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  1. Ya'll know that the Obummers tore down the McMasters Estate, from which Magnum P.I. plied his trade? ****ers.
  2. That's actually from a video game. Arma 3 I believe.
  3. Is it wrong to hope for the Boog to start?🤣
  4. Google needs to be broken up. Like AT&T was. It's waaaay past that point.
  5. Oh, yeah.....great comeback. Intelligent, useful to the discussion. Do climatology scientists in Europe get paid differently than here in the US? Like the BILLIONs of tax-payer dollars that are spent here in the US each year studying it? And how many BILLIONS of tax-payer dollars are spent each year doing studies to refute the existence of Global Warming? None? I didn't think so. Just academia and government jobs for climatologists. All bought & paid for by the government and tax dollars. ***Interesting point; find one climatology research job that ISN'T paid for through academia, or tax-payer/government funded.***** You've heard of the hundreds of NASA scientists that have denounced the bull**** that is the Global Warming scam, right? The ones that DONT lose their jobs if they don't support GWing? They want the bull**** lies stopped. Hundreds of them. Wrote a letter, signed it. You can hang your hat on your Eurofaggotry experiences, as if it's somehow germane to the actual topic. I'll hang mine on plainly understandable temperature data from hundreds of thousands of years, and the good scientific folks at NASA that aren't paid to push the Global Warming scam. Oh........and I'll hang my hat on the founder of the Weather Channel. Someone I'll listen too loooooong before your Chicken Little crap we've all heard since the ****ing 1970s.
  6. Dude....you need to just stop. When you post stuff like this..... ...you lose all credibility. Yes, EVERY country (and tax-payer funded scientist) is ridden by political bias and agenda driven. ALL of them. That you place all of Europe on some sort of fantasy-based pedestal where their scientists are above biasing their research to make sure their incomes are preserved, is just silly. Laughably naïve. There is no escaping the power of the almighty dollar anywhere. Scientist are PAID to keep the lie of global warming going. ALL of them. If they don't, they're out of a job. It's 10,000 Faucis insisting that you wear a mask, or you're gonna die.
  7. 🤣 Do you grasp that the x axis of the graph contains many 1 degree increases and decreases in 100 years? Like, all over the place? I do understand confirmation bias. I also understand the money and careers involved, something you seem incapable of comprehending the effects of. Look....95% of the population of this planet thinks that masks and other COVID restrictions were successful. Just because many people believe something, doesn't make it true. People used to think the earth was flat too. People also used to belive that smoking cigarettes was good for their health, and their ****ing DOCTORS supported the idea. Then there was asbestos.......witches......possession by demons.....lots of stuff.
  8. M&P15T

    Old Pictures

    C'mon people!!! Tell us the story behind the pictures!!!! What happened here? Who's DRT on the ground?
  9. More to the point, listening to "scientists" whose very income and livelihoods count on continued funding, is stupid when you realize that if they do not support the idea that humans are causing "global warming" with their research, those "scientists" would be out of a job. They get paid to continue the lie. They get paid to continue shoving falsehoods down people's throats.
  10. This is what we call confirmation bias. It's looking for that which supports our pre-conceived notions. Here we take a 169 year slice of information, and decide it's reliable in what it represents. Which it isn't. It's just catching temps on one of their normal upwards swings, which will inevitably be followed by a downward swing, as it always does. How about looking at 2000 years of temp data?? Temps of this planet rise and fall. Looking at 169 years of information is like looking at one hair on someone's head, and deciding you know enough to understand that person. How about looking at an even longer time span? Only ignorant hubris makes humans believe they effect the earth's temperatures. Want the truth??? What really effects our temps, other than the earth's natural cycles?
  11. Sauce? What's going on here?
  12. M&P15T

    Old Pictures

    What I do find amazing about the 1800-1900s, is how so many jobs required a "uniform". Delivering milk? Uniform. Dispensing gasoline? Uniform.
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