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  1. I don't understand the premise of the article. Correctly stated it should be something closer to. "Impeach and there will be violence" not either or.
  2. Spoken like someone whose never actually been in a fight. There can be a ton of effort being exerted and no discernible movement. Go back to your bridge and crawl under it.
  3. Dindu got what he had coming. Kudos to the cop for keeping his head and acting to ensure he got home to his family.
  4. Thanks ede. I had no idea until the stage was over and the Timer Operator came to the unloading table and showed me the time. I wish I would have started that stage hands on gun instead of on the window sill. I might have been able to get it down close to .25 seconds from beep to first shot.
  5. I own a Colt AR and a Colt Commander and they're both good guns, but a lot of the whole Colt thing is just hype. Colt turned their back on the civilian market a long time ago.
  6. We need to ban meanness! Clearly stabbing people isn't illegal enough, so we should make it illegaler.
  7. SASS match. Starting with single action revolvers. 16”x12” targets at 7 yards. Stage instructions call for hands on the window sill in front of the shooter. At the beep shoot P1P2P1P2P3. Time from the beep to the first shot was .34! Not bad for 56 years old.
  8. It being West Texas I'm a little surprised he got as far as he did.
  9. https://news.yahoo.com/domestic-violence-suspect-killed-intervening-074957909.html# I like this Florida man.
  10. I prefer a manual and I prefer single action revolvers so I guess I’m old fashioned.
  11. Hey now! I said licensing for drivers, not car control. I like my 180 mph Camaro.
  12. 40,000 people died in car crashes on the highway in 2018. 14,000 or so were shot to death. What we need is stricter licensing for drivers, not gun control.
  13. Come on now. His name is spelled Qwanterrius. Who ever heard of spelling it with a U?
  14. They look stupid and perform even worse. I have to admit, I've pulled up next to a few of these with my windows rolled down and laughed out loud. I don't think they liked it much, but hey if they're going to turn their cars into jokes I'm going to laugh. Most of the ones I see have their tires canted out. It's the only way they can cram that much tire into that small a space.
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