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  1. are we paying the hooker per hour or by day,that is a huge part of the equation...
  2. i`d say BootyJudge really cleared the air with this Town Hall,i think he did well in maintaining civility and forwarding his Presidential ambitions. instead of calmly explaining the Officer in question didn't turn on his body camera in time because he was being attacked with a knife,he lead them into this........
  3. that looks bad for everyone. but on a scale of 1-Florida this is`nt as bad as it could have been,but yeah i bet the Sheriff wears a straw hat and Mirrored Aviators and has a walking stick.
  4. you let a lady with that kind of right cross go??? "She falls down a well, her eyes go cross. She gets kicked by a mule. They go back. I don’t know"-Cousin Eddie.
  5. my buddy lived about 1/2 mile from me when i was a teenager and he had a 1969 GTO at the time the 400 was gone so we built a 383 stroker with probably 11.1 and Thrush Glasspacks and turndowns that dumped right out under the floor boards. i could hear him start that car and him coming all the way from his house to my house to pick me up. weirdly his mom paid for a whole exhaust system for that car the next Christmas. i preferred the Thrush to the Purple hornies.
  6. you know you can pay people to do that for you. unless your too ticklish....
  7. well,with a name like that i have no choice but to believe whatever they say about the Environment.
  8. well played use of the "Immunity Card" looks like a Friend of the Seal had enough of the Prosecutions bull****...
  9. i`m not saying she is not deeply in love with him. all i`m saying is he should have an Estate Lawyer make some future plans for his well being.
  10. in what beer league did that not end in a suspension? for both of them,its not the World series its Beer league Baseball why would you buzz one by someones head for not even a trophy.
  11. Amidon North Dakota. i`ve been there a few times it used to be the Sloop County seat and my In laws came from around there. by around i mean and hour north and then an hour west,out at the old homestead they had its like being on the Ocean,there is nothing around. Arena North Dakota. https://www.ghosttowns.com/states/nd/arena.html Mineral Hill Wyoming,one of my favorite places is right around there in the hills.theres a couple buildings left and a big mining building we used to shoot BB guns and play in DogTown when i was a kid. http://www.thedacrons.com/eric/dogtown/babson_boulders_gloucester.php
  12. my lil buddy is half American Bulldog and half Pitbull. when he wants to play the whines and tail whips don't let you sleep,and the struggle snuggles are endless.
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