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  1. I think your really need a rear-brake pedal. Unless yours clang.
  2. I had the "NO FEAR!" stickers on it. But I cut the "NO" off of them.
  3. When it was new. It's waaaay more crashy now.
  4. I delivered the paper. Got up at 4am for 75¢ / day. (the jagoff with the afternoon paper made, like, $20 / day.) Some of them housewives were never going to pay you. It came out of my pocket. I got them back with m-80's in the mailbox, and halloweens, and stuff. I cancelled my last newspaper subscription when Calvin & Hobbes retired.
  5. I knew a kid, where the cops called his dad and asked if he wanted to bail him out. His dad told them to take him to the nearest Army recruitment place. We never saw him again. (he robbed the gas station we worked at)
  6. Space Shuttle: Upon its construction, the crawler-transporter became the largest self-powered land vehicle in the world.
  7. "Sweet! Wha'cha gonna do with it?" "I dunno. Let's invent some big **** to put on it."
  8. Life's a journey. Not a destination. I got banned for "inappropriateness". It's not the journey I was aiming for. But it seems to be where I landed.
  9. I'm proud to say that I was the only one to completely pay Dad off. It took a decade. He bought a new tractor, chainsaws, lawnmowers every month, while I was paying him back. If he pulled the rope, and it didn't start, he bought a new one.
  10. Dad would instantly write a check, with 1%, compounded monthly. Sure Dad! Great! When I was mid-20's, we (big brother and sister, too) found out that Dad had a ledger of every penny he ever loaned us. (going back to when I dented his fender in high school). Dad!?! I owe $700/month in interest alone? For the last ten years?!? "Yep."
  11. After they went full libtard, Bert and Ernie came out, and Cookie Monster couldn't eat cookies anymore. I don't even know if it's still on TV.
  12. Bob once came back and the rear window of my '68 Chevelle was busted out. He said he "slammed the door" and skapoosh! I pretty sure it got shot out. He fixed it.
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