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  1. I am a fan. I will go to the model train shows occasionally.
  2. Yeah. I was a mall rat. I bought that album at a mall.
  3. I just watched it. It was good. It was full of all kinds of visually spectacular ****. It has an interesting plot. It has a few really funny things and funny moments. But I feel like it did not live up to the hype.
  4. Yeah, the actual Alamo was a 17th century hostile frontier church. Not all that large. The grounds were certainly much larger. The modern City of San Antonio has eaten the grounds. Lots of very historical grounds is now where you can buy a shirt that says "San Antonio" or get a burger.
  5. It is home. While flawed, like every place, I love it. I dearly love it. Austin has outgrown its charm (11th largest city now) and is approaching a traffic crisis. Austin was not designed to be a big city. San Antonio is also growing at one of the fastest rates in the nation, but was always designed to be a big city. (7th largest city) Its traffic really is not that bad compared to places with bad traffic. And yeah, "Fiesta" is the biggest event of the year in San Antonio. Its events creep into the entire metro area over the course of many days.
  6. This is the Jewish organization I am most affiliated with. This sucks.
  7. I am on about my 7th life transition. Good luck. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!
  8. It is like meddling in the affairs of wizards. There are risks.
  9. Did I give you the advice about eating yellow snow or making yellow snow by an electric fence? That is usually really good advice
  10. Rabbi


    Those places are really boring. If they want to be near stuff and an Air Force community, San Antonio is the choice.
  11. It is on my bucket list. Have fun!
  12. There is nothing in life as changing as a big liquidity event. ....but it usually doesn’t happen. Tough choice. Considering you are still well within the “if I had to I could start over” age range, I would go for it. Everyone I know that buys jet fuel all end up telling the same joke. “Had I stayed with (insert known company) as an (almost always an engineer) I would be thinking about retirement now.... As they head for a weekend in Aspen in their plane. Throw the haymaker. I aint had a real job in a looong long time.
  13. Oh and welcome. There are certainly many other choices. Overall, Texas is magnificent!
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