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  1. I never had a problem using them with a stick and all of my cars are manual transmission. The problem was that they would corrode when they got old because of the salt and snow. I sure do miss them.
  2. Ron B

    100 years ago today...

    Are you sure he was awarded the "Congressional" Medal of Honor?
  3. Ron B

    Roundabout from Hell

    I have driven them in London and Paris. They are easy once you get use to them. Question— Do they have them in China or other Asian countries?
  4. Ron B

    Any meat butchers present?

    What most of you are posting is a recipe for Sloppy Joe. Why are you grinding up the meat? Look up a recipe for Texas Chilli. Most important- No beans and no tomatoes Use chunks of beef use a combination of chillies or powders, cumin, oregano, garlic, do not use something labeled Chilli powder Seriously, try Texas Chilli To answer your question, you can use whatever meat you want, you are eating it and if you think it is good keep on doing it.
  5. Ron B

    Politics New Jersey could tax tap water

    They could get advice from Flint, Michigan.
  6. Ron B

    Where's everyone from?

    I would not ask where are you from; more important is where are you going?
  7. Ron B

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Just joined.