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  1. I once got a penalty because my stick was curved too much. There's a rule. I would get Mom's best pot, boil water in it, stick my blade into the boiling water until it got soft, and jam it under the basement door, with a puck under it. A 3" curve!!! I think 1/2" was allowed. Coach called me an *******, and to never do it again.
  2. I once got a penalty, because I took a slap-shot right into the head. But the puck stuck into my facemask, right where I had hack-sawed the little bars off, right next to my eyes. If it had bounced off my head, no problemo. If it takes two people to dislodge a puck from your face-area, they notice that stuff, and you get a penalty for illegal equipment.
  3. And it wasn't even nice clean chain link. It was all dented-in taped-up stuff. This place had a second floor, so the parents could scream at you, from upstairs, while getting your face washed into the fence. I don't think it was anyone's "home" rink. We just had to play there. It was all stinky, broken and defunct. Bad ice. We dressed in the car , so we didn't have to go to the locker rooms. They probably sold beer, so the parents didn't really care how many stitches you got.
  4. One rink, "Lakeview", had chain-link fence around it. If you hit anyone, at any time, It would really mess you up. Every game was mellow, because no one wanted a face-full of chain link.
  5. Our CCM helmets had the 1mm foam in them. We were pretty safe.
  6. North Park didn't have any walls around the rink. If you hit the guy, easy, he'd go over. Onto the cement. I don't think you can do that any more.
  7. I played high school, and public league, at the same time. High school had to wear helmets and mouthguards. North Park league didn't. We didn't wear them if they didn't make us.
  8. But, the big defense guy. Not the skinny wing. We don't know where that came from.
  9. I made Edgar Winters do a double-flying backflip in a high school hockey game. He creeped me out. He was from Moon. They're used to it.
  10. I immediately stopped, backed up, took off my glove, and helped you up. Still got a penalty.
  11. I didn't even do it on purpose. Just happened. POW! You were there (you psycho), and I was there. blooie.
  12. If you are the super-longed-haired albino guy that played for Moon Township, talk to me. It was a clean hit. (I got a penalty) We hate you. You were a skinny psycho-guy. You were a madman. Had it coming. We remembered you from the previous years .
  13. The best way to take a double-flying-elbow-center-ice-hit to the head is with your hair doing a 1 1/2 backflip with you. It didn't impress any girls. They never came to the games. So you had to explain it all later. But your hair was still frozen solid. So that's how cool we were. Couldn't remember my own name, but it didn't matter when girls were involved. Girls aren't that shallow.
  14. I had, some kind of, Hanson hair. Can't speak for the gayer friends. They did what they had to do.
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