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  1. People claiming his not following commands is justification for the shoot, how would you react if you woke up to someone in your dark apartment yelling at you? Most of you would be disoriented and confused as hell.
  2. Seems everyone is accusing each other of being cop bashers or race baiters. Maybe our bias is actually being against being shot in our own homes?
  3. We had a mandantory safety meeting because of me. A piece of aluminum got stuck on a scotchbrite wheel, whipped around and hit me in the shoulder. They did a little refresher on safety. Another guy in our shop put a cutting wheel in a drill. The Picture of the bloody drill has become famous in training slides.
  4. yeah .40 pistols and entry level ar15s are denied right off the bat
  5. The gunstore i worked at stopped taking .40s at trade counter since so many were coming in and none were selling. Its loaded with downsides and has few upsides.
  6. one reason i ditched my shotgun is ranges only allow slugs and shotguns with slugs arent fun. Probably will get a shotgun again since i now live near a good clay sports place.
  7. dont care about anything in that unneeded, dying caliber.
  8. ive found ruger blued finishes disappointing to say the least, my mk4 has oil on it at all times or it rust like crazy
  9. unlike southerners we can operate in the snow. They shut the state down for an inch and we just send it and go through a foot of the stuff to get to the store for more beer.
  10. My last swim in ocean was at the infamous blacks beach. Quite the experience.
  11. I swim in my gym pool a couple times a week. Only cardio i like. I travel a lot for work and enjoy hotel pools. I enjoy swimming in a lake but theres only like 3 months a year warm enough here. About a month ago i went to san diego and swam in the ocean, much warmer year round. Having waves is a ton of fun, cant recreate waves and body surfing in a pool.
  12. mine ran flawless at range earlier today, lov the new trigger!
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