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  1. Ricordo


    In my never-ending quest to ease tensions, I'd like to dedicate the following musical interlude to the Ayatollah, his cohorts and the 150 that almost got blown to bits. Regards, Until we send the bombs and missiles again. Love always...
  2. Ricordo


    I agree with President Trump. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/us-called-off-retaliatory-strike-against-iran-in-last-minute-wsj No need over a $130m apparatus. There are other ways of handling the matter. Circumstances and purpose.
  3. Ricordo


    Regards, From Tampa, with love....
  4. As opposed to anti-democratic socialism............................................................of course! "It's not a laxative, it's a soft laxative." As opposed to a hard laxative...........................................of course.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0xnlKErj1Q It looks perfectly legal to me...
  6. "Worst. Thread. Ever." 🙂
  7. "This thread sucks."
  8. Because we hate bullies... "In 2014, chef Davide Cerretini advertised a special that would forever change his fate: Anyone who left his restaurant a 1-star review on Yelp would get 25% off a pizza. See, his Bay Area-based Italian joint, Botto Bistro, was at a crossroads. Like many small businesses, it was enslaved to the whims of online reviewers, whose public dispatches could make or break its reputation. He’d had enough: It was time to pry the stars from the “cold, grubby hands of Yelpers” and take control of his own destiny. But the move would set Cerretini at the center of a long-standing battle between Yelp and disgruntled business owners — a battle including cries of “extortion,” review manipulation, and predatory advertising tactics..." https://thehustle.co/botto-bistro-1-star-yelp/?utm_source=pocket-newtab Reviews of this thread are welcome...
  9. But alcohol consumption among never-trumpers and Dems rose an astonishing 84.7% from 2016 onward. For 2018 alone, their alcohol consumption rose 42.5%. https://www.foxbusiness.com/features/global-alcohol-consumption-declines 🙂
  10. Obama serves me as a constant reminder that my purpose in life is world peace.
  11. But...but...but...he was born in a manger!
  12. By now you realize that that was your first mistake. Referrals work like online reviews, which they actually are. Some are good, some are bad, some are made up. It's like asking for directions from a stranger. Even though they have no idea, they might still will try to "help" you. Instead of just saying, "sorry, I don't know". That's when they charge your card. Even if only a shipping label is created and the firearm is nowhere near the shipping box. Sketchy at best. That's when you could have cancelled the order. Re: revisit issue of status as shipped. That seems to go hand-in-hand. Unless you are his wife. 🙂 Even then, he might not care. Bottom line. Chalk it up to experience. And be sure to leave a review... after you receive the firearm.
  13. I've always been a light-sleeper. An ant walking by me in bed can wake me up. It's OK, actually was pretty convenient in my 20s and 30s. But by my age (60s), it gets old really fast. Every once in a blue moon, I take an antihistamine. The difference is notable. But my sinuses wake up all dried up. And then I resort to a nasal decongestant combination (phenylephrine HCI - Tussin CF).
  14. Btw, the mix of castor oil and dish soap seems like an old wive's tale.
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