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  1. i`d be pretty surprised if there is an NFL or any NCAA this year. if Baseball can`t get 1 Game in before The Positive Tests Start and they don`t Touch each other i can`t see an actual Contact Sport Starting, even if they didn't Make Contact just Lining up Shoulder to Shoulder will set off the Virus Nanny's. and as far as NCAA becoming paid Athletes i`d say Good, then they can Pay Tuition..
  2. Democrats know this is what makes up the Enthusiasm gap in Biden`s Campaign
  3. mine would be Monsignor Monsieur N. Madame. so i could cover all my Bases.
  4. The NYC Attorney General is Suing the NRA in the name of NRA members being Defrauded, and no NRA members have lodged that Complaint. this is Democrats Attacking you, Whether you are the NRA or not. i`m not longer an NRA member due to the Inaction of the NRA over the past Decade, and the constant needs to Waste energy Fund Raising and not Spending those Funds on Worthwhile causes, the very Public infighting and Fractures in it have Allowed this Political Attack to happen. but make no Mistake this is an Election Year Political Attack on Gun Owners and the Second Amendment and the NY Attorney General Announcing she`d like to be considered for Dem. V.P.
  5. imagine what used to be in whats now a big puddle...
  6. what New Name would you have Chosen?
  7. Eric My Condolences to You and Your Family. i`m Sorry for your Loss Prayers to you all. R.I.P. Bill. God Bless.
  8. Pelosi would have to be able to navigate the Contingent Election laws that have been Established and actually have Precedent. the Election of 1800 was a Tie. The House Votes on President. the Senate on Vice President. in 1824 John Quincy Adams won the Presidency even though he didn't win the Popular or Electoral Votes. but Like 2000 Volumes of Legal Challenges would stop that. the Supreme Court would step in and Decide well before the Inauguration. and if not then whomever the Next President was, it would Legally NOT be the Speaker as the Laws are clear they only Assume the White House Upon the Deaths of the next two in line. it would however throw this country into turmoil and we would never trust an Election again and allow the Democrats to Force Legislation to sidestep the Electoral College and Establish the Popular Vote. or Worse and actual Shooting Revolution. i doubt all of these will be an option, i Think the next Election is going to be Won by an Unquestionable Margin by President Trump.
  9. Because the 1797 Succession act had the Senate President Pro Tempore Ahead of the Speaker in Line, Which would be a Member of the President`s Part and Chuck Grassley. like always a Democrat Changed that Law in 1947.
  10. Prayers to everyone that was in the way of that. not much worse then being told something is Smaller then it turns out to be and then the side effects like Tidal Surge and Tornadoes Kick your Ass.
  11. half a joke, half not. CNN ran a Story claiming a Shipment of Sodium Nitrate caused the Explosion. apparently now it was a Cargo ship waiting at the Dock with Ammonium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrates that caught on fire. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/08/beirut-explosion-rocks-lebanons-capital.html either way that was a hell of a shock wave
  12. Eric, Prayers and Best Wishes for the Best Possible Outcome. Bill Powell Stories were always Great Threads.. my Personal Favorite was the Anti-Prius Thread, that's going back some. i Hope when the time comes He is at Peace and you are all Near. God Bless you and Your Family. God Bless your Dad.
  13. i`ll take Sodium Nitrate for $500 Alex.. a lot of Sodium Nitrate.
  14. i think they should buckle down for real and not even buy him a BMW for his Birthday! i wonder what they`d think of me having to get an actual Job at 14.
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