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  1. If a wind turbine collapses in a forest...
  2. Me in the old days: Good Morning, 16th Weapons, Sgt G19Tony, this is an unsecure line, how can I help you? Me now: Yellow
  3. It's so cool watching this all come together for you, bro. I'm very happy for you.
  4. I wish I would have bought one, when the USPS were phasing them out.
  5. ANG/USAF/AFRES 78-99. Weapons System Technician (Bomb Loader) A-7 and F-16 Flight Engineer C-141 I retired as a TSgt. Which is 4 more stripes than anyone who knew me ever thought I'd get. When people have thanked me for my service. I've told them I would do it all again.
  6. I'm glad it's all coming together, friendo. How much runway we gonna have. I know where there are some A-29's, Hellfire equipped 208's and some PC-12's we can get for cheap. Are you in FB jail again. Haven't seen you on for a minute.
  7. You are the SME on this, brother.
  8. I'm a fan of Tabasco Chipotle, too. Great flavor. I don't care for the regular Tabasco. Just heat, with no flavor.
  9. I was serious. If it was a long hill, I'd have to shut off the AC. I still liked the car.
  10. On my 78 Plymouth Arrow, I could either use the AC, or go up a hill. But not both.
  11. I got it. Saw the writing on the wall. No shot, less flying. I had all the vaccinations in the AF. If the Anthrax vaccine didn't get me, I wasn't too worried about this. I don't like how companies are starting to tell people to get the shot, or you're fired.
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