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  1. i`m Betting the Gun was a Shotgun. seems more likely that a wad from a shot gun Blank would hit two people one enough to Kill her and other enough to put him in Critical Condition. Either way i kinda feel for everyone involved, shitty way to Die and have all those Jobs Taken away. one more reason for Firearm Facts and Safety to be Taught to Everyone again.
  2. yet, The Media portrays the Wisconsin Audit as Acceptable. Color Me Shocked. HarrisBiden "Won" Wisconsin by 20,600 Votes and in the Counties with almost all of the Illegal Votes. so when Liberals say there is "no Evidence", they are Lying.
  3. i think i will make the trip to the Theater for it, i think i would feel like i missed it on the big screen if i don`t
  4. yeah, i wonder how many of the Amazon Stores were Mom and Pop`s shut down by Amazon. bet the Lease was Cheap.
  5. Maybe, Maybe not. holding someone in a Submission hold is Reasonable. "He Fell" is also reasonable.
  6. Desperate times and Measures, Brick and Mortar are suffering already under the Amazon Monopoly, now with Supply Shortage and and Lack of Delivery Ability this is a Death Sentence for Brick and Mortar. i was in Menard`s getting Dog Food and they had the Halloween Candy row right next to the X-Mas Trees in the Patio section.
  7. i`m all for Woke Til your Broke. Serves them (and only them) Right.
  8. It’s insane here no one is moving to Milwaukee, yet prices are up. all the houses here for sale are way overpriced and aren’t moving some in months. and the inflated prices are now back to the normal prices. problem is you sell for more, then have to buy again and its for more. but people are not moving here they are moving away.
  9. I hope everyone ******* one of the gutless sniveling beta cowards on that train never sleep again and can never forgive themselves for being so self involved and spineless, Cowards!
  10. First off, regular Math or Chinese Math? Huge Difference, Chinese Math has letters in it and stuff… Regular math can be done on fingers.
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