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  1. I really try to like the Brits. I try hard. I'm even 1/4 Welsh. But then you see how they live, being subjects and all, and it's tough to admire them.
  2. M&P15T

    Ghost Towns

    There's also Centralia PA. A coal mine fire under the city caused it to be mostly abandoned. It's the inspiration for a scary video game called "Silent Hill". The structures weren't left abandoned, the .gov demolished them. Oddly enough, the local church still stands;
  3. My Grandparent's boat was named the "Happy Ours II", and I still get a chuckle out of that. It was odd since neither were really drinkers. Boaty McBoatface should have gone on that ship, the people of Englandland got screwed.
  4. M&P15T


    It's all very odd. Iran's economy is close to collapse, the the government must be fearing revolution at this point. So they're trying to stay sweet with their population by standing up to the Great Satan and the West, by mining oil tankers and shooting down our drones. This is all Cold War crap. It's still a proxy conflict between us and the Soviets. Just like Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Wars, etc., etc...... As long a there's no boots on the ground, I'd be for some strikes that take out their nuclear facilities. Although I have read that their main facility is buried in a mountain to be safe from air strikes. I've also read that Iran has some serious bio-weapons. That's a bit concerning.
  5. The mob has been very quiet for some time now. I wonder if they all went legit? Or did they do like the Nazis, and buy/build large multi-national business conglomerates with their ill-gotten gains? Seeing something that looks like a mob-hit is rather odd these days. I was thinking of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, and how all the people involved have kept their mouths shut since 1975. It's about the only conspiracy that actually exists I can think of.
  6. The "climate change discovery" is complete crap, we all know that. Just ignore it. But Boaty McBoatface is a BOSS!!! It's name was chosen/voted on by the Englandlanders, and it's hilarious!!! But then their ****tard government stepped in and named the vessel "The David Attenborough", after one of England's nature program hosts. Other suggested names from the good people of Englandland included “What Iceberg?” “It’s Bloody Cold Here,” and “Big Metal Floaty Thingy-Thing.”
  7. **** YEAH!!! Finally, something I can get behind.
  8. M&P15T

    Ford v Ferrari

    Discussions of this movie have generated an interest in all things Shelby for my. I've become quite obsessed with the various versions of new Cobra 427s. They've got to be the most amazing driving experience out there right now;
  9. M&P15T

    Ford v Ferrari

    I can't wait. One of the most interesting stories in automotive racing history. I just hope they don't mess it up making a movie out of it.
  10. Yeah....F1 changed the aero-rules a bit, to step away from the "penis-mobiles" that were in the works.
  11. Such a strange comment/question. This thread is about people dying climbing a mountain, and yet you act as if it's been about discussing other people's accomplishments. Very strange.
  12. They're "victims" just like fat people are victims of their own eating habits.
  13. You're not a "victim" when you actively seek out being involved in the crime, accident, or other event or action that leads to you being harmed, injured or killed.
  14. I saw a new article on this, this morning. The title was something about the dead climbers being "victims". I almost passed out from rolling my eyes so hard.
  15. I'll still avoid a 6% death rate. But thanks for the info on K2, I had no idea there was a climb more dangerous than Everest.
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