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  1. When it comes out at trial that the autopsy results were withheld from day 3 to August 25th and allowed Minneapolis to burn, and 4 officers to be held in jail over a drug od.....the show is over. All 4 will be rich men from the ensuing civil suit. No wonder they were in such a rush to settle Pink Floyd's OD. This whole deal is going to crumble like the Duke lacrosse case. I see disbarment coming for those who conspired to cover up the exhonerating evidence. I gotta laugh at some on this thread that think narcan is a silver bullet against od. Floyd had enough fentanyl in him to kill a horse.
  2. Been a long time since I visited. My take... Chauvin will not be convicted. Pink Floyd ate his stash, He then was begging to get out of the car and was turning blue and foaming at the mouth. So he was laid on the ground and restrained by departmental approved means while EMS was enroute. He died before they got there. Happens every day. Implying that the knee restraint accelerated his death is baizuo jibberish. Keith Ellison is a political hack whose office is going up against a highly skilled defense team. Politically, it serves no political purpose to get a conviction. Floyds family already hit the ghetto lottery. No conviction means the riots for another summer ensue and the movement continues to bring the nation down further so clowns like Ellison can further their cause.
  3. When I began hs, it was in a brand new state of the art building, was referred to as the Taj Mahal hs. The locker room for both boy and girls were separated by a locked laundry room. The double solid doors that were the entrance to the room, there was a crack between the the 2 doors and if the light was off in the laundry room, you could see into the next locker room. Staff got a little loosy goosy with the keys to the laundry room and word spread of the door crack. There was also an air condition vent that could be accessed from the floor above and I heard that pictures were taken of the girls locker room. Also heard that the pics ended up down at the local steel mill where a father of one of the offended parties saw them. The excrement hit the fan. The story about the new locker room in the op, it will be more like the peeping tom type of stuff happening. Doubt that any assaulting happens, it will never get that far. A complaint will be filed and they will have to spend $100k z to redo the locker rooms. The curiosity to see the opposite sex nekked has been happening since hs locker rooms have been in existence.
  4. Did not know the Canadians owned this site too
  5. nice. That's okay, content from my end gets limited too.
  6. No, why would they? Those that made this situation possible have no reason to clean this up. Serves no purpose. It is a business opportunity called "non profit". As long as the crisis exists, a non profit to obtain money to supposedly help with the situation can also exist. And the money will continuously pour in under the guise that they are helping the situation.
  7. On TOS, someone was asking about skin cancer. Got me thinking of all the problems my Dad had with skin cancer and all the creams and medications and scabs and picking at scabs till he bled and then on the blood thinners which led to more bleeding.....I am exposed to lots of natural sunlight while driving, my windshield is about 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall. Bought some spray on Coppertone 50spf for my head and face. The plan was to apply before work starts so I would have protection and planned to make it a habit, so I used it this week. Just did my laundry. 4 of my work shirts (2 new, 2 one year old) are stained orange from the sunscreen. I have spent the afternoon doing chemical warfare on the stains with stuff that removes ink from my shirts, Totally Amazing and Iron Out. No joy. They is toast.
  8. These were just my underwear I was referring to. I have no idea how they got the shotgun pattern holes in them.
  9. I see she has a singing commercial for a service called Takl? Her face does not have a single wrinkle, she botoxed ayt bad, she 67, no way she not wrinkled. What else is wrinkled?
  10. I'm sure you have seen them. I found out this week that I owned some clothes with holes in them, have no idea they were there, have no idea how they ended up in my rotation of wearing, no idea how they ended up in my suitcase this trip. Felt like I was walking around commando style. Had to run out to a store and buy some replacements.
  11. ARP

    Oh poop......

    I have been snacking on these oatmeal peanut butter and chocolate cookies recently. Really "loosens" things up.
  12. A new question popped up while I have been thinking about getting a security system. My understanding is that these systems are dependent upon your wifi/ internet system to work properly. And let's say that in my case the coax for the internet arrives at my house via an exposed coax cable on the outside of my house. So Mr potential burglar knows this and snips my coax breaking my internet connection. What happens with the system when that connection is broken, I lose monitoring (if I decide to have monitoring) and the system still operates? That is what I think would happen , but would like to confirm.
  13. No I think the glass was real. It was the Indian casino in Salamanca, NY
  14. Was out working, doing a casino trip, went in and had some dinner. Just ordered water which came with a lemon and a straw. I had not seen or used a paper straw since the 60's. when i finished the meal i asked the Manager what was with the paper straws and a waitress mentioned they switched over, I said no way no how you are going to suck a milkshake through that. Now as I remember it, milkshakes were served with the long spoon and no straw. And the first straws with milkshakes were McDonalds for me or possibly Burger Chef.
  15. I was a bit surprised at the feckless reaction of the LEOs at the end of the video. Then I remember the incident in Charlotteville, they were given the stand down order and participated in funneling people into a narrow corridor where the trouble began.
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