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  1. What about it? The suit and rulling had nothing to do with those issues: simply with the issue of the sale, creation, importation and possession of 11+ capacity mags. Bullet button guns were essentially banned or had to be registered as AWs. Bullet Button 2.0 (opening up the reciever to drop the mag) are fixed mag guns that can only have a max of 10 rounds. Feature-less rifles can use any capacity mags. The ruling means Californians can legally obtain new 11+ capacity mags.
  2. It is worth every penny to me, largely for the reasons you stated.
  3. Mom - working on the SRI-ERMA banking computer project 64 years ago. She uses a bit smaller computer device these days: a Kindle Fire.
  4. Narrower than Atkins, and with more emphasis on proper ballance of diet.
  5. One. I had zero intention of going through the ceremony for my BA and stupidly did not think anyone else would care one way or another. But when the time came my mother told me otherwise. Trying to be a good son I walked to make my mother feel proud.
  6. Give me the State of Jefferson. http://soj51.org/
  7. What the hell does the color of his skin or who he screws in bed have to do with anything? He is the only person who cares. what percentage of the population had ever heard of him before these inflamatory claims? I had not. All I know about him is he was on some show I had never heard of, he makes wild inflamatory claims and likes to brag about the color of his skin and who he screws.
  8. SS is welfare designed to provide just enough money to keep destiture old folks from having to live in the gutter.
  9. Quoting what you pay for insurance is meaningless without the context of the coverages and exposures.
  10. Insurance carriers have been losing their shirts on auto coverage for seven years or so. Even modestly raising rates, it is a questionable proposition. The culprit? People following too closely (need 3 seconds or so following distance) and the crucial change - people playing with their devices instead of paying attention to the business of driving.
  11. Ordered the 43" case.
  12. Haven’t you heard? We are building a bullet train in California. Many billions of dollars in so far and the rails run from one remote central-Cal farm field to another remote central-Cal farm field. When it is finished it will pretend to be as fast and efficient as a typical 1970s European or Japanese train. The good news is Diane Fienstein’s husband has pocketed close to a billion dollars (exagerating here - but probably not by much) on building the train thus far and they have barely begun. By the time the California ‘bullet train’ is finished Elon Musk will have started his Mars colony and done the whole thing for 1/100th the cost.
  13. Ahh you are thinking of the Jack Ryan series... no? Yeah the Jack Ryan series is a bit frustrating, but nowhere near as bad as the Sum of All Fears movie - that TICKED me off. The Patriot is different series. Quite weird, quite fun.
  14. Could not get into Mrs. Maisel - but Bosch, Sneaky Pete and The Patriot are all winners.
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