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  1. As I am prone to do, I am aimlessly rambling around the country. As seen in an off the beaten path Louisiana gas station today. You think this would trigger some folks? It just struck me as not “PC”
  2. Yeah, but buildings that symbolize things are targets, over and over again.
  3. I actually think it is wonderful that you recognize your sons abilities, good and bad. It is how we can best help someone. Yes. CJ is one of the easiest degrees. Having said that, I do not think much, of anything, in college teaches instincts. Only life can do that and it usually only sharpens what is Innate. We fight like we train and nothing in college teaches us to fight.
  4. Catholicism (And any symbol of Christianity) has a lot of enemies.
  5. I think it is just the way I look at the world today....but I’ll bet someone set it on fire.
  6. The day you are adopted by a dog is always a good day!
  7. Yep, private school that is very highly rated. Specific to USC, it is a real heavyweight in Hollywood circles.
  8. A fantastic school that punches way above its weight. Also a large school with a reputation for fanatical alumni. (Which is a good things) As a tangent. Something like 3% of people who declare “pre-med” at the start of undergrad ever become docs. (And pre med is not a degree but a few classes as part of any degree program, even dance) Her chances of getting into medical school will be higher if she goes to a better school. But A&M is certainly “good enough” I say this as a guy married to a doc and have been along for her ride since the start of med school. As for the boy, CJ is a horrible degree under any circumstances. There is utterly no value to it (comparatively) even if you want to be a cop. It offers no advantage. So it would be wise to get a useful degree...that will accomplish everything a CJ degree would AND give you a degree with some value. I implore young folks to not do it. If nothing else, get a business degree instead. Again, the box a CJ degree checks can be checked by any other degree...and a CJ degree gives you nothing of value outside the CJ realm. I say this as a cop with a CJ degree (fortunately I have lots of other degrees. )
  9. I was involved in a "low speed chase" The guy was using the entire road as well. Either this person was having a medical crisis....or, being about 30 minutes after bars close, he was **** faced. When you are a street cop, this is actually a pretty normal thing. I was lead. The guy made it home, (they always "just want to get home") Of course, I do not know this, I just know he is in a driveway, I have no idea what is going on and he is not responding to any commands and we have been following him for several miles. Skipping a story about police procedure, I am now reaching in the car to yank him out....I grab his arm and like it is oiled, my hands slide from his elbow to finger tips right off. The guy was covered in his own puke. His greasy, nasty puke.
  10. Most wealthy people in this country came from a middle class background. Most of them have a college education with a trend toward better schools. I went, on merit, to what is arguably the best or at least best branded, school in the world. The education was certainly a quality one....but the advantages were being surrounded by wealth and power. If you force wealth and power to retreat to more inaccessible places, people lose access. The marriage of meritocracy and aristocracy at our nations elite schools has been very beneficial to both groups.
  11. There is another side to that. Not so much a counter, but a reality that must be thought about. At the very best schools that grant favor to those with means... That is what makes them the very best schools. It is those networks that allow for the students of more modest backgrounds to succeed even more. If you take away what privilege buys, at these schools, you lessen access to privilege.
  12. I grew up in such a place. Outside the small town Texas city limits in the county. It was wonderful. Then the dark times came. The Empire. Austin metastasized and outgrew it’s charm. It spread at an incredible rate. It devoured all that was in its path and as it feeds, it only hungers more.
  13. Mine is stock except the license plate frame.
  14. Mine is an 18. That is actually the previous generation from mine.
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