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  1. Everyone that means anything to me knows that I can't handle funerals and that the next one I attend will be mine.
  2. You could use a remote desktop software such as Teamviewer to transfer the files to his computer.
  3. Of course Bill would, after all he did Hillary ...
  4. Army brat, born in Fort Leonard Wood Mo, lived in to many places to list, now living in West Columbia SC.
  5. I have just about cut out soda completely. I would drink coffee and coke all day, I averaged 1 pot of coffee and 4 or 5 cans of cokes a day. I cut the coffee to 2 cups a day and maybe 1 soda a week ... my BP is lower and I drops 26 lbs.
  6. I bought 4 plots when my father in-law died 32 years ago and I keep forgetting to sell them. I'd rather be cremated because of the cost involved with a funeral.
  7. I have the series downloaded and plan to watch it this weekend.
  8. Finally some good news ... I think I'll put some money into Andres Ayon's commissary account!
  9. I use/change to the 24 hour clock on everything that will allow it, computers, phones etc ...
  10. Odds are that it will look exactly as it did in 2007/08 as the work on it is progressing VERY slow. The Ziolkowski family has very little incentive to finish it quickly because they don't want to lose their high paying jobs.
  11. My cat wakes me up in the early morning ... she will jump from my wife's dresser, over my wife, bounce off of me, onto my dresser and then disappear.
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