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  1. If the grandkids find a hidden present, which is a cheap-o target that you throw velcro-covered balls at, and they accidentally discover that the balls stick to the dog, the dog is going to have a bad day.
  2. The Bumpuses had a much larger role in the book. I like that, for some reason, many channels use the Christmas season to have horror marathons.
  3. Embrace the germs! The small kids that have been locked in a bubble for the last 1 1/2 years were meant to be constantly exposed to that stuff, and will have to start playing catch-up.
  4. We went camping this year, and took the cage for our big moose-dog, for at night. The grandkids immediately set up camp inside the cage (easily big enough for the three of them) ( with the door latch required to be closed).. They had everything they could want in there. They were in there most of the weekend. So we just sat around, drinking, while many passerbyers gave us evil looks and stares.
  5. You could be giving the cows oats, or water, or whatever, and you knew the horse was back there. But who cares. He'll get his hay later. And then he'd sneak up behind you and bite the mother-lovin' freak out of the back of your arm. Or shoulder. Or Kidneys. And then they, actually, laugh at you.
  6. Geese can bite harder than you'd think. With a gang of twenty. But, like turkeys, they're pretty easy to kick away.
  7. The pig could give you nightmares, going back to your birth, in horrid squealing panic, if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  8. Turkeys never really "hurt" you. But they'd try pretty freakin' hard.
  9. They said that BC Saul was filming again, but he had a heart attack. They said he's doing fine now, and filming will resume. I don't think they're coming back.
  10. Where's TWD?!?? I don't think they're coming back.
  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand........! nothing happened. They'll surely kick it into overdrive next week! Unless... it's a mid-season six-month-season-break. Which they do now.
  12. I know that's De Nerp. I just took a shot at Brezhnev, from the haircut / look. And then guessed Reagan. Or it could be Herman and Grandpa.
  13. Virginia Tech’s ‘Enter Sandman’ is still one of the best entrances in college football
  14. A new episode coming now! So far, this season has been epically brilliant, because nothing's happened. Just drama. They remind you of the main plot, occasionally, but like getting stuck in the mud in Alabama, one wheel just spins, and the other wheel does nothing. This episode will surely tie it all together. I like the cowboy stuff / lifestyle, depicted. Growing up, we usually had horses, but they were mostly just for hurting me. And a cow herd of two. Maybe three. They could still stampede. And hurt me. They should never make an epic-drama about pigs.
  15. And the next time they pulled you over, or just came by to talk, you weren't such a punky smartass. "Yessir. Nosir. Yessir."
  16. And then they'd take you to the station, let you sit overnight, you'd "fall" down the back stairway, and they'd let you go the next morning, with no charges.
  17. Brezhnev and Reagan? That's pretty low-tech for the movies.
  18. I'll turn on my damn lights, when I want my damn lights on. I still have to push and pull a knob to lock/unlock my doors. And my key is a piece of metal. !
  19. And you'll hear Satanic messages.
  20. If you've got the money, honey, I've got the time.
  21. My first apartment had - TADA! - cable! MTV! And HBO! Which was great because you could watch the newest movie (singular) 24 hours per day, for a month!
  22. Dad got one of the first auto-turning antennas that anyone had ever seen. Our friends would come over and we'd turn the knob about three turns and run outside just to watch it spin around (ka-chunk! ka-chunk! ka-chunk! ka-chunk!).
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