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  1. holyjohnson

    Weiner... re-entry...

    are you saying Weiner`s been discharged? or is it released?
  2. charge them all with hate crimes,would ruin their SJW status right away. can`t imagine what it`d be like to be so simple minded and needing to be a part of something someone would have to be to do that ****.
  3. holyjohnson

    Old man snow machine ride planned

    if you need it to get from point A to point B because nothing else will get you there is a Snow Machine. if you like to ride it on the weekends its a Snow Mobile,kids play with mobiles.... a lifelong Mainer told me that years ago and i figured he`d know better then me. have fun,be safe.
  4. in today`s MoonBat Liberal America,you are better off with victim status so you can never be questioned or fired then you are with any other status. good for the Chicago P.D. for charging him apparently he was`nt that good of an actor...
  5. holyjohnson

    I would've suggested Minnesota but......

    more like western Canada becoming way North Dakota. but only when they admit..
  6. nope. i think frozen pizza is a situation where you must embrace the suck and go with it. add your own spices and make due. but yeah,they all suck.
  7. holyjohnson

    Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat Movie

    great Steinbeck story
  8. holyjohnson

    I'm good with the ending

    could`nt have written a better ending myself........
  9. holyjohnson

    That's why I just drink one big one

    i have no doubt that the secret ingredient in any Diet soda is pure liquid spite. back when i drank soda i ordered a Root Beer at a B-B-Q joint and got a diet soda and i accused the waitress of trying to poison me and questioned serving anyone that had a diet that allowed eating B-B-Q but required Diet soda. we can`t go back to that B-B-Q joint.
  10. holyjohnson

    Guess which state, go ahead I dare you to guess

    maybe they should`nt make those doorbells so damn tasty then....
  11. holyjohnson

    i am so done with winter!

  12. holyjohnson

    Black man caught on Camera beating up homeless man

    but i`m sure he is sorry about his actions and is trying hard to get his life back on track,making new friends and getting clean and sober. maybe he even found Jesus........ that headline baited my click.
  13. no.. it makes me funnier and a better dancer and more charming and attractive.
  14. don`t be too hard on yourself,hey maybe you even made a new friend...... glad it worked out well. oh, and Good Dog!