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  1. Please.....enough with the "Holier than thou" virtue-signaling. We get it. You're a better person because you would insist all of us continue listening to her mindless drivel and hysterical rantings, because she's a super-low scale autistic person. I'm a horrible person, so I say she can take a long walk off a short pier. **** her, her family, Soros and his handlers.
  2. M&P15T

    Old Pictures

    Wearing a suit in Florida heat & humidity. Jeeeeeze, but people must have stunk back then.
  3. Got Get 'em Z-Man..... Sue the ever-living **** out of them, and win big. **** all those people involved in his prosecution, it was a media lynching.
  4. Been playing the new Modern Warfare, totally addicted to it. It's making me want to buy a shotgun!!!!🤣
  5. That's a damn fine lookin' weapon. An Eotech like MAC was using would be amazing. I'm sure it's big $$ though.
  6. Ohhhh........my friend, there's always updates. Never-ending updates.🤣
  7. Are you sure about that? I think with games like Modern Warfare, they get the whole game (minus patches) on one disc. I'm not sure, but I think so. I'm also not sure if the game then loads onto the hard drive, or if the game is read off the disc and not stored on the hard drive. ETA; Found the answer. If you have Modern Warfare 2019 on disc, it loads onto the hard drive. Then you have to download the "day one update package" after the game is on your hard drive, which is 47Gb. Total space necessary is 108Gb. So that means the disc has about 61 Gb of data on it. And even though you have the disc, it all has to go on your hard drive. And there's been another large update, something like 28Gb, since the game started.
  8. M&P15T

    Muzzle Brakes

    Oh no my brotha'!!! If you think that Mod 0 isn't loud, let someone shoot your rifle and stand to the side. I promise you, it's loud AF. I have a BCM The Jack carbine with one, and I've experienced it. But it does do extremely well, making an AR shoot like a .22LR.
  9. The article stretches a bit to include the PC topic of "gut-wrenching vignettes of injustice, sexism, and tragedy..." Can't just tell their story without involving dramatic elements of female oppression that have nothing to do with their work as photogs? How about we leave out the virtue signaling, and just stick with the incredible story of these women as war photographers?
  10. I believe when you get a PS4 game, it reads it off the disc onto the HD. Then with the new Modern Warfare, there's the updates to down-load. I'm thinking that reading it off the disc onto the HD is a lot, lot faster than down-loading the entire game.
  11. I'm of the understanding (haven't watched it yet) that Bill Burr is the Mandalorian. Is it later in the season where he takes his helmet off?
  12. Bill Burr in a Star Wars off-shoot. A match made in entertainment heaven!!
  13. I just downloaded Modern Warfare to my PS4 a few weeks ago. It took all damn day, and then some. Given the opportunity, I would get the disk. The damn down-load took forever and a day, when popping the disc in and downloading only the updates/patches would have been 100x faster. Plus, my PS4 is basically full now, with just two games downloaded to it.
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