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  1. It rhymed with "if man is still alive." Gender equality in the old days.
  2. The Democrats will be happy to hear some stupid Republicans will once again fall for the third party hoax.
  3. I hate to agree with Rubio, but this time he's right. Trump can't be impeached, and declared ineligible to ever again hold office, by a bunch of senators. Take him to court if you imagine his words were a crime, and you'll lose there, in public view. If his words were about election fraud, that goes on trial too. I double dog dare you.
  4. You might be OK, but do you have friends and relatives who might come down for a visit and stay? Think reverse Beverly Hillbillies.
  5. He looks like a young Leonardo DiCaprio with a hairy-armpitted mother.
  6. Yeah, Bond Arms bought Boberg.
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