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  1. Btw, if somebody finds my file I'd really appreciate it. Would like to see it, for sentimental reasons. It doesn't matter if it has clay or fried-chicken-wing stains. They should come off with Mr. Clean's magic eraser. Fwiw, it starts with Maj... 😁
  2. UPS is now reporting that the flash drive has been returned after cleaning. "We had to brush off the dirt, it was packed with crud." UPS further reported that the Mafia does not exist and the drive does not sleep with the fishes. I don't necessarily believe misinformation or encourage gullibility but the fact is that it has been tested (and almost perfected) for centuries now. The reason why fact-checks like google, twitter, and facebook are important. 🙂 "Wove. Wove is what brings us here, today" There just comes a time when too many coincidences don't look coincidental.
  3. UPS reports that the documents have been found. But did they have scratches and gouges all over? 😁
  4. They were nice enough to leave a message...the empty package. "If it smells like a fish, it is a fish."
  5. Follows the playbook. Accuse and blame others for what you do.
  6. All the way around. Lunatics vouching for a demented liar. What else can you call them?
  7. What can be expected when the candidate they vouch for thinks he's running for the Senate and believes his opponent is named George? That's miserable.
  8. Charm can only get you so far in most settings. Just look at the Tampa Bay Rays. 😥 But in a sanatorium, it can bring out the "best" in your support base.
  9. Abut China. A guy can make a little money on the side. Can he?
  10. How 'bout a duo with Sen. Blumenthal, Joey? You look tenderly into each other's eyes and maybe Sen. Hirono will provided backup vocals.
  11. Imagine if he could carry a tune. C'mon Joey, sing us a song you're the piano man!
  12. His charm is so captivating that even an ex-president is campaigning for him. That also is very telling about the ex-p.
  13. Ricordo


    Offer of one (1) box of ammo that somebody priced at $1,000.00 stands until tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon, when the message is replaced. Offer of two (2) cheeseburgers is hereby rescinded. 🙃 It's already Thursday in Australia. To be replaced soon. Es ist deutscher Slang.
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