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  1. Jammersix

    Triage Veterans

    I have a question for the vets here who worked triage in medical centers overseas, any capacity. Are there any such vets here?
  2. Actually, she's showing that she's better than Trump.
  3. She doesn't need to be a vice president. She can clean the floor with Trump. She's leaving now to keep her reputation intact.
  4. Jammersix

    Movie Rifle ID

    I'd say that Ruger looks pretty close.
  5. Jammersix

    Movie Rifle ID

    What rifle does the hunter use in the movie Hold The Dark? It folds. It's magazine fed. It's short, but appears to be full size. Movie doesn't know anything about either wolves or cold weather, but the rifle has me curious.
  6. Jammersix

    Anyone here a vegan?

    I'm a Vegan Once Removed. Everything I eat was a vegan.
  7. Yup. The proud boys are bad people. Association with them, let alone display of that association, means that someone shouldn't have police powers in the U.S. Period.
  8. Jammersix

    The Skin of the Wolf

    Does anyone recognize the rifles in the movie The Skin of the Wolf?
  9. Jammersix

    To iPad or not to iPad, that is the question...

    Any battery driven device is, by definition, a 2nd tier piece of equipment from a prepardness standpoint. Don't spend preparation dollars on a 2nd tier piece of equipment until all the 7 day essentials are packed with 1st tier stuff.