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  1. That looks like a gorgeous optic... Being Kahles, I assume it is fairly expensive... (go to Amazon to check it out) Yikes - for $2K street price it had better be. I have been tempted to try a ghost ring sight on a pistol. I absolutely love ghost ring sighs on defensive shotguns.. heck - any shotgun! My preferred sights on pistols are plain black rears. I am probably going to try out the AmeriGlo Hackathorns on my Glock 30S. The rear sight opening looks a bit narrow. I am thinking my ideal might be an AmeriGlo front and a Sevigny competition (wider-opening) black rear. I am tempted by the AmeriGlo Ghost Ring sights you show in your post, but I prefer not to have rear sight dots or lines to distract me from the front sight.
  2. Men have beards. Women and children don't. My icon is fairly representative of how I really look!
  3. There is a multi screen drive-in a couple hours away in Sacramento. My wife and I like to go down a couple times a year. Some years back took some nices and newphews there - filled the back of the pickup with sleeping bags, quilts, and pillows. My wife and I sat in lawn chairs and the kids hung out in the back of the truck. It was quite a memorable and fun evening. I have no recolection whatsoever what films we saw. LOL
  4. The end of February and into early March I had the worst respiratory infection of my 50-some-odd-year life. I was having so much trouble breathing my body was reguarlly going into dry-heaves in it's effort to get air into my lungs. While I am better, I still have an intermittent cough and my stamina has decined significantly - I get winded very quickly now. I tried to get an appointment with my Doctor but they would not even give me an option for an in-person visit. I had to wait 10 days for a phone visit. She said I had something that was just going arround and not to worry about it.
  5. It's a mask, but it is NOT an N95. It is a good idea to wear a mask during this time - but these generic masks are intended to contain the wearer's spittle and snot; not to protect the wearer from pathogens others might carry. These homemade masks might offer some limited protection, but it is very limited.
  6. That is not the definition of a black swan. Black swans are not predictable in the traditional sense, but there is a whole science behind anticipating them. https://www.irmi.com/online/default.aspx Individual Black Swan events such as we are discussing are rare devestating events. As far as predictable - the predictions are almost never specific, as they can't be but predictions as in 50% liklihood in the next decade. The New Oleans flooding of a few years ago was ENTIRELY EXPECTED and predicted, not the day and time but that it was an inevitable event. 9/11 - We had been waiting for a signficant attack from Islamic terrorist for almost a decade. I'll never forget listening to the live national newsbroadcast as the second plane went in - the stupid talking head said something innane about how strange it was that a second plane went into the towers while I screamed at the announcer my radio that it was the Musliums - I am not special - anyone who follows the middle east, Muslium terroirsm world-wide and their vocal hatred of the US was expecting it. Certainly anyone who studies Black Swan events and knows about Islam was expecting it. Here is a Black Swan waiting to happen: https://www.usgs.gov/news/hayward-fault-it-due-a-repeat-powerful-1868-earthquake?qt-news_science_products=3#qt-news_science_products https://www.earthquakesafety.com/earthquake-hayward-fault.html https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/events/1868calif/virtualtour/ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hawyard-fault-line-zone-usgs-earthquake-warning-7-magnitude-san-andreas/ Another Black Swan event that we are waiting to happen is massive flooding in the greater Sacramento California area.
  7. Surgical masks are NOT intended to protect the wearer. Surgical masks are intended to keep spittle from flying about and contaminating sterile areas. NIOSH approved respirators such as N95 filtering facepieces ARE intended to protect the wearer. Because of the shortage of PPE, the CDC and others are so desperate they are even recoemending (BEYOND STUPID) wearing bandandas for protection in lieu of nothing. I have seen a number of articles about expireid filtering facepieces not being used. I'll take an expired N95 filtering facepiece over any of the makeshift nonsense that is going on!
  8. Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros - Mistrel Boy Greg Edmonson - The Funeral - origional full version Greg Edmonson - The Funeral - from the Firefly episode The Message (shorter)
  9. As a ginger all I have to say is this clip was both very amusing and largely accurate!
  10. Limited gene pool within the domesticated fox population.
  11. I have purposely not purchased a condo or home in a location with an HOA or CC&Rs because I don't want busibodies in my business. CC&Rs can be tricky. Just up the road is a 'neighborhood' that was 'developed' (it is in the middle of the woods with no infrasctructure) with CC&Rs imposed upon the lots and homes. Clearly not everyone in that neighborhood follows the CC&Rs... I only know a few of the rules (no fenced yards & no livestock), every now and again someone new moves up there and starts rasing cain over people not complying with the CC&Rs... some folks who live there are somehow unaware that there are CC&Rs that apply to their home/property and what they can do with/on their home/property. As I understand it an individual or group can sue to enforce CC&Rs. I have heard of threats of suits, and some folks don't have fences because their neighbors made threats, whereas other homes have fences - either becasue no-one has threatened them with a suit, or because they called their bluff - I don't know. I just made darn sure there were no CC&Rs imposed on my property.
  12. What about it? The suit and rulling had nothing to do with those issues: simply with the issue of the sale, creation, importation and possession of 11+ capacity mags. Bullet button guns were essentially banned or had to be registered as AWs. Bullet Button 2.0 (opening up the reciever to drop the mag) are fixed mag guns that can only have a max of 10 rounds. Feature-less rifles can use any capacity mags. The ruling means Californians can legally obtain new 11+ capacity mags.
  13. It is worth every penny to me, largely for the reasons you stated.
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