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  1. I've watched a few videos on that pistol, a whole bunch dropped yesterday when the media black-out was lifted. Evidently these are truly better than the original FN BHPs. Better materials and manufacturing, better ergos, better barrel, and no magazine disconnect safety, so a better trigger. 86 years old and can still hang with the current crop of wonder-nines. Evidently they are heavy sumbitchez though.
  2. Nothing but a bunch of supposition, and anti-Baldwin hatred. Doesn't even get the part about the firearms and their usage on sets correct. On movie & TV sets, guns are pointed at people all the time, and the triggers pulled, with blanks discharging. Including at cameras and the people operating/directing them. That's what happened here with Baldwin. If you can set your hatred for the man aside for a moment, you'll understand he did nothing wrong.
  3. I see no way in which Baldwin is responsible for what happened. Firearms on movie/TV sets are routinely pointed at all sorts of people and cameras, and that's what happened here. The responsibility lies with the 24 year old girl that couldn't do her job properly.
  4. What a smarmy, self-righteous, arrogant, pompous ass.
  5. Looks like a neat cartridge. Can you buy ammo? Or just hand-load?
  6. No.....no.....we was an active participant in the fraud. Was promoting and taking advantage of it.
  7. Sell it on Craig's list and get another. The majority of LG ranges have the controls on the front, so the previous home owner probably specifically went looking for a range with the controls on the back. Don't live for years with it, sell it and get another. LG ranges are a hot item, it should sell easy.
  8. You'd have to start with a healthy disbelief in the numbers. You'd have to start with understanding how much money hospitals/doctors get paid to treat a COVID patient......which is considerably more than regular patients. So every patient they can possibly even remotely label as a COVID patient, is. Trillions of dollars are at stake here......so don't believe the numbers. Over on....some other site, a member's sister went in for a regular check-up with her doctor. He told her to expect completely bogus COVID treatment billing in her paper-work.......and the doctor wasn't lying. So she found another doctor once she saw the bill.
  9. What an amazing time in history. When people read, and/or actually talked to one another. An actual family unit.
  10. Honestly, just pay the $100 and be done with it. You're not going to get proper welding equipment, clothing, knowledge and experience for less. Just let a pro handle it.
  11. Got a new FTTS magnifier;
  12. WHile this topic is years old now, so are the answers. $250 in 2018 $$ is about $300 now. And for that $$ you can get a Holosun HS510C. Read the specs, they're impressive.
  13. https://freewestmedia.com/2021/09/23/norway-reclassifies-covid-19-no-more-dangerous-than-ordinary-flu/ "The Norwegian Institute of Public Health FHI has made the remarkable, but statistically supported, decision to classify Covid-19 as a respiratory disease that is as dangerous as the common flu. It is clarified that the pandemic is not over, but that it has entered a new phase where Covid-19 is now equated with a common respiratory disease, such as a flu or respiratory infection. This is done, among other things, due to the mutations that the Coronavirus has undergone, which makes it less dangerous, together with increased natural and vaccination-induced immunity that has been achieved in Norwegian society. Although the infection itself continues to circulate in the population, this does not mean an increase in hospital stays, which in itself means that the Coronavirus no longer creates a large burden on healthcare in Norway. This is because the vast majority of those at risk are protected. Those who are vaccinated also get severe symptoms and those who are not in the risk groups also usually only get ordinary mild cold symptoms. FHI thus makes the assessment that the Coronavirus now joins the ranks of other respiratory viruses such as the common cold and seasonal flu." Norway reclassifies Covid-19: No more dangerous than ordinary flu | Free West Media "According to FHI’s assessments, the infection is on the decline, fewer people become seriously ill, very few die and Norway’s assessment that Covid-19 is no longer more dangerous than a common flu looks increasingly correct."
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