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  1. Good Morning America! It's a Brave New World! Let us start the day by giving thanks that our Brave Leader (and large elder male sibling) and xis supporters in Big Tech have taken positive steps to protect us from Emmanuel Goldstein, AKA Donald John Trump. Let me remind you that EG/DJT is ungood, has always been ungood, and saying or thinking otherwise is a thoughtcrime. Thoughtcrime is a serious offense and could lead to: loss of social media access, cancellation, loss of employment, and even criminal prosecution and imprisonment. Our Brave Leader has informed us that DJT has been banned from speaking permanently. Evidence is being gathered for prosecution, and once a verdict has been reached our Brave Leader will explain the rational behind it to the jury so they can endorse it. Some of you may remember a document that was written by some transphobic, racist, bigoted, ignorant old caucasians back in the 18th century. Please do not mention their names, that would be ungood. Just remember, the document in question is constantly evolving and in order to best understand what it says citizens should depend upon our 36 Supreme Court Justices. They have informed us that the document does not protect 'hate speech' For your convenience I've posted the relevant text below: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, unless in the view of congress such religion promotes harmful thought. Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise thereof unless such exercise is deemed by congress to be ungood. Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech with the exception of speech deemed by congress to be hate speech or speech which might cause citizens to question our Brave Leader. Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press, unless in the view of congress the press is promoting ungood ideas. Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, so long as the assembly and petition are for purposes approved by congress. On a side note, there is a vicious rumor circulating that our Brave Leader was once referred to in a gendered fashion that referred to the sex xe was assigned at birth. Please do not fall into the trap of referring to xim in that fashion. Gendered pronouns are ungood and are not to be used. Our Brave Leader is referred to only as Big Sibling and has always been referred to as Big Sibling. By decree of the Ministry of Truth, headed by the beloved Nancy Pelosi, long may she reign, the following words are forbidden: Mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, wife, and any gendered pronouns. Anyone directing these words towards a fellow citizen will be charged with, and convicted of, hate speech. Remember, today's two minute hate will begin promptly at 1 pm. You may tune into any of the Ministry of Truth's channels, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or NBC, for useful graphics to stimulate your emotions. Today's graphics may include pictures of EG/DJT, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, or Bill Barr. Remember, whoever screams loudest may win an autographed picture of our Dear Leader. Please fellow citizens, remember, Big Sibling is watching. With the help of Big Tech, he sees everything you do. If you fall into Political Incorrectness in any way, he will know. Have a great day comrades!
  2. Even if the election was on the level, which I doubt, I stand by my statement. Every indignity, every obstruction, every dirty tactic that was used against Trump should be used against Biden times 10. The Dems have been playing dirty and for keeps for a long time now. It's time for the Republicans to wake up and fight fire with fire. BTW, as soon as you start with the Hitler comparisons, pretty much everybody other than devoted leftists is going to tune you out. Trump is not Hitler. Trump isn't anything like Hitler. Making that comparison reveals a stunning lack of information about who Hitler was, what he did, and why he did it. WWII wasn't fought because Hitler blamed the jews. If that's all he had done the world would have stood by and done nothing while he implemented his final solution.
  3. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. That was a true statement when Jefferson made it, and it's a true statement now. When your opponent is fighting using street rules, and you stick with Marquess of Queensberry rules you're going to have a problem and you're going to lose. I'm sure many will disagree, perhaps even condemn me for what I'm saying, but I hope that over the next four years the right uses the left's playbook against them. I hope there are 'mostly peaceful' protests constantly during Biden's term. I hope he is investigated. Every business deal he ever made, every woman/girl he ever interacted with, every statement he ever made, they should all be investigated. I hope he is impeached, and I don't care how flimsy the pretext is. If the right takes back the House in 2022 that should be their first order of business. I hope every executive action he takes is challenged in court with multiple judges across the country issuing nationwide injunctions that prevent him from enacting any policies. I hope he is ridiculed, I hope his wife is ridiculed, his children too. I hope every politician on the left or any politician who supports any policy of the left endures nightly protests in front of their homes. I hope they are constantly confronted and harassed as they go about their personal lives. I hope every single indignity or obstruction that was heaped upon Trump is also heaped upon Biden tenfold.
  4. I hope some of you will join me in these pledges: I promise that I will never vote for or support any politician who attends Joe Biden's inauguration. I promise that I will never vote for or support any Senator who votes to confirm (or for cloture on) any nominee Biden sets forth. I promise I will never vote for or support any candidate who does not repudiate the corrupt results of this presidential election. Last, I promise I will never again say the words "Mitt Romney" nor will I write them. Henceforth I will only refer to him as 'Pierre Delecto'.
  5. Unfortunately this is not true. There are a few specific types of things the House does that requires a super majority, like amendments or overriding a veto, but most legislation passes with a simple majority in the House. Senate rules allow for legislation to be filibustered, which can't be ended with a simple majority vote, but the rule can be changed with a simple majority vote and I'll bet that will happen the first time the Republicans try to filibuster.
  6. I have one of those that has been worked over for competition, had a bigger brass front sight added, and the lever throw shortened a bit. Very smooth and fast.
  7. Trump didn’t veto the Bill, he signed it. He vetoed the Defense bill and that veto was overridden.
  8. The 1860 is an ASM repro. The 1851 is a Pietta.
  9. Yeah! I won’t be shooting them every match, but occasionally. I need a rifle in 44-40 to go with them.
  10. My father has been gradually giving me his guns as he reconciles to the fact that he can’t really shoot anymore. This trip he gave me these. I plan on selling the 1860 Army and I’ve already gone on Gunbroker and purchased another 1851 Navy so I’ll have a matched set. Cowboy shooters need revolvers in pairs. Both are 44 caliber cap and ball.
  11. Same except 25 rounds. 9+8+8 in a Colt Commander.
  12. You definitely picked the right colors! So you’re running the same engine I am, LT1. I’m still under warranty, but when it expires I may throw a blower on it and try to get hp and tq around 600.
  13. Yeah I have to agree. 600 hp is getting close to the point where you need to upgrade the LT2 internals to handle the extra horsepower.
  14. Same here, other than I don't swing cock my lever action and I definitely don't fan revolvers. For me it's one eyed shooting and all about speed. Speed, speed, like Lightning McQueen I just want to go fast. Starting hands not touching guns or ammo the first pistol or rifle shot has to hit the target in less than a second. Shotgun has to be loaded, so less than two seconds for that first round to hit a target. Semi-auto rifles and pistols cycle their actions to slowly. If you want to go fast, single action pistols and a lever action rifle is the way to go. I don't care about the 10 ring, our targets are steel and a hit anywhere on the target is a hit. Here’s a day at the range for me. Shooter starts rifle in hand, alternate 5 single taps on the left two targets then 5 singles on the right two targets. With pistols alternate 10 single taps on two targets, load shotgun and knockdown 4 targets. IMG_3127.MOV
  15. Indoor range? Maybe once every 10 years. I shoot every Saturday, in competition, outside. I'm none of those guys.
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