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  1. I saw this at Joint Airbase Andrews years ago. This video doesn't do any justice to that plane. It came from behind us sitting in the stands, flew low over-head, pulled up in a climb and then stopped. It just hung there in the air, with it's nose pointing skyward, perfectly still except for it's screaming engines. Then it's nose fell forward as the plane went horizontal, and it sped off towards the horizon away from us like something out of a cartoon.
  2. If someone sends you a link to an article about social distancing, you need to stay the hell away from them. They're ****in' crazy!!!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-NkX86uPI0
  4. No. I actually need to go shopping, got no food right now. I'm imagining the store will be packed and bare........
  5. Them's some fine shootin' irons there hoss!!! Ebay & Amazon.com are places to look.
  6. Breast implants being toxic makes 100% sense to me. And.......fake titties are stupid. Run with what ya' brung.
  7. O.k........where's the damn zombies? Shouldn't we have zombies by now? Corombies?
  8. If you look for examples of something, you'll find it. Your perception is your reality.
  9. What a complete and utter ****ing moron. Like, an Olympic class, World Record moron.
  10. Not really. I might get some canned food, but I'm sure it wouldn't be enough for months without normal shopping. I'm thinking if the S really HTF, then water and electricity are major concerns. If enough people are sick, we might lose power and clean water. That's when we'd know we're in trouble. I got a Mustang and an AR15.......I've been waiting for this for a looooong time.
  11. Slitting their own throats. I love every second of that. Pure ignorance and stupidity.
  12. Yeah, emotion over logic. Every time. I've preached this for years.
  13. The stuff he's said over the years, caught on video and re-surfacing........that dude is one arrogant elitist. He doesn't even understand how bad he sounds, how racist and elitist he sounds. He's very, very out of touch. It is funny that the very same people that bitch and complain and old, white wealthy men, are entertaining two of them as their democratic nominee.
  14. Damn, that Talking Heads song is down-right nasty. I've never listened to it much, so I hadn't grasped the gist of the lyrics.
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