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  1. c10bonanza

    Even Cheaper Ammo

    This is much better stuff than the other ones you linked. 👍🏻
  2. c10bonanza

    Shrimp Avanati is building his resume

    I saw that he had been arrested. Hahahahahahahaha.
  3. c10bonanza

    Taking some time away from some sites.

    Sometimes a self-imposed sabbatical from something specific can be healthy and rewarding. Best wishes on your upcoming personal project. I hope you get great fulfillment from it.
  4. c10bonanza

    MN deer season firearms opener!

    Rifle season opener is next weekend around here. Youth rifle has been open for a couple of weeks. My deer rifle is a Browning X-Bolt in 30.06. I don’t reload (yet), but it likes cheap Remington 150 and 165gr Core-Lokts just fine. My favorite honey-hole has shooting lanes with distances of anywhere from 25 to 125 yards. I don’t need an uber accurate round for that.
  5. c10bonanza

    MN deer season firearms opener!

    You’re nicer than most. I’d post a note and see if anyone showed up. If it seemed like an honest mistake, I’d let them have their gear and equipment. But, my family place is posted all over as private. I’d be very skeptical of whether it was an “honest” mistake. Frankly, if it seemed sketchy at all, I’d probably just give the individual an opportunity to buy it back from me or pay me past due “lease” fees.
  6. c10bonanza

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    700 rounds of Sellier & Bellot 10mm “lite” plinking loads. 300 rounds of mixed Sig 180gr V-Crown, Underwood 200gr hard cast, and Underwood 200gr XTP “real” loads. Planning on shooting some tomorrow after a morning of quail hunting. I can’t wait!
  7. c10bonanza

    22LR ammo prices

    Took about 5 years from the fallout of Sandy Hook for prices to normalize. Imagine what things would be like if Hillary had won in ‘16. Imagine if Hillary had nominated two individuals to SCOTUS. I shudder at the thought!
  8. c10bonanza

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    Holy smokes. I just had 1k rounds of 10mm delivered. Compared to the 9mm I am used to, this stuff is heavy!
  9. There’s a freaking typo in the article’s subtitle. That doesn’t give me any confidence in the reporting. But, a guy can dream . . . .
  10. c10bonanza

    Cheap ammo.

    Don’t waste your money on that. For 1¢ more per round, you can get CCI ammo that is almost the same spec as mini-mags. Don’t let the tacticool name scare you. This stuff is excellent. https://palmettostatearmory.com/cci-ar-tactical-22lr-40gr-copper-plated-round-nose-300rds-0956.html?avad=211021_f13ae5c4d&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=cl
  11. c10bonanza

    RBG hospitalized broken ribs

    Breaking *Fake* News: Avenatti has multiple witnesses who are willing to testify that Kavanaugh has history of sexually abusing geriatric women. #basta
  12. c10bonanza

    RBG hospitalized broken ribs

    I suspect you’re right. I don’t wish bad health or death on anyone. But I do hope that Ginsberg and Breyer’s seats open up in the next 12 months with a Republican controlled Senate.
  13. c10bonanza

    New CZ P09 today

    We need pics!
  14. Antifa crowd accuses Tucker Carlson of hate speech and inciting violence, yet it is okay for the Antifa Mob to engage in violence and intimidation to Tucker Carlson's family? The twisted logic makes my head hurt. I fear we are not far from a day where logic and reason cease to exist. The ends will always justify the means, no matter how heinous the means. The radical left keep toeing the edge with radical tactics. At some point, the left's targets are going to say "enough" and respond.
  15. This may be the worst case of thread-drift I have witnessed. Step away from the M-80s.