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  1. Huaco Kid

    state fairs , going today ,,

    I like going on the rides that are obviously skeevy, poorly maintained, and dangerous-looking. The kind where you really do have a chance of getting killed. Like the ones that Joe Dirt would run. It adds to the excitement with that extra jolt of adrenaline.
  2. Mexico chains the gates and won't let people in?!?? Funny how that works.
  3. Huaco Kid

    Here W Go...

    In TWD, they set dynamite for the swarms.
  4. Huaco Kid

    Brief venting post (about the VA)

    VA horror stories never end. The liberal-left are particularly vocal in their hatred of the VA. Yet, they'll do every thing in their ever-lovin' power to force government controlled single-payer on us. Our government might have permanently destroyed our healthcare system already.
  5. I think the main plots of many shows like this is for the writers, producers and directors to stretch out their jobs as long as possible. yawn.
  6. I don't think he meant it to be an instruction manual.
  7. Many rental cars have cameras built into the rear-view mirror. I cover them with tape. I have no doubt that a computer system is listening also.
  8. How else are they supposed to know how long the checkout lines are?!?? It's only "to better serve you". That's all.
  9. Huaco Kid

    It's gonna be chili tomorrow in my part of Alaska

    If it's served with a spoon, it's not chili. It's soup.
  10. Ah yes, "ACCUSED!!" Pretty much all our media and politicians can come up with any more, because they have don't have the intelligence or ability to research and report a valid news story. Gotta keep those clicks and outrages coming!! Man-accuses-Kardashian's-butt-of-racism
  11. Huaco Kid

    It's just meth

    Cooking meth can turn me into Michael Jackson?!?? Wow! I'm in!
  12. Huaco Kid

    state fairs , going today ,,

    Were you the guy at the dog-rescue-beer-brewery thing with the ponytail down to his butt?
  13. Huaco Kid

    It's gonna be chili tomorrow in my part of Alaska

    Dana Andrews said prunes gave him the runes, and passing them used lots of skills...