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  1. Lake Superior near Marquette, MI.
  2. Houghton Douglass Falls, MI.
  3. All I see is the Pay Pal option. Am I not understanding something?
  4. Me too. Like some way I can just enter my card info and be done?
  5. "Teledementia from Biden"........ That's the best phrase I've heard in a long, long time. 82,487,543,432 thumbs up buddy!!!
  6. Bond Falls, UP Michigan
  7. Anchorage elected a liberal Mayor? Huh......
  8. Source? I haven't seen any such info.
  9. Yesterday I got on an elevator with a 30-something mom and her kid, both wearing masks. She looked at me, scowled, and asked me to take the next elevator, since I wasn't wearing one. I told her no, that they were wearing masks, and if they work then they'll be fine.
  10. I got out to Skyline Drive last Sunday morning before dawn, but the foliage hadn't really started changing yet.
  11. If masks work, then those that are susceptible should wear them. The rest of us don't need to wear them.
  12. There's nothing like a real wood-burning fireplace. Beyond the heat, it's the ambiance. Flickering, snapping and crackling. The glow. The warmth.
  13. I'll be heading up to Skyline Drive this Sunday. Get up well before dawn, get there while it's still dark. Enjoy the sunrise and changing foliage.
  14. Lake Of The Clouds, Michigan. Just a few days ago;
  15. Nadler poops himself and waddles off stage. <iframe width=512 height=330 src='https://www.c-span.org/video/standalone/?c4909220/user-clip-nadler-poops-pants' allowfullscreen='allowfullscreen' frameborder=0></iframe>
  16. What in the absolute swamp-billy Budweiser trailer-park hell is going on in that video?
  17. Looks much better back then.
  18. I think dwarves have naturally shorter lives. IIRC.
  19. It's about the kidnapping, torture and murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena in Mexico, by drug cartel leaders, Mexican politicians and a CIA agent. Very eye-opening that the actions of the US Government (via the CIA) ended with this gruesome torture and murder of Kiki. It's a good watch....albeit disturbing.
  20. Thorton Lake, Upper Peninsula, Michigan;
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