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  1. Me in the old days: Good Morning, 16th Weapons, Sgt G19Tony, this is an unsecure line, how can I help you? Me now: Yellow
  2. It's so cool watching this all come together for you, bro. I'm very happy for you.
  3. I wish I would have bought one, when the USPS were phasing them out.
  4. ANG/USAF/AFRES 78-99. Weapons System Technician (Bomb Loader) A-7 and F-16 Flight Engineer C-141 I retired as a TSgt. Which is 4 more stripes than anyone who knew me ever thought I'd get. When people have thanked me for my service. I've told them I would do it all again.
  5. I'm glad it's all coming together, friendo. How much runway we gonna have. I know where there are some A-29's, Hellfire equipped 208's and some PC-12's we can get for cheap. Are you in FB jail again. Haven't seen you on for a minute.
  6. You are the SME on this, brother.
  7. I'm a fan of Tabasco Chipotle, too. Great flavor. I don't care for the regular Tabasco. Just heat, with no flavor.
  8. I was serious. If it was a long hill, I'd have to shut off the AC. I still liked the car.
  9. On my 78 Plymouth Arrow, I could either use the AC, or go up a hill. But not both.
  10. I got it. Saw the writing on the wall. No shot, less flying. I had all the vaccinations in the AF. If the Anthrax vaccine didn't get me, I wasn't too worried about this. I don't like how companies are starting to tell people to get the shot, or you're fired.
  11. If these cats were involved in the preflight of their aircraft, it is unlikely they would be strapped into the seat, which would be common in a large, multi crewed aircraft. I wonder if those seats had safety pins?
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