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  1. Huaco Kid

    Belly full of Texas red

    What's 'Instant Pot'? Asking for a friend.
  2. "If you think college is expensive now, wait until it's free!"
  3. Huaco Kid

    Police Hick of the week...

    "We're in a tight spot!!!"
  4. Huaco Kid

    caption pic

    Santa sends him to everyone's house to observe. Exactly what to observe, wasn't strictly defined. And he's really going to catch hell when he turns in his expense report.
  5. They blamed stuff like this for that one psycho kid shooting up the school. A previous president (ahem.) encouraged rules that wouldn't report school children's crimes, because they were, of course, racially unbalanced and would follow the children around forever and make life unfair for them. The shooter-kid would have had enough red flags attached to him if all his activities had been recorded.
  6. Huaco Kid

    Creepy Commercials

    The only good ones are Subaru. Because they really really do love me. Really.
  7. Huaco Kid

    Anyone Ever Play Tag as a Kid?

    It was sarcasm. The rules usually only lasted about 2.7 seconds. If you hear the other guy pumping like a madman, you'd better start running. Fast.
  8. Huaco Kid

    Anyone Ever Play Tag as a Kid?

    One pump only. Leg shots only.
  9. Huaco Kid

    Politics Modern radical liberalism. Remember.

    When the **** hits the fan, he'll be one of the first to go. And I suspect that he'll die tired.
  10. Huaco Kid

    Veggie Tales called Racist, Dangerous

    Never trust a cucumber. Ever.
  11. Huaco Kid

    I want my 3.50

    Every time (very infrequent) I've contacted my credit card company about a fraudulent charge, they immediately just say, "OK. It's been refunded. How else may we help you?" No questions. No concerns. Done deal.
  12. Huaco Kid

    winter storm ,

    "I know people that exist on 15 Mountain Dews every day. But if a hurricane should be approaching, they suddenly require 2,000 gallons of water and milk."
  13. Huaco Kid

    winter storm ,

    Quick!!! Run to the store and buy bread and milk!! Even though you never drink milk, and have plenty of bread...
  14. Huaco Kid

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    He was a Bogart.