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  1. i have never tried it so i cant say it works or not,i was put off by the idea of Chemically Etching the glazing of the tile if the recoloring Chemical did`nt take. i chose to clean the tile really well then regrout. it was grout from 1955 so it was 5x the work.. Good Luck though.
  2. holyjohnson


    Gutfeld and the Five are pretty good. Stossel on FBN is good too.
  3. holyjohnson


    they have the Volumeless Airport Market cornered.
  4. bet he only went in there because its December in Duluth...
  5. i`d be Offended if the can depicted the taste,but that`d be Corona..........
  6. so a Vegan has learned about Balanced Diets? and that they are a much healthier choice. imagine her face when she discovers Cake.
  7. yeah,that seems like something you should go to jail for. if they tossed a scalding cup of Coffee on anyone it would be Assault, i hope. least Misdemeaner wasting of Coffee..
  8. Page and Strzok had no Constitutional right to hide private texts about sedition on a .Gov device and on .Gov time. what made them a sad joke and laughing stock is they pretended the texts were gone for Months and claimed nothing was wrong with them,then the IG came out and "nope,here they all are" even The President has a Right to a Fair and Impartial Trial.(yes in the Senate its a Trial) and no one has said if it was Giuliani`s and Nune`s Personal phone or not,so theres a big Difference. dont wanna be parodied? don`t lie and try to overthrow an Election while cheating on your Spouse with the person your cheating with.. not much of a conundrum,
  9. is that the same Ukraine that the Democrats asked to Investigate Trump when he was a candidate,and Joe Biden withheld funds to in order to get an unFavorable Prosecuter out of Office?
  10. this is at least the second of The Presidents Attorneys to have been eavesdropped on,Due Process and a fair Defense is still a right afforded to Everyone. how can anyone put on a confident defense if the Prosecutors are listening?
  11. makes sense since the Quran is a Manual for control written by a Military leader.
  12. "Officers said the shooter was possibly outside the restaurant when the fatal shot was fired." Thank God,now i know the sticky table is just Syrup and not Victim.....
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