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  1. Sort of. But it doesn't fry the electronics like an EMP. It messes up, temporarily, the electronics. Sort of an overload. Vehicle stops, then handle the driver. These things have been around since 2013(?). Cost has gone way down. But still a lot cheaper to just shoot them, though.
  2. https://www.teledyne-e2v.com/products/rf-power/rf-safe-stop/
  3. https://video.dailymail.co.uk/preview/mol/2021/11/28/4926448870913718505/636x382_MP4_4926448870913718505.mp4
  4. About time (11 months!) we had someone with balls in the WH!
  5. HTH https://ssaagunsales.com/listing/15903 In jolly ol' Queensland.
  6. As glad as I was with the Rittenhouse verdict, I'm glad with this one. Absolutely senseless killing. Enjoy the slammer, boys!
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/ZjnW55R
  8. My son chose a better-fitting pistol from mine and returned my PPS, so this one is not needed or carried anymore. To sweeten the pot, I have added to the offer 200 rounds FMJ (100-Herter's, 50 Geco, 50 Federal brass). Still Face-To-Face in Lutz/Land O' Lakes, Florida. If you buy it, lunch's on me.
  9. Fortunately, a bunch have realized that you can hate the man, but love his policies. Men are always interchangeable. Policies, not so. But aren't you glad there are no more mean tweets!
  10. But....but....but.....we need to explore the root causes.....
  11. I wonder.... What are the root causes of root causes? Is it seeds, pollination or cuttings?
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