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  1. xromad


    Could someone please edit the OP? Reading it hurts. TIA.
  2. xromad

    The Old Test

    Yeah, that's nice, but can you read Hollerith code?
  3. xromad

    The Old Test

    I thought these were going to be old pictures, not future pictures from Bernietopia??
  4. I'll just leave this here..... hammertime
  5. Well, maybe they will just state their preferred pronouns when they mention them. You know....He, She, It. (I seem to lack sympathy for the cause)
  6. Andy Dick gets sucker punched after a show Finally, I laughed at Andy Dick! (full disclosure: I did think he was pretty good in Newsradio, but outside of that, what a Dick)
  7. SU-25 used to be referred to as the A-9ski.
  8. xromad

    Old Pictures

    After they killed the 250 muzzies, what happened with the remaining 2250??
  9. Not personally, but I work in a new building that has same style rain handlers, and I sit just inside from several of them. Things I have learned about them from that: -Your windows will get quite wet if the wind is blowing while it's raining. So will you if there is an entry door under them. -Birds like to sit on them and take bird dumps At home, I suffer with gutters and do not have either of those issues and I just finished taking care of what, to my mind, is the biggest downside to gutters: Clogging/cleaning. I now have the stainless, very fine mesh gutter guards from Costco installed all the way around the house. I put them up first on the garage gutters a couple years ago and they worked great, so this month i did the rest. At work I cannot tell how well they actually disperse the water, but they put a four foot wide rock border under all of them, so maybe they know something we don't. Hope this helps!
  10. I recall hearing that as well, but whenever I would mention it, people would look at me like I was nutz. (they may have just been looking at me that way because of the way I look, but I took it as due to the tidbit I was sharing). Anyway, glad to hear it from someone else.
  11. They have figured out something truly revolutionary. No .45 for you!
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