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  1. If Republicans had any stones, they would beat the Democrat Party with this unmercifully through the election, then after the election. I don't look for that, though.
  2. I had the same thing back in December. Flu-y for a few days, then a cough I couldn't shake for a month.
  3. I saw the acceptance show last weekend. It's not advertised. There were only a few people there. Like my own private airshow. Second time I've been to one.
  4. Sorry for your loss, friend. Hardest thing ever, losing someone you love. 😢
  5. You can finally come up to Vegas. 😉
  6. Yea, I'd have given those oppossums a pass.
  7. I used this the other day in a discussion about the 2nd. I said that the militia is made up of the people, separate from any organized military unit. It doesn't have to be an organized militia.
  8. Yea. I take back my earlier disparaging comment. I'd love a night out with these cats.
  9. Interesting. What was the big round thing next to the gun. I’ve always thought it was a searchlight.
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