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  1. Well, except for her sister Nancy, the Wicked Witch of the west in Commiefornja
  2. I didn't think stabilizing brace were allowed to collapse, I thought they had to be fixed
  3. The trigger of that M&P has more parts than my entire glock
  4. Barack was an incredibly successful presiddent. We are witnessing his legacy now. This is the fundamental transformation of the United States happening before our eyes. Collapse the system to build another one. He told everyone what he was going to do, only very few of us listened
  5. We are sadly teaching our children to be good little citizens of the State 🇨🇳
  6. When daughter #2 was 14 she won a Gold Medal in Bunker/Olympic Trap with USA Shooting at the Junior National Championships in Colorado Springs in the National Championship. She won the Florida State Junior Championship 5 years in a row starting at age 12. There were quite a few uncomfortable conversations with teachers and administrators at her schools. It amazes me how vociferously some people can argue a point on a topic they know nothing about
  7. Take your friend out weekly and educate/mentor him the importance of the task he is undertaking. How's he supposed to know anything unless we teach him?
  8. He can. He can embargo NEA members from receiving Federal Education money
  9. I told Marion Hammer on Thursday that I wish she would take the job again...she said no way
  10. and now Pelosi want to spend another 3 TRILLION in Paycheck Protection. Wonder who gets this money?
  11. And then they want the rest of us to bail out their screw ups
  12. You can shoot 6.5 Grendal using any AR15/m4 lower. You have to change barrel and bolt in the upper and mags
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