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  1. I m over 40. They would put me in the civil guard, not IDF. Aside from that, I still have plenty of adventure in my life.
  2. Ahhhh...my life is interesting....but not that interesting.
  3. You will have to explain that one to me.
  4. I have been fairly absent for a while. A number of folks here know how odd my life is, and for a guy without a job, I sure have been busy. Anyways, just stopping by to check in on you ragamuffins and scallywags!
  5. Rabbi

    Silver Spitfire

    Drooooool What a fantastic machine!
  6. Sigs and HKs in general. There is nothing wrong with them. I have just never got the hype. The other side of that is I have always been happy with CZ style pistols. I also love my Ruger LCP....for what it is. Carried much, shot little.
  7. Preening men has long been a thing. Anyone remember the 80s? or the 1680s
  8. Rollin through Wharton.
  9. The cat is in a secure location
  10. Well, I don’t need to see you. We went out a few months ago ....and you didn’t even put out.
  11. I will be in Houston tomorrow. Anyone up for Kenny and Ziggys or whatever
  12. Rabbi

    USS Texases

    Another Texas. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CSS_Texas_(1865)
  13. Rabbi

    USS Texases

    Another Texas. She is still around....buried in the mud https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Texas_(1892)
  14. Lets keep this to lyrics. Do not post anything with nudity. For the opening salvo, I give you this. Alestorm is a pirate themed metal band. They are not half bad. ****ed With an Anchor For number two, an oldy but a goody "So What" by Metallica (a cover of the Anti-Nowhere League song)
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