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  1. yeah Sorry,your gonna have to narrow it down,"Tax Cheat,Racist,Instigator" that could be any of the Democrats there...... that was worth it. too funny.
  2. and failure to signal lane change...
  3. did`nt she win an Oscar in Tiny Women?
  4. he should be more careful that Acura has a recalled takata airbag,could put him in danger.... if only someone told him the day before that the Police have Radios and Helicopters...... i hope the judge is a Mercedes guy..
  5. i bet they ran out of the Biscoff cookies before they got there.........
  6. i went back a little further....
  7. i love when i stumble on someone cool that makes me feel better by being so nauseatingly cheerful.... she is good though.
  8. Damn right they made their deal with the Devil now they can suffer the fire.
  9. i bet that kids Gramma would have cut a switch on him for that kinda thing,but there has to be Respect for that kind of thing to work.
  10. Thank The Lord (and The President) that we are completely Independent of the need from Foreign Oil or LNG. this does stem a lot from the US pulling our aid out of the Saudi war with Iran in Yemen. and that the Kingdom of Saud was not wise enough to defend their own oil fields,you know im the middle of a proxy war with a Rogue nation using drones to support industrial Terror and Piracy not my problem,they need to settle this amongst the nation sponsors of Terrorism..
  11. if it comes with the hand puppets i am in.
  12. "Doctors cut a small hole at the base of Rossiter’s penis to drain the blood inside. The surgery was successful. Though Rossiter was left with two small scars as a result, his manhood was saved." i just wanted to make sure everyone read that. "At the time Rossiter developed priapism, he was overcoming an addiction to pain medications" he definitely picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. a side effect of IV drug use is collapsing of smaller veins and blood vessels,there is a whole new DARE commercial right there.
  13. DAMNIT! to make one go away. not to never get one again!
  14. DPMS used to have 4 versions of an "entry" level AR now they have 1 and it MSRP is $950. i can and did buy a BCM complete upper for under $600. i bought my original M4gery DPMS for built for $650 in 2002. the AR market is flooded and flooded with great guns,my wife has a 6920 and its a great gun,bought it at Sportsman`s Guide. too many cooks in the AR tacticool kitchen for a company constantly on the verge of bankruptcy.
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