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  1. Jammersix

    Tainted Superbowl

    I'm thinking the NFL isn't going to take much of a revenue hit from your beliefs, then.
  2. Jammersix

    Confederate Colors

    What has France got to do with it?
  3. Jammersix

    Anyone familiar with state residency laws?

    The internet is the worst place mankind has ever invented for asking for legal advice. (Which is exactly what you're doing.) So here's some legal advice: no one checks on where you live, but if your license says Idaho, you're going to pay income tax. Who checks? That's Idaho's problem.
  4. Jammersix

    Race Issues My High School

    Next time someone asks me why BLM, I'll point them to this thread. Sort of like making a liberal by taking someone to church.
  5. Jammersix

    Tainted Superbowl

    Wow. You caught you a KWalrad, whatever that is.
  6. No. The axle, and, therefore, the point we turn around, is located elsewhere.
  7. Any civil war won't be lead by the right. Hang on tight, now, we're going to crack the whip!
  8. If you took all the fishing companies in eastern Washington, added them together, added a zero and then another zero, they would equal one day's income from one of the smallest tech companies in King County.
  9. Jammersix

    Race Issues My High School

    I guess the difference is you can live with the way you're persecuted. If that's true, great, it's not up to me. It sort of sounds to me like you like it that way, and given a choice, you chose to be persecuted. Some sort of martyr thing. Well, if that works for you, drive on.
  10. And I understand all those companies are useless. Well, you know, except for the stuff the farmers buy. You really should give a **** what we think, after all, it's the way your laws are going to be.
  11. There will always be dense, urban areas and large expanses of less populated rural areas. The only way it's even close to fair is if all political areas have some of each. Otherwise, the rural areas would never stand a political chance of anything. So be grateful we let you hang on our coattails.
  12. Jammersix

    Race Issues My High School

    Then take notes.
  13. Jammersix

    Race Issues My High School

    That's an excellent start on the list of why BLM doesn't play within the rules. Within the rules doesn't work.
  14. Jammersix

    Race Issues My High School

    P.S. You were doing pretty good until you broke down and added that last sentence. I know the feeling, I've done the same thing.