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  1. ARP

    winter storm ,

    Well, considering I worked all night and then had to work a second all night with customers, I used the wipe downs. Eh, they were okay without the smell that I associate baby wipes with. They are thicker and heavier than baby wipes, so they did the job. Going forward I am going to use some personal wipes (Walmart brand) with the Fresh Bath for the best of both worlds. The hotel was handing out water, I declined. Had my own in my luggage. Always carry 2 bottles per night away minimal.
  2. ARP

    winter storm ,

    Im escaping NJ/NYC in a few hours, that whole mess is too far south to effect my trip home. In other news, the city of Lyndhurst has been without water all day, which means the hotel Im in has no water either. Got it covered, have this product on hand called Fresh Bath. It is a thick disposable towellete like a wash cloth with aloe in the moisture of the wipe.
  3. When I was young and full of piss and vinegar, I lived in the ME. Took all kinds of crazy chances that could have gotten me imprisoned. My sister, currently lives in Kazakstan. Does the world traveler thing. Briefly worked in Kenya, did not get paid what she was promised. I blame most of this wanderlust on Hollywood. She used to watch all that Jane Goodall lioness tamer gorilla trainer stuff thinking it was real. Dahktari too. My excuse was Rat Patrol, I ate that stuff up.
  4. Someone on that other site recommended it, the Bavarian, as seen on TV! It is the spring loaded X carbide steel rods that you draw the blade through. I know, stones. I don't know stones and it's not that important to me to learn how to use them. I have one of those sharpening steel things but would probably do more damage than good if I used regularly.
  5. ARP

    Recommend a VPN

    I sampled tunnel bear, they want money to use it, I'm looking for something lower cost, like free.
  6. I think I reached a milestone recently. This morning I pulled out of a drawer a pair of pants I had not had on since last winter, they are the Wrangler Riggers heavy weight fabric kinda tac pants. If I recall correctly, the last time I wore them, my goot was spilling over the top and I struggled to button them. Today, they fit normal and because they are a generous cut, they are a bit loose in the thigh and seat. Also, I can feel my face has gotten less puffy and the bone is much closer to the skin surface. You loose it all over. I need to start lifting and walking and doing....skinny and unfit is as bad as fat and unfit. The common factor is unfit. I'm still not down to a weight I plan to be, so I still have to watch obsessively what I eat. I'm at the point if I have a bad day eating wise, like this past weekend, red eye to NYC (ate at Subway, had the happy meal, 6" sub, chips, cookie, diet soda), it is easy to get back in line. Unfortunately, I gotta do it again this weekend.
  7. POTUS arrives, shakes hands with ZERO and Mochelle, Hillary stares straight ahead and never acknowledges POTUS' presence....just an icy stare. What a sore loser, THE definition.
  8. ARP

    Trump's Master Spooks

    Good read, not familiar with the source, I tend to believe it has merit and truth.
  9. The Mayor of Pittsburgh hosted a viewing of this piece of political propaganda trash this evening, I suspect it has to do with his open arms acceptance of the Paris Accord that Trump/we rejected as theft. From the brief description of it, it has to do with that report that .gov recently put out and Trump rejected it's findings. What they did not tell you was who the masterminds were behind that report; Tom Stierer and Mikey Bloomberg. Now how they got their tentacles into the fed.gov to push their agenda, I'd like to know. Note to Mayor Bike lane Bill....they are currently trying to burn Paris to the ground over the Paris Accord. Perhaps he would like to see that type of anarchy in Pittsburgh.
  10. ARP

    Tissot or Wenger watch

    I'm on the road, the watches are at home, bought from www.princetonwatches.com
  11. ARP

    Tissot or Wenger watch

    BE CAREFUL!!! That watch is the most counterfeited watch in the world. Must buy from an authorized dealer. Yes, I really like that one too. If I had a do over, I would have bought it instead of the Orient Mako and the Tissot V8. Perhaps someday. The blue faced Wengers arrived yesterday. The faces are slightly different, one has pin strips when viewed at certain angles, the other is solid. The major differences between the 2 is the case shapes are different, bezel vs no bezel and the no bezel case is chromed, bezeled is brushed ss. I think I know which one I'll keep.
  12. ARP


    I felt the one that damaged the Washington monument. I was up in NY state sitting in my bus, and it began bouncing like a fat person climbing the steps, only no one was getting on.
  13. ARP

    My new mattress, it's too hard

    Gel polyurethane foam is what I ended up with. I have slept on it about 5 times now. I have no hip or shoulder pain since using it. It is called air foam. It is 3" thick, and has a firmness that the other 5-6? models did not have. Returns to flat within a minute if I change position or roll over, I can feel it rising after I move.
  14. ARP

    New watch with navy blue face

    Sending back for full refund. I searched the web for a reset solution, took it to the local shop, tried every possible combination of reset settings, no joy. It is a possibility that the battery is shot, I don't care, it's going back. It was one of those things where it looked great on line, but once I saw and handled, not so much. Bracelet was very noisy and I could hear something rattle inside the case, not good. My other 2 chronos have that positive feel/hear click on the buttons, that is what I expect from a chrono, kinda my "like" standard.
  15. ARP

    Tissot or Wenger watch

    I had some specific questions about the Wenger. The Tissot fell out of the running after I read a few reviews that indicated the quartz models, some of them stopped working after a few years and it was not a battery problem. The Wenger model (Attitude) comes in 2 versions. One has just standard push buttons for the chrono and plain blue face, the other has a square start /stop button with jimping on the button and the reset is a plain button. The blue face has what appears to be vertical lines running across the face. Both run on the same Ronda movement, both have metal bracelet with security clasp. Trying to determine the difference, other than $24. Called the seller, they did not have the 2 watches on hand to check, they suggested I call Wenger direct. Called Wenger, did not have the watches on hand and no answer other than to call 1 of the 2 authorized repair shops in the US. They did not have an answer either. So I called the seller back and ordered both and will figure it out on my own, pick one and ship the other back.