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  1. Nice buy. Seems like a great price.
  2. Another vote for Underwood. I’ve shot lots of UW 10mm. Check out Midwayusa, as it frequently runs sales on UW ammo and often offers free shipping.
  3. I was learning toward the Aero build, then started reading your response and was beginning to sway back toward an M1A, and then your recommendation left me all the more confused and undecided.
  4. Exactly. I shot a buddy’s suppressed SCAR 17 with NightForce scope. It was incredible. I personally could never justify the $5k he has in it. (But I’m glad he does!)
  5. Thank you, my friend. How much accuracy are you getting?
  6. I think we are talking past each other. You said "if those are your only three considerations . . . ." I'm asking if you have any other suggestions in .308 that I should consider.
  7. "Owned" Why did you get rid of it? Do you have some other caliber rifle that fits in that .308 semi auto "do all" type rifle category?
  8. I'm open to any other suggestions that fit the criteria/use/needs factors. I'm all ears!
  9. I've got the itch for a semi auto .308. I have an AR-15 (Colt LE6920) and a bolt action 30.06 for hunting (Browning X-Bolt). I'd like to have a versatile semi-auto .308 to the mix. My realistic uses are an alternate hunting rifle when I don't want to use my bolt 30.06, a target/fun rifle, and something that can throw .30 cal pills down range accurately and quickly when the zombie hordes arrive. I've always had a desire for a semi-auto rifle that is more powerful than 5.56 (I have no desire for an AK). That said, I don't want to drop $2k+ on something. I have $1400ish set aside right now, which could be supplemented in the coming months. My main requirements are reliability, accuracy, and retain value (in that order). Right now I'm looking at the following rifles: Springfield M1A Scout Squad. 18" barrel, but does not include any National Match parts. Supposedly reliable, decently accurate out of the box, and mags are cheap. No clue on resale value. Older design, and heavy (9lbs +!) I can pick up either a synthetic stock or walnut stock for $1370 to $1480. Springfield is running a promo for an additional two mags and a scope mount if purchased in the next couple of months. Open sights are primary, although scope mount is possible. https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/50220 https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/50219 Browning BAR MK3 Detachable Box Mag. 18" barrel, unknown accuracy and unknown resale value. Very light (sub 7lbs!). Proprietary mags that are $50-$60 each. Pretty much a slimmed down version of the FN FNAR rifle. It's hard to find many reviews of these rifles online. Going price seems to be $1200-$1400. Available in synthetic or walnut stock. No integrated sights, so a scope is required. https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/rifles/bar/current-production/bar-mk3-stalker-detachable-magazine.html https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/rifles/bar/current-production/bar-mk3-DBM-wood.html Aero Precision M5E1. Available in 16" or 18" barrel configurations. Currently sold out online, but it looks like I could piece one together in the $1600-1800 range. Unknown weight, cheap mags galore, and online reviews seem to show 1.5-2.5 MOA accuracy is expected with quality ammunition. AR style platform, so available modifications are plentiful. https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m5e1-complete-rifle-18in-ss-rifle-length So, TBS brain trust, thoughts, opinions, recommendations? What am I overlooking? And yes, spending the money on a better scope for my 30.06, or stacking 10mm ammo deep for my Glock 20, etc. are all acceptable responses.
  10. This is much better stuff than the other ones you linked. 👍🏻
  11. I saw that he had been arrested. Hahahahahahahaha.
  12. Sometimes a self-imposed sabbatical from something specific can be healthy and rewarding. Best wishes on your upcoming personal project. I hope you get great fulfillment from it.
  13. Rifle season opener is next weekend around here. Youth rifle has been open for a couple of weeks. My deer rifle is a Browning X-Bolt in 30.06. I don’t reload (yet), but it likes cheap Remington 150 and 165gr Core-Lokts just fine. My favorite honey-hole has shooting lanes with distances of anywhere from 25 to 125 yards. I don’t need an uber accurate round for that.
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