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  1. I've never owned one, but I am looking forward to the day when a nice one wanders into my path.
  2. Actually going off the knife theme I just thought of some of the knife making kits out there. I looked at a few and I think they might offer some promise. As far as my price range, I am buying their suit jackets so I am trying to keep the gift in the $50ish range.
  3. I'm trying to come up with a few gift ideas for groomsmen. Both are shooters, one is a precision shooter, the other a mag dumper. One of them gave me a SOG hatchet and skull multi-tool at his wedding. So I am trying to think of something kinda silly, the kind of man gift you enjoy but wouldn't buy yourself.
  4. I wish they would offer a G26 in the same factory colors as the 19x
  5. Its funny, just the other day my better half said "We are more mountains than beach" and in the back of my head I was saying "who makes that kind of comparison?". =P
  6. Married with Children Home Improvement MASH I was never much of a sit-com kid, after I left home I never watched any others again.
  7. I was doing my morning wander through reddit today and popped into a thread about the 4.7 billion in farm aid. Not surprising the thread was 100% Trump, conservative, farmer, and white people hate. So I decided, hey if something is going to cost me money, maybe I should do a little math.... 4.7B / 327M (population of the US) = $14 dollars per person. Lets say only half the US pays taxes, that puts my contribution to helping the farmers out to be $28. Tell you what, I will give you 30 and call it even, I'm not going to get mad about that little bit of money going to help all of my neighbors. Reddit and the DU and CNN comment threads are just so full of hate that they can't take the time to put numbers into real perspective. Nor can they take the time to figure out a history of their lives, because most of these guys are also blaming all of the 2008 bailouts on Trump's shoulders, because you know... time travel and all....
  8. I'm driving an 02 Ram with the 4 door, 6.5 foot bed. Its becoming a nickle and diming bitch, but I am holding out to upgrade for two major reasons: 1- The loss of the 6+ foot bed. I like having 4 doors for all of my EMS gear, but I don't need a giant ass rear passenger space. I don't have a family of fat kids. 2- Too much technology. I want a steering wheel and 3 pedals and nothing more. But since that third pedal was taken away from me, I will deal with two. The whole complicated electronics packages, navigation systems, and 20+ buttons on the steering wheel completely turn me off of todays trucks. Unfortunately, these options are going to be forced on me (which means I have to pay for **** I don't want) because you can't just get a bone simple truck these days.
  9. I've never tried hammock camping, but I have been curious about trying it out.
  10. The short answer is yes. The long answer is its going to be expensive. I've seen model 10s that had custom front sights installed. You might be able to find some information on who would do it by asking around the smith and wesson forums. These guys might also be to help you: http://www.dlsports.com/dl_jframe_sw_sights.html
  11. It was nice and sunny today, so I took a photo of some of my favorite outdoor gear. I'm already chopping at the bit for hunting season. Shown here: My EDC G26 Propper Boonie hat (squished by the glock) Grohmann #1 knife Howa Mini action - 6.5 grendel, topped with a vortex 2.5-10 pst
  12. https://www.tkcustom.com/ http://www.jcbgunsmith.com/
  13. 34,000 * 365 days = 12,410,000 people per year detained. Lets say this started on Jan 1 of 2009: 12,410,000 * 8 years (2009-2017) = 99,280,000 August 15 is the 227th day of 2018 so thats 7,718,000 for this year. Therefore 106,998,000 people would have been detained by ICE since Jan 1, 2009. The population of the US (Feb 2018) was estimated to be 327,160,000. Therefore ICE has detained 32.7% of the population, in just 9 years! Those bastards!! I was wondering why 1/3 of all the homes in my neighborhood were empty. Where do they put them all? Those private prisons with the cages for kids must be HUGE! Seriously, don't people do math anymore?!
  14. I do love me a light and capable woods rifle, but the whole scope forward of the action is a relic of a time when rapid reloads were accomplished through stripper clips in mil-surp riles. In todays market we can accomplish the same idea with a light rifle in a solid caliber, but with detachable box mags becoming the norm, we can use a traditional scope setup. Why do I think that is important? Because we have access to some really great glass right now. Bushnell offers plenty of 3-21x options, or if you want ranges in 3-15 or 4-16 are commonly offered by nearly everyone. To me, this means that you can have your low power for rapid shots, but still be able to have the upper end of magnification for longer range work or data gathering. So yes, I really like the concept of a scout rifle, and I have almost purchased a ruger on a few occasions, but with current offerings I think we are now able to have a "light precision" rifle that extends the usefulness of the scout, but current factory scout rifles do not have the longer range precision part down very well.
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