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    Need some help

    Say yes, just to mess them up. That’s what I do if someone does an exit poll, or phone poll. And you might get a check! Hawk
  2. One of my favorite quotes: “That’s because I’m intimately familiar with the Three Laws of Thermosecurity.” “You just made that up.” “Did not. The first law is that the desire of authorities in charge of security for information will continue in a straight line with no limits in time and space short of the heat death of the universe. The second law is that the willingness of their authorities to supply them with the budget they need to do that has very definite limits, both in time and space. Hence the third law, which is the one we are now operating under. The information assembled by security authorities invariably overwhelms their ability to analyze the information. They are, in effect, suffocated by their own insecurity.” Excerpt From Cauldron of Ghosts David Weber
  3. Would you believe that my ex is still pissed off that I divorced her 25 years ago. I kid you not. Hawk
  4. Given the ability of Hollywood to really screw up, and their record to date of remakes, NO REMAKES. As for sequels, the record there is pretty bad also, but I still have hopes. No names, but hopes. Hawk
  5. Brown Hawk

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Not to mention all those animals now grown for milk, riding, pets, eating, wool, fur, etc. What are they going to do with them? Set them free to eat all those vegetable, fruits, and each other? Slaughter them? Let them pile up on the highways? Attract wolves and other predators to our neighborhoods? Ignorance can be cured. Stupid is forever. Hawk
  6. Brown Hawk

    state fairs , going today ,,

    I take it that as a properly prepared grandfather, you have properly prepared shotguns ready for the droves of boys that cutie is going to draw? Hawk
  7. You are correct. There are male and male bat**** crazy, female and female bat**** crazy, and my ex 🤣🤣😁😂. Hawk
  8. Brown Hawk

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    And this differs from all cats for the last thousand years how!? Hawk
  9. Anonymous accuser, who says they have corroborating evidence. I want a little more than that. After all, we just had three like that, that bounced like a superball. Yes, it should be checked out, but I’ll withhold judgement until more info comes out. And in case anyone is thinking it, the only things I’m liberal with are Ammo on the range and words in posts🤣😁. Hawk
  10. Brown Hawk

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Actually, we also hold all the C-130 gunships, M-1 tanks and Bradley Fighting vehicles. Just in case Soros tries to slip in a few extra aces. Hawk
  11. Would take away Federal funding of sex change operations. Would also prevent men and boys from declaring themselves to be women, then competing in women’s sports. Also prevent medical deaths caused by treating men for women’s ailments. Hawk
  12. Not worth worrying about. I spent 12 years in K-Mart, when it was climbing, then becoming the #1 retailer in the world. The background noise, stuff going into carts, kids screaming, etc would fill terabytes of disks daily. And the computing power needed in each store, to say nothing of the cables, mics, and other hardware involved would destroy any profit margin the company had. And their profit margin is very low to begin with. And it does actually have a use. Not all stores are open 24/7. And using something like this could cover likely entrances for break-ins during that time. Motion sensors don’t work, because there are always birds in the building. And trust me, multiply UHLAWPUP by all the customers that go in those stores, and we won’t have space in the graveyards. Hawk
  13. Brown Hawk

    Anybody win?

    Even. I had stats too. Hawk
  14. I guessed #2 from #1 as you’d be an idiot to buy an obviously stolen military rifle. Thought #5 was likely family or friend. The rest comes from family or friends having inside knowledge. And we’ve gotten so used to looking for what isn’t said in stories in the media that it’s almost subconscious picking out the holes. Thanks for the rest of the story. Hawk
  15. What does that statement mean and come from. And a raid 30 some years later? Seems to be a lot missing from the story. Hawk
  16. Brown Hawk

    Bar shot

    You DO realize that you’re supposed to be talking about the shooting, not the leftists in your life?
  17. Brown Hawk

    Finally! Wine for us rednecks!

    There goes your chance for the Supreme Court. Hawk
  18. Brown Hawk

    Police Cops solved this one quick, I wonder why

    Doughnut holes? They were after doughnut holes? What are they going to fix with doughnut holes? Uh. Forget I asked that last question. Hawk
  19. Brown Hawk

    Random Political/Social Posting

    I seriously don’t like to correct you, but number 4 across the top is 1/2 because every Y has an X attached to it. I hope I didn’t offend you. Hawk
  20. Brown Hawk

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    Reagan had Democrat majority in both House and Senate for eight years, so how did he have a push button Congress? How does Trump have a push-button Congress that refuses to confirm nominations to the Cabinet and others for months? That has members that declare the Resistance and talks of impeachment before he even takes the oath of office. That has members who advocate violence against anyone in the White House. That push button Congress? We’ve already gone over who does the spending. And who produces the tax code? If you want to have a discussion, I am willing. Just bring facts and logic. If all you want to do is throw out the same factless and logic free allegations, please feel free to do so, while I’m free to ignore you. If you just want to start a fight, I have better ways to spend my time. Hawk
  21. ETA: Duplicate. Erased. Hawk
  22. Brown Hawk

    Look who's coming back (Maybe)

    Until you tore out the last page and had to go back to corn cobs 🤣😂🤯😜. Hawk
  23. Brown Hawk

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    Again, I am sorry to contradict you, but the deficit is a Congressional responsibility, not a Presidential one. And it is generally done because Congress can’t rein in it’s greed and spending. Presidents are blamed because the Members don’t want to remind their voters that THEY are the culprits. And yes, Presidents sign the bills, but you are still looking at the horse trading involved. And sorry again, but WHAT Cold War? No bombers on fifteen minute launch alert, or missiles either. Ships at sea on normal watches, fast reaction forces on standby are company sized, not division sized. Now, because some Chicken Littles are screaming that the sky is falling, we’re in a Cold War? In a real Cold War, the rhetoric gets less, and the noise gets lower, because it is serious, not jockeying for position. Ask anyone who went through the Cuban Missile Crisis. Yes, there is still rhetoric, but not on the high level of jockeying, because no sane leader wants to rule a thousand square miles of parking lot. And despite Mr. Stewart’s statement above, Trump is neither stupid nor suicidal, and neither are the Chinese leaders. Hawk
  24. Sorry everybody. I couldn’t decide if this went in Politics or Humor or both. So I put it here. http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/anti-trump-senator-could-be-in-big-legal-trouble Listing the names of victims of sexual assault without their permission or any verification???? Did she actually think that proving women have been assaulted would get her ANY votes? What was she thinking?? Oh, sorry 😐. Dem = no thinking, just try to cause outrage. My hope and prayer is for the recovery of these women and their families. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be quick, and I know that it might destroy some families. Hawk ETA: Please accept my apologies for the humor comment above, but the more I think what this stupid idiot is putting those women and families through, the angrier I get. Yes, it’s funny at first glance, but not below the surface. Again, my apologies, especially to any women or men who have gone through that Hell.
  25. Brown Hawk

    Cops discriminate against religious minority.

    Actually, I thought both sides believed in beer. Probably just not enough to go around. Hawk