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  1. Just shut it down. "I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep." Regards, Happyguy
  2. I would have gone with two magazines on the off side since I don't take prisoners. Regards, Happyguy
  3. deleted because I replied to this thread two months ago. but at least I added a picture of my rig! Regards, Happyguy
  4. Happyguy

    G19 MOS

    I'm posting this for no other reason than I am pleased with the way it turned out and I haven't posted here very much lately. G19 MOS, Shield RMS 8 MOA, Shield low profile adapter plate, standard height 10-8 MOS rear sight, green Ameriglo ProGlo .220 front sight, APEX firing pin safety plunger, Glock OEM maritime spring cups. IT shoots very well...the owner needs a little practice. But my tired old eyes really appreciate being able to see the sights.
  5. That song had a great intro and is one of the remaining reasons I don't totally hate the 80's.
  6. I generally have kept my Glocks stock except for a recontoured FPS, but my Gen2 G19 doesn't even have that. The Glock Gen4 MOS on my hip right now has the aftermarket FPS and a Glock OEM "-" connector, but I just ordered a smooth G17 Gen4 trigger, a 7lb striker spring, and maritime spring cups for it. Don't ask me why...I couldn't tell you. Regards, Happyguy
  7. I've taken to carrying my G19 MOS in an old Don Hume 009K. The exterior is cowhide, the interior is calf skin, and there is thin Kydex sandwiched between the layers of leather. Regards, Happyguy
  8. I have a PX-4 Compact in .40 I am in. Regards, happyguy
  9. That could never happen to me because my finger is my safety...: regards, happyguy
  10. I would say may be the golden age of polymer frame semi-auto's. Regards, Happyguy
  11. My PX-4 Compact in .40 is the only gun I will carry AIWB. I don't have much confidence in 9mm with a 3-3.5 inch barrel. Regards, Happyguy
  12. I've pretty much settled on a Beretta PX-4 Compact in .40 for AIWB and an M&P Compact 2.0 in 9mm for on the hip carry. The M&P Shield resides in an ankle holster as a backup during church services. Regards, Happyguy
  13. White privilege got that white girl a seat in the back! LOL Regards, Happyguy
  14. That's a hell of a piece of machinery. My father told me about the time as a kid when he was standing on a bridge when one of those steam locomotives came barreling by. He was looking down and the train came from behind him to just under him. He never did that again. Edit: Any man who doesn't like steam locomotives probably doesn't like women either. Regards, Happyguy
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