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  1. Belichick has said he has no plans to go anywhere else, i cant see why he would but anything is possible. i also don't think there's any team that could pay him and be willing to re-arraign they entire structure for Belichick to be in control of what he has control of in the Pats already. Bob Kraft can match anything anyone offers both of them. but, anything is possible.
  2. its interesting because the big toe is responsible for carrying a large amount of your weight and balance when standing and walking. its the last part of your foot to push off when you walk so removing it and attaching in place of a thumb is an interesting choice between two impairments. for someone who works with their hands its one possibility for someone who walks or stands the Big toe is more important. its Good to have choices.
  3. Purell, lots and lots of Purell. and don't touch anyone, or anything or go anywhere. Home Depot sells HazMat suits and Respirators. Good Luck and Don`t get it! https://www.newswire.com/news/new-multi-surface-cleaner-kills-coronavirus-sanitizes-for-24-hours-21082212
  4. Dead are now up to 9 Probably including Kobe`s 13 year old Daughter. God Bless them.
  5. i`m Glad your Okay and hope your alright if you know what i mean. Sucks but i`m Glad no firearms were stolen and that no one was hurt. can`t stand Junkies and i hate Thieves. Hope you get your stuff back and the thieves rot.
  6. i`m betting Brady signs for 3 years and puts a huge percent of his bonuses and salary into 2 Tight ends or one Tight End and another fast wide receiver, in Draft Pats grab two good blocking Running backs for Brady and they go to at least 2 more Super Bowl wins. it would be the Third time Brady has done it.
  7. as long as it takes place in the showers i will agree...
  8. i doubt if he was a Sewer worker the Headline would say that, but! after reading the twitter of these two, they both need to bleed out in Prison Showers i don't care what they used to do. God Bless that Baby.
  9. i Suppose if i had to stretch for a favorite, and it`d be a stretch i`d root for the 49er`s because Lil Jimmy Garapollo was the G.O.A.T.S. Backup, but that is a thin, thin reason. i watched maybe 3/4s of a game this year and last year i watched 2 games Including the Patriots win #6. there's just too much foolishness in the NFL for me and i`m still not Okay with the kneeling during the Anthem and lack of resolution to it.
  10. i`ll split the Rinds with you and i`ll bring beer... Tous can have the lil Cabbage Sprouts....
  11. i used to go to the Playland Arcade in Hampton Beach N.H. every summer and play all those games 'Shark Hunter' it was the same as 'killer shark' was one of my favorites, so was 'Hercules' and 'shoot out' those were like a Dime or a Quarter to play and i`d get to play them forever because of all the free plays you got and i did`nt have a lot of coin to spend. my favorite was called 'Wild Gunman' it was a projection screen with a movie and a Colt Peace Maker complete with rig and Lever action http://www.8bitrocket.com/2016/06/19/the-wild-gunman-1976/ there was a fire there years after and i went and tried to buy it from them but they would`nt sell it. Summer of 1981 i had High Score on 6 Pinball Machines..
  12. for every question i have, the potential answers make me recoil in Horror.....
  13. Meh,his feet did`nt look so big...
  14. Note to Self: the new Corvette does not come with Wheel locks..
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