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  1. And that gives reason to think that it is proper and correct to question the election results.
  2. On to the tundra! The following is probably the reason they are where they are: “Consummate leader,” Arians said of Brady. “Has been all year. Got the air of confidence that permeates through our team every day. I allow him to be himself. Like, New England didn’t allow him to coach. I allow him to coach. I just sit back sometimes and watch.” I thought that it had to be a perfect game for them to beat the Saints. And it was during the second half. It probably would have to be a perfect game to beat the Packers. But they've been/there/done/that already. I'll just sit back and watch. Btw, there's a better than average chance that when TB12 retires as a player he'll turn to coaching. Like so many other ghosts, he also likes the TB area.
  3. If fixed fee, included. If I charge by the hour, on 1/10 increments.
  4. My daily wear is a Seiko 5 Bilingual Automatic. A gift from my mother (RIP). My other watch, that I have not worn in a long time, is a Movado CERTA ANDANTE Calendar Triple Date Moon Phase.
  5. Ricordo


    Sandwich: And furthermore, wasn't there a lot of hoopla about a laptop of his son, Bacon, that proved a Chinese connection? Cheese: That was Hunter. Sandwich: Another reason why we must crack down on firearms!
  6. Ricordo


    Sandwich: I need to fight like hell for our democracy. We need to disseminate the idea that ham is in cahoots with the Chinese. Cheese: Some people might find that hard to believe. Sandwich: Nonsense! Haven't we been saying for years that ham is like that famous Chinese dish, Ham à l'orange?
  7. Ricordo


    Cheese has asked sandwich for ideas on how to get rid of the limburger stink. "I don't know, I thought I was only running for the Senate", sandwich said.
  8. Yes, holyjohnson. It sounds just like one of his regular political rally speeches.
  9. One word. Percussive maintenance.
  10. Ricordo


    Sandwich and cheese now have 2nd thoughts about acting "impulsively" to remove ham. Ham retorts, "Bite me".
  11. Twitter is chickens**t. Don't believe me? Read this. That was published in Forbes and deleted shortly after. Where have we heard that one before? Like the author says, the media has given Twitter "outsized influence". The numbers speak for themselves. Or as they say in Latin, "Moneyus ipsa loquitur".
  12. Ricordo


    In an effort to avoid any unpleasantness regarding the future internment in a re-education camp, it is prudent to turn to a coding system to erase any facts that could be used to promote it. By this system: Biden will be sandwich; Trump will be ham; Congress will be cheese. BREAKING NEWS In a totally surprising and unexpected turn of events, both cheese and sandwich try to remove ham. "It was too salty for our well-being", both cheese and sandwich proclaimed. Anonymous sources confirm that ham shouted into the four winds, "Hope cheese sandwich gets grilled".
  13. Btw, a little bird told me that if measures are taken, within two (2) years the full extent of Leonardo (the man who never was) will see the light. I trust that bird. He's so "cute". For a finch, that is. Skittish, but cute.
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