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  1. holyjohnson

    kung fu bull fighting

    good thing there's a billion chinamen. Bodacious needs to make a come back....
  2. holyjohnson


    Butter and Sugar Please, with a good cup of Coffee,
  3. holyjohnson

    DA Refuse to Prosecute

    just don't try any of those former crimes in an Elitist Liberal Bostonian politicians town,because then they will be enforced as quickly and fully as ever. they just wont apply in all the "other" areas.
  4. holyjohnson

    Don't be a Dick......

    he was clearly rehabilitated and ready to enter the world again! what a Dick!
  5. holyjohnson

    Christmas Cards...

    no,and i sometimes feel bad when i get one and didn't send one. but then my Aunt sends her`s and she hand makes the paper and paper lace and glitter ink and hand spit closes the handmade envelope and i think. the hell with that i can`t compete with that kinda cheer.
  6. i wonder if an RMR or similar sight would help in that situation. the bad guy was well within range but i wonder if departments need to adopt a more military theory on target acquisition if they need to be moving from cover to cover like that. glad the Officers all went home.
  7. holyjohnson

    if you could have any animal in the world ...

    any of the Dogs i`ve had. or any of the ones i haven`t.
  8. holyjohnson

    Trump's Master Spooks

    and i`d say middle ground can only be achieved when both sides are willing to budge. he was elected in part to build a wall,and why would he give and inch when those who used to be in power just refuse to work with him out of spite as well? i agree i don`t like the Messiah complex being pressed on President Trump i think it may hurt negotiations if he has to give some to get some in the deal but it does seem that all Rome is against him.
  9. holyjohnson


    i like when he drinks the 'Coffee Instant' and goes "oh, wow" and "nice hiss" of all the weird YouTube stuff,his is some of the coolest.
  10. so a guy from Stillwater figured out how to get dressed all by himself..
  11. well? what kind of rifle?? and Cliffs Natural Resources division owns the concentrating plant in Virginia and Eveleth MN.
  12. holyjohnson

    Police Minn cops erect racist xmas tree

    my guess is it had little to do with race and more to do with lifestyles,anyone who has been "ova nort" would get this tree and another guess is by "dumpster dive" they meant picked up off the sidewalk.