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  1. I think that's a good thing. Dogs don't need to be treated like that... period.
  2. Really nice touch with the leaves.
  3. Truly amazing. Such a far cry from my 386 running windows 3.0. Imagine the DATA the government has on us...Tape...that is interesting...
  4. Good on you!! Make sure ya post us pictures when ya get her all rigged out like ya want. Now days, I don't think I'd feel too comfortable "campin out" here in Floriduh unless it's a campground. I'm pretty sure there's somethin Illegal bout it, doin that in rest areas anyway. Have fun with it man!!!
  5. My SIL fixes cars like that. It Ain't cheap. AND...It takes like FOREVER to get the parts from Italy!! I've seen dudes wait for almost a year for him to fix their cars.
  6. You would not believe Some of the "FPS Games" and How BIG they are!!! 30-40 GIGS some times!!!
  7. Thanks my friend!! Those are courtesy of Pipedreams ! I've got some in the Swampfox thread too.
  8. I don't care what anybody says...THAT's Pretty damn cool...
  9. Huh. Never thought of it that way...
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