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  1. You can buy Marlin 1894's in 38/357 and 45 lc new, no mods needed. They can be modified to run very fast. The current world record for 10 shots out of a lever action rifle is 1.57 seconds by Smokestack and Deuce Stevens Smokestack is running an Uberti. Deuce Stephens is running a Marlin https://www.marlinfirearms.com/lever-action/model-1894/model-1894cb
  2. I've got a couple of those somewhere that are designed for .38 special loading 10 rounds. They're pretty common in CAS.
  3. Them Texans don't play. https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-man-shoots-robbery-suspect-second-amendment
  4. Equate Over 50 multivitamin, blood pressure meds and Equate Orange Fiber every morning.
  5. Years ago I was managing a hotel in downtown Birmingham. My brother worked for me. One day he superglued a quarter to the sidewalk outside the hotel by a restaurant window. We sat there eating lunch and laughing at all the people struggling get that damn quarter.
  6. It's a pretty gun. I like the sights. The hammer is a bit short to me, particularly because if I had one shooting it double action would be pretty rare. I wonder what the single action trigger pull is? My Rugers are set at 1.25 lbs.
  7. Sure! That's why my wife carries a revolver (and the fact that she can't shoot a semi-auto without jamming it pretty much every single time). However I contend that the advantageS a semi-auto has over a revolver are enough to justify learning to shoot the semi and carrying one (if you can), whereas the advantages a wonder 9/40/.357SIG has over a .45 caliber 1911 aren't enough to justify putting 20,000 to 30,000 rounds through one so you can get comfortable with it. That's even more true given how horrific those safety triggers are.
  8. LOL. When I shoot a night match and it's so dark I can't even see my sights I'm working mainly from muscle memory. I've fired so many rounds through those guns I know how they should feel when they're appropriately oriented on the targets. That's how I can fire 80 rounds in the dark and get 80 hits, and still shoot faster than the other competitors. The same holds true with the 1911 platform. I've hit man sized targets at 8 yards with my eyes closed. A buddy places the target, makes a noise so I can orient on the target, moves behind me, and bang I got a hit without seeing the target or the sights. Plus I prefer the 1911 trigger to anything Glock ever made and a double stack .45 just doesn't feel right in my hands. You can cure a lot of problems with 25 rounds of .45 ACP and I suspect I can accurately shoot 25 rounds out of three magazines much faster than most bad guys can accurately shoot 17 rounds out of a single magazine. If I switched to a wonder nine polymer gun I would have to start all over and I'm too old for that.
  9. Yes he did. Hannity says a lot of things. I take 99% of that with a grain of salt. Hence my comment in that post: "We'll see."
  10. I think Trump let’s this slide and reemphasizes his red line: US casualties will draw harsh retaliation.
  11. Hannity says US planes are on the way. We’ll see.
  12. Maybe we can send her as a special envoy to Iran. I think Mayor Pete would be a better choice.
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