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  1. Those Bird Baths are still being used today in the oilfield - in the change rooms. At least I have seen and used them on several facilities - admittedly older facilities.....
  2. Good for her ! For ms gamboolgal, it has been a similar progression. She started out about 35 year ago with a S&W J-Frame with the Shrouded Hammer - we still have it Then went to a newer / lighter S&W J-Frame with no hammer Then transitioned to a Sig Sauer P-938 Equinox - but this did not last long. She made the choice after all of the above to carry a G-26 So we both carry the same EDC. Obvious benefit to that, i.e., Spare Mags, familiarity, etc.... Thank God for Them Texas Gals
  3. I hope the cost for this is Not Federally Funded. The folks from California are always talking shiite about how big/great their economy is......so sure hope they are paying for this dumbass idea with State tax money.
  4. I like to see old pics. Please share them. Where was the farm at ? This is my Mother, Grandfather and my Uncle who had just returned from fighting the Japs in 1945. My grandparents were farmers in East Texas for their entire lives. I remember as a small child tagging along with my Grandfather when he was plowing the fields with a Mule and Plow.
  5. Congrats Well done !
  6. Well done it’s a great feeling
  7. ms gamboolgal and recently lost our 34 year old son. I hope none of yawl experiences this. It is not right, nor natural for parents to bury their child.
  8. Astepup, Congratulations on reaching this point in life. I'm 60 years old and was scheduled to depart from Nigeria tomorrow, 30-Dec-19 for the last time and retire to Texas. Been working the oilpatch since I was 18 year old and ms gamboolgal has chased me all over the world. Been working West Africa since 2003 and living here since 2008. We live in places no one ever vacations at. However, life happens and megaoil asked me to defer retirement - and we have agreed to stay on awhile longer. How long? We will most likely go 31-Dec-20. Everybody's situation is the same but only different. We all want and need to be able to support a desired lifestyle and spend rate in retirement based on our assets. Once I do pull the plug and retire - I am not planning to work part time or come back consulting. So our plan is based on living off of our portfolio. Following is how we have prepared. Might be useful or at least give you something to consider for your planning. We have reached "our Number". So staying "One More Year" for us is not so much about the money. Having said that, the monies we earn in 2020 will be additional padding and increasing the discretionary monies. Not a bad thing. We have our Retirement Budget well defined, see screen shot below of our budget line items. We have our portfolio at Vanguard and upon retirement will consolidate our megaoil monies to our Vanguard account. Over the last few years preparing for retirement, we have moved our Asset Allocation to 45/44/11, stocks/bonds/cash. We'll rebalance as necessary to keep the AA in that range. We have no debt, house paid off and heavily remodeled, vehicles all paid for, kids out on there own and doing good so no ongoing support from Bank Of Dad necessary. We have no parents left on either side so no helping out monies to account for. As much as possible all Doctor and health issues addressed, hearing aids bought, toys pretty well bought. We have identified one off big ticket items for retirement, e.g., ms gamboolgal says our almost 40 year old 4 poster is moving to guest room and she has new furniture all scoped out, Las Vegas trip planned so I can play in the WSOP Seniors and Super Seniors tournaments, and other trips costed out and accounted for. We are fortunate that we will keep megaoil insurance in retirement. Health care is a major one for us all. So good you have yours addressed. As to your pension - suggest you figure out your options. In our case we can take a Pension or Lump Sum. Our pension is not Cost of Living Adjusted for Inflation. Inflation scares us. So we will take the Lump Sum and invest it in our portfolio. I am planning to take Social Security at age 67 and ms gamboolgal will claim the 1/2 spousal benefit based on my SS. If you have not already, a couple of good Calculators to use to model your specific situation are: https://www.firecalc.com and https://www.portfoliovisualizer.com For Portfolio Visualizer we use the Monte Carlo simulation the most, but the others are all good to use. All the best sir. It is a scary time to go from making a check to living off of savings/investments. Recommend the following retirement forums: http://www.early-retirement.org https://www.bogleheads.org/forum/index.php Here is our budget categories.
  9. My father stole about $25K worth of guns and silver from us at our home. Dad was living with us at the time cause he was poor. I came in from overseas on days off and opened up the gun safe and immediately knew guns were missing. At that time, the combo was wrote in a notebook....I know head up my asszzzz... I filed police report and have had 2 X pistols returned to us by the police. These guns were recovered from thugs / crimes that were picked up by the police. He admitted it a few years later. Still hard for me to accept but it is true. Have video of silver being sold at local pawnshops and much more evidence. After investigation, Police told me he would go to jail....I told them no - that I would not press charges. Cynical...yeah.....trust folks.....I trust my wife 100%, and our growed kids to some extent that you ever trust your youngins....that's about it.... Still hurts.....and I will go to my grave thinking on it... Maybe across the Jordan it will all make sense..... The only people who know the combo to our gun safe is me and ms gamboolgal...... and it's in our heads....
  10. DrB, I just turned age 60 and am planning to retire at the end of the year. With Vacation remaining to take, only have 97 days left in Nigeria to work, as every day here is a work day. First day of retirement will be 1-Jan-20. Will have been almost 42 year of the oilpatch. All I've done is work. So I understand your feelings. We are planning on taking some Road Trips in the USA and taking our time to figure out what we'll do. For ms gamboolgal and I - we have enough money saved up. At least that is our plan / intent. I want to spend what time I have left on this mortal earth enjoying each moment with ms gamboolgal and chasing her around the old 4 poster bed back in Texas buck neckid... Hopefully one day grandkids..... if our kids ever figure out how all that works..... Lifes A Dance And You Learn As You Go..... gamboolman
  11. This shiite will/ would sat me off bad. 12 to 14 hour one way transatlantic flights for 20 years - If I ever get next to a GD FN "Service Animal and the retard who has it".....there will be a issue....
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