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  1. How many have asked for sympathy?
  2. I'm "critical-infrastructure essential", but I'll wait. Until, whenever. Let someone elses get it first.
  3. I've heard that someone who gets the 'vid (mild or severe) and lets it run it's course, will have greater immunity than someone that gets diagnosed and is immediately put on curative treatment. Any truth to this? (The doctor said it was definitely the case when I had lyme disease. I.immediately diagnosed it and immediately went on antibiotics and can, therefore, get it again.)
  4. When my MIL was moving out of her 13-room farmhouse (where everyone grew up), the kids were cleaning the house out. To get to the main door, you had to go passed the kitchen table, where grandma was sitting. Every little single thing they were taking out had to be inspected, reminisced over, and put in the "save" pile. They said they ended up with Uncle Steve with an axe, busting up furniture, and throwing everything out an upstairs window, where the grandkids would throw it in the dumpsters.
  5. Huaco Kid

    Dad Jokes

    Do you know why my driveway is so long? Because if it were any shorter, it wouldn't reach the house.
  6. I saw teenagers hanging-out outside in Alaska in t-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes at -10°.
  7. Huaco Kid

    Dad Jokes

    "Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" "Jesus." "Jesus, who?" "Jesus Christ, open the door!"
  8. Several times when I was still smaller, without power, Mom and Dad would cover the living room (carpeted) doors and windows with wool blankets, fire up the coleman lantern for thirty minutes per hour, and everyone just lived and slept there. Cribbage marathon. If you complained, you'd get the dad head-slap, and told to put on another sweater or coat. (Dad retired to Texas. Probably because of things like that and that he grew up in Buffalo.)
  9. Maybe unleash a global man-made virus that targets the elderly?
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