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  1. Killed a limit of Iowa squirrels today with my pistol.
  2. I hunt rabbits and squirrels with a .22 pistol and carried my 1911 during late muzzleloader season last year, though never shot a deer with it.
  3. Active duty 1986-92 USMC spent 1st year after boot and school split between Okinawa Japan and Mt Fuji mainland Japan, most of the rest of the time spent with 1st BN 11th Marines but skated my last 9 months after the Gulf War as a Combat Water Survival instructor at the 43 Area training tank, Camp Pendleton CA. We did train the whole regiment in water survival and some outside units as well, but that was some beautiful TAD! Might of stayed in if I could have made a MOS change and did water survival training for the rest of my career!
  4. Still have stands to move and hang, cameras to put up, and get some more shooting in. But, I'll be ready for October 1st here in Iowa!
  5. Hunt-deer, turkey, squirrels, doves, ducks, geese, rabbits, coyotes, groundhogs, quail, crows, coons, frogs, and have hunted hogs but not here in Iowa. Fish-catfish, flathead, carp, buffalo, spoonbill, crappie, blue gill, walleye, sauger, pike, gar, small and largemouth bass, perch, drum, sunfish, and sturgeon. Probably forgetting some, but those are the main ones. Used to trap too, but don't have time for that anymore.
  6. I agree. Although I do own a few Gen 4's, I do not see enough innovation to replace my Gen 3's.
  7. Nope no wild pigs here. My daughter would love to go shoot some pigs, as long as she could grind them up into sausage!
  8. My daughter with her spring turkey.
  9. Post up some of the pictures of your kids hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, hiking, whatever in the outdoors.
  10. Great pics and love the bike. I ride a Salsa Fargo with the 27.5x3" tires and really love it. Great trail and gravel bike and very comfortable.
  11. No, no hogs LOL. If you shoot the hogs in Iowa, some farmer gets very upset 😬
  12. My daughter stated at a very early age with a cricket rifle at age five, but before that she was shooting my browning buckmark hunter .22 pistol with scope off sandbags at age 4, with me sitting right beside her and she was spinning one of those rubber gopher targets almost every time at 15-20 yards and loving it. Now she is 17 years old, killed 15 deer, a dozen turkeys, unknown number of rabbits, squirrels, ducks, etc. and shoots on her high school trap team and shot a 191 out of a possible 200 in 16 yard singles at this year's Iowa SCTP state trap shoot! As long as they are properly supervised and having fun, let them shoot!
  13. I have seen this pinned to the top of the other talk site, but truthfully this is the first time I click on it and watched the video. Very good information.
  14. I have and do run a couple different 43 mag extensions, including the TT +1 and +2's without any issues. But I have always replaced the springs with wolf +15% springs, even before TT was offering +springs with their extensions.
  15. I had one of the earlier 42's and it was problematic. Ended up returning it to Glock and after updating it, sold it a short time later. Just left a bad taste in mouth and knew I would never trust it. Again this was early on and a lot of field tester were suggesting different things to fix the multiple problems and after 700 plus rounds and multiple suggestions to fixes, we started seeing updated parts, mags, etc. from Glock. Glock did pay the postage both ways and fix the issues, but after all the frustrations and rounds sent down range, I just couldn't even hold it without ill feelings. So down the road it went. Now a days, it seems like I am trying to find ways to carry larger pistols and even though I do own a couple small .380's and SS 9mm's, they just don't see much carry time. About the smallest pistol I carry with any regularity now is a Shield .45 and most of the time it is a Glock 19. For the last month or so it had been a new Glock 17. I never thought I would be able to carry a full size pistol concealed, but it is definitely doable. The only trouble I have is when my skinny ass is sitting in a chair the slide is between my legs and also muzzle down on the chair. The grip does give a slight bit of printing with AIWB carry, right where a belt buckle would be, but it goes unnoticed or more than likely the waist line of a middle age guy goes unnoticed, pistol bump or not.
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