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  1. Thank You President Trump!
  2. can i warm up with just once spicy? or do i have to jump right in?
  3. the Article neglected to say what is acceptable for a Moose to lick salt off of so i`m left with plenty of options.
  4. The Investigations need to be Completed no matter the Threats or duress, that was the Oath they swore. they are Hollow threats that will make the next election another election against the insiders. why Threaten if you have nothing to hide?
  5. the Black and Red kongs are about as tough as you`ll get. even they don't stand up to any of the Pitties we`ve had, my current Lil Buddie tears them to Pieces so his chewing time is limited but they last longest. these are supposed to be good, i have not tried them as of yet. https://bullymakeshop.com/
  6. that got out of control quick! he went from an annoying petty Criminal, to Felon, to Escaped Felon to Armed and Dangerous Wanted Man , to Room Temp in Record time. What a Moron.
  7. "May Issue...............for a Fee" anyone else find it Ironic and Apple Bribery Story Brought to you by Microsoft..
  8. holyjohnson


    i had a 74 Pontiac Bonneville Superior Hearse, it was a Silver Three way with the trolley. as far as party wagons went, you could do worse.
  9. yeah, that's the Orb like face of a guy who`ll shoot up a joint over some Sonic Tots.. that's also the Ass of a guy who cant run away after shooting up a joint over some Sonic Tots..
  10. Polish Navy just throws it out the Window.. Yeah, i know its an old Joke. IIRC there was a German U-Boat that sunk itself due to a Faulty Toilet Back Flushing and flooding the Ship. ****ty to way go..
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