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  1. ARP

    Secret revealed, pancakes

    i suppose you could do that, but I am just going by what the waitress told me. Next time I make some I am going to give it a try and see what happens.
  2. Some of the best tasting pancakes as far as I'm concerned are from Cracker Barrel. Somehow, when they cook them they have a crusty top. So I asked how did they do that. The waitress said that they let the batter rest once they make it for about 20 minutes, and it must be a quality mix. I have been using Krustez lately. They have a recipe for a peanut butter and banana cakes, good stuff.
  3. I kinda did the same thing, the more I researched, the higher my price point went. I ended up with a Samsung. There are boatloads of cheaper (think $$$) big screen tvs out there that are the LED, and then you step over the line into OLED. Different animal. I could see that right out of the box. No matter how many LED manufacturers I went and looked at, there was little to no difference in picture that could not be remedied with adjustment of picture and darkness etc. Seemed that $1100 was the price break point.
  4. ARP

    i am so done with winter!

    Went into St Louis this afternoon, snow storm just bad enough to make it interesting. Lots of spin outs and guard rail hits. I'm about 1/4 mile from hotel and got almost stuck on a ramp that appeared to be a glazed sheet of ice.
  5. I bought a OLED tv at Christmas. The depth of the picture, even when seeing older movies is really impressive. I think I can manipulate darkness and color to make it blacker dark. I think I have it set at a factory setting, I have not adjusted since original set up. My cat is enthralled at watching hockey or soccer.
  6. ARP

    NYC loses Amazon HQ2

    Huh? How did this thread go from Amazon to rat farts?
  7. ARP

    The young woman that cuts my hair

    Sorry, but that is what your story reads like....
  8. ARP

    The young woman that cuts my hair

    Dear Penthouse, I live in a small midwest town, and I never thought this would happen to me.....
  9. ARP

    The young woman that cuts my hair

    Well considering she is young enough, I'm guessing, to be my grand daughter........
  10. She is a smokin' hot asian woman, just gorgeous. Long dark hair, thin petite build, does not have a heavy ethnic look about her. She dips. I suspected she did because I could see the round outline of a can in her back pocket, but did not know for sure what it was. Mints? Gum? Today I saw the plastic empty water bottle that had the classic brown spit of tobacco in it.
  11. No, he's just a thread hijackin' agitator.
  12. Exact type of answer I was hoping to find. Once I re read it a dozen times I hope it will sink into my thick skull. LOL.
  13. I'd like to believe that I'm a bit more intelligent than using that as an explanation. I can always pull out your explanation as a back up plan.
  14. There is an automated dairy farm out near Hershey. They harvest the cow pooh and it produces methane and they use the methane to somehow power a generator for the lights and automation. The only thing they have to do is feed the cows. The cows sleep on water bed bladders, they use shredded peanut shells as a moisture soaking method on the floors, auto pooper squeege rolls thru about every hour or so and cleans the floor and that is collected to make methane. Laser guided auto milk collectors are employed via a microchip the cow wears on a collar. The cow is trained that when it feels the need to milk, it gets a mollassis flavored cookie and it walks to a milking station where the cookie is located, the microchip activates the laser guided milk collector and it fits itself to the cows teets and does it's thing. It happens about 3 times a day or so.
  15. Captain Obvious, no need to turn this thread into something political. Stick to the technical side please. I ask the scientific because the only thing I have heard mainly is that the technology to store the harvested sun/wind power does not exist, hence the reason for my question. Yes, we are all aware that the pie in the sky GD is an absolute failure, when I become engaged in the future with some knuckle head in conversation about why it is not currently feasable to store the energy, I would like to be able to explain why. Wonder why I am just now hearing about the short comings of the battery powered cars and cold weather?