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  1. Belgium---Waffles France---Toast Montenegro---Hugo Russia---Nadler Hong Kong---China China---Hong Kong
  2. https://video.dailymail.co.uk/preview/mol/2019/08/14/6796611230248095254/636x382_MP4_6796611230248095254.mp4
  3. Attila the Hun supposedly died of a nose bleed. It is said that we all have a piece of atom or two of him in us. Or sumpthin' like that.
  4. I'll give it a twist here. About 20 years ago, an article appeared in my area's weekly, The Laker, about someone recently deceased. It gave some details about his life, that he was a hippie, a biker and so forth. It also published the item that he was a "cleaner" for the company (CIA). As it turned out, it was true. I've never endeared myself to put people in a shoe box. They'll always find a way to sneak out of it, like Schrödinger's cat. See, things are at times a shade of gray!
  5. I particularly like the Clintons upcoming new book, "Ballsy Women". It should be an instant hit.
  6. OK. I'm looking for the "I'm embarrassed" emoji. 🦶 That might not be it!
  7. ??? https://www.probatelawyerblog.com/2014/09/celebrity-legacies-yoko-and-julian-battled-over-john-lennons-estate.html
  8. Not in that particular situation. There was and is a bunch of medical literature on it. It's one of those things that characterizes hyperthyroid conditions, almost storm. Now, when it gets to hyperthyroid storm, that's when it gets dicey. The brain and the metabolism is in overdrive. Wayyyy overdrive. For example, you could eat a gallon of ice cream a day, along with all the other stuff in the gargantuan diet, and still lose weight. Forgot. The term "bedlam" has its origins in the Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem in London, a lunatic asylum. Home of furious lunatics. Bio-chemical studies were done on patients and it was found that most were hyperthyroid storm. Not exactly lunatics. Definitely furious.
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