer in the world, it was the evil K-Mart Corporation, and it was going to destroy the Americian worker, and thus the country. Before that it was Sears. Before that, it was the big chain grocery stores. Common thread is always retailers. It is already starting to push on Amazon. If you go to the bottom, you will usually find unions that are struggling to find members to replace membership lost to businesses that have closed or moved overseas due to increased pressures for more and more from those same unions. Auto and steel would be good examples. Hostess would be a more recent example. While businesses fail for other reasons, retailing is the only business where you see these “look at the evil employers” kind of propaganda. Partially because they are so visible to everyone, and because they do start off at lower wages - because the people involved are unskilled labor. But trust me, if a business starts cheating and robbing their employees, they will soon go out of business. Because workers are as smart, or smarter, than employers, and if you cheat them, they will steal more from the employer than the employer steals from them. Especially by pissing off customers so they don’t come back. And no, I was a proud member of both the AFL-CIO and the UAW. Hawk PS K-Mart and Sears went out of business because they stopped listening to their customers and employees, and had to listen to the big boss on top. Which, come to it, was what happened to the Soviet Union. H
  25. Brown Hawk

    Let's get drunk at the airport!!

    Sorry, I’m the designated driver if the thing ever lands. Hawk