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  1. Rabbi

    Yellow or White Popcorn?

    Did someone say popcorn! There are a number of kernel types out there. Most can be good, but it is hard to beat the cheap, large, yellow kernels. They are right for the job. They pop at a higher rate in a narrower window. (really important, so you get consistency) they also pop up on the large size, which means more surface area to take on any flavor from the oil(s) and seasoning(s).
  2. I am warming up my plane. Pick me up at the airport nearest you!
  3. Rabbi

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    This place is growing. It is a slow process...but keep posting.
  4. If she is really a friend and you really want to keep your job and avoid trouble, then she will understand and comply with taking your friendship *underground*
  5. I love this stuff. I still get "edge of my seat" over it.
  6. Rabbi

    The Challenger disaster, were any

    It appears that is exactly the case. Its only real use was to let them bail out because they were in controlled glide unable to make a proper landing. https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/crew-escape-system-shuttle Googling around, it seems like everyone BUT NASA admits (and the evidence shows...) that some survived until impact.
  7. Rabbi

    The Challenger disaster, were any

    I think it is understood that some of them did not perish until impact. This grim reality is what caused the creation of escape systems for future shuttle flights.
  8. Rabbi

    What's for Thanksgiving?

    Jewish default. Instead of truck stop, I went to a Chinese Buffet.
  9. Rabbi

    What's for Thanksgiving?

    Wife works all day and late into the night. So I will go sit at a truck stop with an open restaurant and eat alone.
  10. California has its problems but there are a few things that only California has, or at least has at the largest scale. Some of those things are quite wonderful.
  11. I learned to drive in Houston and am there often. Houston is bad. Really bad. It certainly makes the list. However, LA is an indescribable level of worse.
  12. Mmmmmmm. The 405. How fun.