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  1. Rabbi

    I’m actually happy

    Good. Really good.
  2. Rabbi

    Caption this photo

    First prize in a contest to match your hat to the shape of your face.
  3. Rabbi

    I'm sorry.

    Dave's not here man. That is really all I got.
  4. Rabbi

    Shoe Goo questions

    For casual shoes/boots....I say keep repairing until the footwear is no longer functional or falls below your standards for appearance.(assuming you do not do much strenuous activity in them) For performance footwear. (Athletic/duty/adventure...). There is a very real lifespan to the performance capabilities of the footwear. If you really want the footwear to perform as designed, you need to replace them a lot more often than one would think nessesary. We usually do not notice the degradation of performance because it is so slow....but putting on a new shoe of similar design will usually point this out. This can be somewhat critical if you are trying to mitigate any impact on joins.
  5. I don’t work. (Well, I don’t have a “job” ) i wake up around 11am. Then go to the gym for as long as I want. Then I “do stuff” mostly at my discretion. Man, life is good.
  6. Rabbi

    Your favorite energy drink or pre-workout.

    From a nutritional standpoint, generally yes. The issue is they do not really serve the same purpose. “Pre-workout” as implied by an energy drink, is mostly about a quick boost for a workout, either more intense or just to get through it at all. Your post workout drink/meal is about nutritionally advantaging the workout you just had.
  7. Rabbi

    Your favorite energy drink or pre-workout.

    Good luck....if you need someone to help peel you off the ceiling, let me know.
  8. Rabbi

    Your favorite energy drink or pre-workout.

    I am on this right now. It is really sweet and STRONG. It will get you going.
  9. Rabbi

    Tonight’s finery.

    I enjoy the ritual as well. It adds to the experience.
  10. Rabbi

    Tonight’s finery.

    I understand addiction. It is why I can never have a single puff of a cigarette again. I am not wired to do it occasionally. With drinking. I can go for months without thinking about it. Have a few drinks and then not think about it again for a while. I am also not in the habit of drinking much at home. I also do not like getting drunk. The things I drink are either to try them or because I genuinely enjoy their flavor, usually paired with a good meal.
  11. Rabbi

    Tonight’s finery.

    I never developed a taste for scotch. I know people get damned serious about it though.
  12. Rabbi

    Tonight’s finery.

    No. They are slightly sweet to rather sweet.
  13. Rabbi

    Tonight’s finery.

    You will need one, preferably suitable for burial, if you drink too much of it.
  14. Rabbi

    Tonight’s finery.

    Ha! We have a maid but she does not polish silver and I guess I don’t either. I have days worth of silver to polish. Complete serving sets and then some.