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  1. Fixed. I spoke to the owner about your concerns and he addressed them immediately.
  2. Searches forums to, hopefully, find deals on the internet. http://www.riverofguns.com/cb/index.pl
  3. She has never experienced/seen snow. It was a trip up north to a "Hallmark" town so she could enjoy the slush. Not gonna happen. Broke her patella a week ago. Horizontal, hairline, but at least six (6) weeks out. Aiming for January.
  4. I've decided to go with her to her appointments with the cardiologist. After he said that, I don't trust him.
  5. And in Oregon, you can go to jail for having turkey but not if you use cocaine and heroin. Call me crazy but I'm keeping the stuff that was not lost in the boating accident clean and oiled. Until lost in a boating accident, of course.
  6. Lookin' at the bright side, people are starting to trust Doctors as much as they trust lawyers. 👍
  7. The more the Dems cry foul about the President's challenges, the more I become convinced that there was foul play.
  8. I'll try to explain it this way: Merv Griffin received in excess of 70 million dollars in royalties for his 14-second jingle in Jeopardy. ⁉️ Think You might want to have your lower esophageal sphincter checked out, GT4494.
  9. But...but...but...won't the heroes feel silly? Don't get me wrong, I believe they did good with the knowledge they had in the beginning. But there comes a time when... But don't mind me, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were heroes of mine. So was Wile E. Coyote. And then I grew up.
  10. Another instance on why it is best to get a second medical opinion, and a third, and a fourth. Until the mind is in consonance with what "the eyes see". The other day my wife's cardiologist stated that sleeping on your right side was the best to avoid reflux.
  11. Haven't seen George and Gracie, the mourning doves, in a while. Wondering now if Black Cat had them over for dinner. Or as he calls them, considering how plumpy he looks, snacks. Or perhaps they took some time off to accept the international emmy they received for leadership in the flock.
  12. Very good news. Saw earlier tonight my dear old friend, Black Cat, the all-black feral cat that calls my property "bed and board". He's doing fine, good to see old friends after a while. Only at this time, he's not entirely all-black. Gray hairs. Don't we all.
  13. Somebody asks: "How many divisions does the US Supreme Court commands?".
  14. And furthermore, no one believes anymore that Sam Giancana delivered Illinois to Kennedy. Nope...never happened.
  15. I gave a .380 Makarov to a friend, a former tunnel rat who wanted to get back to the sport. After handing it over the first thing he asks is where he could find Makarov ammo. I bought a pair of boxes for him. Contrary to your case, if he had bought Mak ammo it would have never entered the breech. Never much impressed by Ms. Andress. Now, Raquel Welch was a different story. I'm reasonably certain that Dr. No is the only movie I've watched where she appeared. Can see where the term "Bond girl" originated from. Perhaps it was because her acting range was extremely limited but she sounded like a girl. And not a woman. That turned me off. *************************** Unite! Sure, I can give 'em unite.
  16. An alternative to Twitter. One by one.
  17. Finally got the chance to watch a Bond film (Dr. No) in its entirety. I can again acknowledge that everything has a time and place under the sun. I can imagine the impression that that movie made when it was released. Dr. No's control center looked like it was repurposed straight from a cheap 1950s space/science fiction movie. The plot is pretty much straightforward and "complex" enough to keep an audience interested. Mr. Connery certainly looked the part, as if he was born to play it. But that movie released today would probably go straight to video. There was one significant part that made me smile and reminisce. A Pan Am jet!!! That alone was worth the price of admission. And my wife is ordering at the next opportunity a medium-dry martini with lemon peel and shaken, not stirred. If only she knew!!! 😄 I guess I'll finish it off.
  18. I'm seriously considering changing my moniker/username to "Al Dente". Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita. "Al" may very well be Dante Alighieri and "Betty" his ideal woman Beatrice who orchestrates a pilgrimage for Dante to Heaven through three books - Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. In the first two books Dante is led through Hell and Purgatory by the Roman poet Virgil, who early on rescues him in the woods when he is attacked by various beasts including wolves and throws sand in Cerberus'(Hell's watchdog) face in order to gain entry to Hell. "Dogs in the moonlight...Get these mutts away from me". Because Virgil is not a Christian, he cannot lead Dante into Paradise. Virgil had a profound influence on Dante, even being called in the "Inferno" his "master and mentor". In the second stanza of the song (representing Purgatory) – he is looking for "Who will be my role model, now that my role model is gone?" In steps Beatrice as his "Bodyguard" and she guides him through Heaven. The song ends with “…Angels in the Architecture, spinning in infinity / He says Amen and Hallelujah” From the end of Paradiso: “But already my desire and my will were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed, by the Love which moves the sun and the other stars” The Divine Comedy as a whole can be seen to be an allegory on redemption, as Dante struggles with the knowledge of his sins and failings until he finds salvation at the end." 👁️‍🗨️ 🕒
  19. Fwiw. My favorite Walther? The PP Super. Along with a Benelli B-76, the ones I've carried the most. My favorite now? The PPS M2 LE which I purchased from Bish1309. Probably the most I've personally disclosed internetwise since the early 90s.
  20. I'm pretty sure I recorded "Dr. No" last week. Because I've never watched a Bond movie in its entirety, from beginning to end. Only snippets here and there. Probably because I find them... boring? Just about to rewatch Burn Notice, if I can find it in Netflix. Doubtful Disney + has it. That first season was spot on. Then it went Hollywoodsy. I'll get to Dr. No sometime. Probably sooner than when somebody can reasonably explain why Kevin Cash lifted Blake Snell in game 6 of the WS. You know...priorities. EDIT: It came in a flash. If the Rays trade Snell, they are going to get a $hitload of players.
  21. I think I've handled or owned four (4) PP/PPKs. Two and two? My favorite was a late war PP, IIRC in .32. From the first time I shot one to the last one (LW PP) it always extracted its price of admission. Slide bite. No matter what was done to them, that was a given. The interesting part being that I "knew" that it was coming. But did it anyway. No flinching, not "thinking" about it. It is explained away by comparing it to a woman giving birth. If they "remember" it, they wouldn't go through it again. The late war PP I bought. No roll marks, just a 7.65mm somewhere on the slide. Whoever did that...you know...so as not to confuse it with a .380. I liked that blankness to it. So much so that I had it re-blacked. Gorgeous. I keep looking at them in the web and still find them attractive. But I refuse to obtain another one. Can do just fine with my P32.
  22. What? You're going to volunteer to give hugs to both Rashida and Ilhan? I can't be that generous.
  23. In other news, Professor Habib Daoud was killed three (3) months ago in an unfortunate accident. And Ilhan Omar is unconsolable. Looking for a volunteer to give Ms. Omar a hug.
  24. Here's an example of what the opponent group that is against my friend Kupta, the time traveller, does. It is expected to fetch anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000, unless somebody debunks it. Pity that it was proofed in 1964? But it might have been used in "Ben-Hur" too! You know, as in.... Ben-Hur..... Judah Ben-Hur.
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