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  1. I learned the hard way to NEVER dry fire a Henry AR7 Survival Rifle. If you have one, when you screw the barrel on, watch the bolt shift back. I damaged the chamber and the firing pin on mine
  2. With a 25 TRILLION national debt, we can't afford to support the UN and any country that wishes us harm
  3. I voted against 5 guys some time ago with my wallet and my feet. It is not comfortable, but I am not going to support ANY business or organization that supports the destruction of America, her history, culture and the American way of life
  4. For the last 20 years, military academies have been graduating politicians, not soldiers
  5. I thought we had laws to protect employees against discrimination based on race? Oh, that's right, we do... https://www.eeoc.gov/racecolor-discrimination
  6. With all this throat microwaving, I am still enjoying an all liquid diet. I am down about 25 lbs. This is not a bad thing because my BP was 118 over 70 and my Blood sugar was 84 this morning
  7. I don't know about you, but I love my wife and with all these insane anarchists running around, I am not letting her go just about anywhere alone. We watch each other's back and protect ourselves. This is also why we have a biting Aussie Shepard at home. The world is a dangerous place and with our President standing up to, and thwarting the world domination plans of the globalists, it is going to get much more so. Wake up, stand up America or really dark times are coming for us all
  8. Pelosi says she doesn't care https://www.westernjournal.com/pelosi-admits-doesnt-care-statues-excuses-mobs-people-will/
  9. gotta make way for urban renewal
  10. One of the statutes pulled down in Baltimore was placed and dedicated by Pelosi's father
  11. people deserve the government they vote in
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