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  1. ARP

    Anybody win?

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take...Wayne Gretzky. I spent $10 on 5 tickets at an obscure gas station in Smithton, RI. Had a number or 2 on my tickets. I'll do the same for tuesday. I do not waste $$ on booze or cigarettes/cigars as I don't partake in either.
  2. ARP

    Simpli safe home security systems

    I would not go with monitoring, I live in a rural township, response times might be 20 mins. The system is mainly for when I am away. I still have some thinking to do on the whole situation. Like if the system is tripped and I am away, will it auto reset or will it need reset via phone. Im in the education phase of things...
  3. ARP

    Simpli safe home security systems

    except your not Charles Bronson, not in your wildest drug fueled dream.
  4. ARP

    Simpli safe home security systems

    it has been my experience that break ins are hastily planned, the burglar could care less what type of system you have. The further question, do I want nothing but door locks and lots of lights on at night or locks, lights, and an alarm system. I am yet to hear of a break in that was precipitated by a 15 yo computer hacker.
  5. well since is an inantimate object, that makes it a big dilrod. My mistake for calling it a penis.
  6. Anyone have one. Getting the urge to buy one, seems to be fairly popular, easy to use, set up, support, no long term contracts relatively cheap monitor service. Just the good bad ugly. Also see they have expanded coverage, fire, water, freeze and co. I think I was targeted tonight. I checked out their website and 15 minutes later one of their commercials was on the tv. I only have internet and roku box, was using the chromebook via wireless router to surf, so someone was watching my content.
  7. that it is a big smilin' penis. Has to be one of the worst company logos in history yet.......
  8. Hunker down? Put your head between your legs and kiss yer ass goodbye.12 ft storm surge? Faggettaboutit. Panama City is going to get hosed off for good. Im in Va Beach today, were talking about leaving early. Supposed to be here thursday night and into friday morning. Im scheduled to leave friday afternoon.
  9. Nothing is built that can not be destroyed, beat them at their own game of bureaucracy.
  10. Then the school district that decides to go that route, tries to circumnavigate the set standard, fails the standard and gets no fed tax dollars. Seems fairly straight forward. EO this standard, could be set in motion today.
  11. I can not EVER remember a .gov department EVER being dissolved....just like a tax, once on the books forever on the books. So, the Dept of Education....what if the release of fed dollars to the school districts of the nation be tied to education, a program required to be taught concerning the genesis of life, complete with pictures and text, how it starts how it evolves and how a baby develops up to and including birth. Do you think this might kinda sting the whole abortion issue a bit? Would kind of put a face on the whole issue? I don't take credit for this idea, I think I heard something similar to it last evening I think, possibly on Tucker Carlson, but I have expanded upon it.
  12. ARP


    Well I guess she will vote present and that way the Senator going to the wedding does not need to be there to vote or gets to vote early? Don't know. Murkowski....needs to be isolated and run out of town on a fat blunt rail. She gets nothing for her efforts going forward as far as political support.
  13. ARP


    Rack up another win for Trump. Was listening to Wilkow today, he is predicting that the Dz do not show up to vote on Saturday. Im unsure what happens then.
  14. ARP

    portable battery powered speaker

    Okay, i now have the Cambridge Soundworks....good to go, sound is a little less than the JBL, but $60 less, Ill keep it.
  15. ARP

    You're Wrong On This One Mr. President.

    Im not giving up my belt loops for no one.