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  1. I`m sure it will soon be lied about in a DNC Election ad. Although with the CDC`s Kung Flu accuracy record it`ll be reversed in 10 days..
  2. and so it Begins. 48 Years of Facts Vs. Joe Biden.
  3. i plan on being Cremated in a Funeral Pyre and my ashes scattered at Fenway park. its Completely Illegal ,Unadvised and not even close to Sanitary, but i`m OK with that.
  4. find a friend with a lake, "Cremated Privately" is what the Documents should read. you can Thank me in Valhalla..
  5. when i think of Science as a Whole. Vanity Fair, is not my Go To Source. of course Theoretically Speaking if we all stopped touching everything we`de be Virus Free Forever..
  6. holyjohnson


    Because No one else did it, it has been Fifty Years Since and No one else has done it No one else has even come close. we came Together as Americans and did something Incredible that only Americans could do. May God Bless America.
  7. my Condolences to you and your Family. i think it sucks that we cant Mourn our Loved ones like we should. 89 is a good long run. God Bless Brother.
  8. Norm Coleman was pushed by Almost everyone to fight in Court and Probably would have Won. his Legal Team, the MN Senate Republicans and he even had Millions in Financial support for Legal Fees and he chose not to Fight. one of the biggest Political Blunders yet. The Democrats will insist on pushing this Chaos until the Election to stuff the Ballot Boxes with Illegal Votes to win. a Partisan WI Appeals Court Judge made a baseless last minute Legal stay to go against the Requirements of the law to Purge the Wisconsin Voter Rolls of Names of Dead People before an Election, even the the evidence showed those names were Probably going to be used to Vote Absentee and if they were the Public has 'No Right' to that Information. it even went so far as to remove a Judges Contempt charge against the Democrats of the Election Board who Refused the Immediate Order to Purge the Rolls. Dems. will steal the Next Election, they will not stop Until they have Complete Power.
  9. the Program was Integrated in 2015 so it stands to reason This Admin would have more then the last one. i`d wonder if 42 less men were able to be accepted because of it or if class size was increased to allow them all. it makes me wonder if the Challenge is lowered for Women, why would Women still want it. but i suppose if i was in the Army i`d want the Challenge too.
  10. all Outdoor Sports worth me playing them Require others to touch my Balls. that includes Frisbee Golf and Fishing.
  11. I owe her a Drink. in a Strictly "Thanks for Killing a Bad Guy" way.
  12. damn good Vid! sums it up nicely. don`t get lost in the Sauce.
  13. no, not really. there are some places i enjoy eating and hanging out in but that's mostly impulse stuff. there's some food that some restaurants serve i miss but most has been available for Delivery unfortunately i don't think the rest will be coming back, i believe the Wuhan Flu has killed those Eateries..
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