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  1. might be worth it to install manual lawn sprinklers...
  2. i wonder how pissed a Brown bear would be at being Tased?
  3. Daunte Wright had a Warrant for his Arrest for a violent Assault which would have fallen under MN sexual assault and robbery of someone he knew at Gunpoint. a Witness to it also knew him and knew him by name and would testify. a good way to get dead is to not comply with The Police while having a Firearms Warrant and resisting and trying to flee. Wright was a Criminal living a Violent life, they usually find Violent ends. i cant understand mistaking a Glock for a Taser, but i know nothing of Tasers except i don`t carry one.
  4. worse. this is a way Democrats will force Federal guidelines on use of force to rule over every Local Law Enforcement agency in the Nation. Don`t Comply, Don`t get Federal Funds. its what Eric Holder was trying to do under President Obama after Ferguson. they don't have to defund they just over regulate,
  5. don`t forget what she did to those impudent Chickens she had.. suffice to say when Mrs.C calls you better get to where she is fast!
  6. around here the WI Supreme Court shot down the Capacity mandate our Feckless neverPresent Governor had in place, so events can be back on this summer. parent groups are purging the School board Schill members from the PTA boards and demanding full capacity classrooms for every grade. non .Gov groups have taken over the Vaccination Organizing. and a record number of People here now Legally Carry Concealed Firearms.
  7. i don't disagree, being afraid doesn't mean you don't have to comply before it escalates Officer Moustachio was Fired for using excessive force for being in fear by a Non Compliant Driver. Non Compliant Driver faces no Consequences for the escalation his Fear caused? both were afraid only one pays for it?
  8. right now Atlanta Georgia is considered "The Black Wall street: because of the Energy and Money that the Black community there is investing in itself. Tyler Perry and Oprah have Hundreds of Millions of Dollars invested in that Community in and for itself. it is a shame that Stacy Abrams can only see her own Political Future and threatened MLB into moving the Jackie Robinson Focused All Star game out of the Community that fought so hard to get it there to Honor a Brave Actual Civil Rights Icon. and someone like Will Smith and Antoine Fugua to pull Films out of the place they are based and a place that would reinvest it back into that Community is telling on how little they know about the real world around them, or just care enough about how they appear. Good read!
  9. You`d think a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army would know the importance of following simple orders...
  10. i wear a mask all day and talk to dozens of people daily, it sucks. the mask mandates and stimulus have closed more Businesses around here then anything else, and .Gov has no notion that they will never be back. or care if they do. the Sonic Drive in closed by me and it wasn't Social distancing or Masks that did it. it was paying the people there more not to work that did it, that place was packed every Morning Noon and Night.
  11. "I pay your Salary!" "can you book me more Overtime, the Kids really want a Pool?"
  12. i have zero doubt on his Intake at County the Transport Officer called out "Special Delivery" at least twice. he`s gonna get a package left at his backdoor, then returned to sender..
  13. maybe some Hummus or a nice Falafel?
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