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  1. I was a bit surprised at the feckless reaction of the LEOs at the end of the video. Then I remember the incident in Charlotteville, they were given the stand down order and participated in funneling people into a narrow corridor where the trouble began.
  2. For me, the Stillers are a whogas...I am done watching the NFL until Gooddell is removed as Commish. Did not intentionally watch a single NFL game last year, cannot tell you who won the Superbowl last year. Blackout in force in my world. Pirates....they have been a losing franchise for 20+ years. Oh they had that flicker of hope when they made it to the 1 game playoff a few years ago but they will complain about the state of the league and the lack of a salary cap and be a minor league team that develops players that get picked off by the bigger teams when they are ready. Pens....Sullivan has 2 cups in 4?5? years. The Pens were a poor matchup against the Isles. If the Isles don't make it past the next round, well then I might be right. I am amazed at all the talent that are out there on other teams, guys like Kunackle, Folino, Fleury that won cups with PGH. Rutherford will get the right combination of players in place. And they will continue to sell out every game. I think they should give Kevin McCarthy a shot at Stillers coach, that other chump's time has come and gone. His press conference fify cent words get more clownish all the time.
  3. Did AG Barr just exhonerate Hillary from colluding with Russia on the Muellar investigation? He said no American colluded......
  4. I suspect a major house cleaning/retooling is coming. It will be more in the model of the NYI. PGH has a lot of great upcoming talent in the minors, would not surprise me if a Mulkin or Letang are traded.
  5. One of the 2 recurring themes I noticed in that series was PGH had no sustained pressure in the offensive zone and NYI were blocking a lot of shots before they got to the goal. In the Cup years, PGH blocked a lot of shots. Defense wins Cups, not over powering pretty offense shootout hockey..
  6. Pens looked "sleepy" at times last night.
  7. Perhaps the underlying message is "on election day, remember what I (Wolfe) did for you as a voting block.
  8. I plan on the V2.0 system...good to know about the cats. My 2 are under 1 and 3 years old and chase each other all over the house. My windows are casement you won't crank from outside, so I would go with glass break sensors. My most vulnerable portion of my house is the attached garage followed by the 3 exterior doors. So door sensors for 4 doors, glass break sensors backing those up, smokes, and maybe a few judicial placed motions. They offer a key fob type of device that allows you to arm or disarm without using the keypad, if I am understanding it correctly....just like unlocking and locking your car. May add a few cameras with it as well.
  9. You're kidding, right? The story was not extendedly covered on a national stage, but it has been covered locally more than any other event I can recall. Protest? That is the main reason this law came to be. Last weekend, the Parkland people were in PGH at the Tree of Life and they were doing all sorts of activities to mark the 6 month anniversary of the shooting. The SWAT Officer that was wounded in the shooting has had numerous recognitions; in the days following the shooting, the marches and outpouring of sympathy and help seemed to be never ending. I believe $6million was raised for expenses and help for those effected by the event. Hell the Arabs even kicked in a $100K. So the bottom line is, someone gave a damn. You just did not hear about it.
  10. So the "bill" is being backed by "Everytown USA". I believe that is the Mike Bloomberg group. So Padildo has an unlimited amount of money and lawyers to fight his battle. I still don't know how his "law" trumps State open carry, what is considered high capacity, etc. I'm sure this will have an immediate impact on the gun violence.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. I think I am going to go with the Simpli Safe system, it has a 60 day return policy. Cameras are offered with it, but there are a few details I need to uncover, range of the cameras and if they are exterior capable weather resistant. Might determine if I go with something like a canary.
  12. So, what happened with the traditional system? Did it have an audible alarm working with it? Canary , do not know what that is I assume an internal camera system? For me , it is not a question if I should get one. There is not a whole lot of valuable items in the house, but if a break in were attempted, I want the system alerting the local PD and myself. If a break in were attempted at my house, I have a fairly certain where it would come from. The Simpli Safe has all the features of a traditional wired system (contact points, motion, glass break, smoke detector, cameras, monitoring) and that is what I'm looking for., and It is expandable.
  13. I have set some money aside for a system. I figure about $8-900 for hardware, then $.93 a day for monitoring. For me the most obvious threat is the smash and grab type of burglary while I am away at work. It is not going to be someone driving around hacking the wifi and shutting it down to then do the smash and grab. It could happen but not likely.
  14. Was that a straight cash bond or 10%? Cause 10% for those folk is a drop in the bucket.
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