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  1. I've got a Zinc cloth filter in my ****in mask. My darlin wife found it. And...when I get out of the car to go to publix, I grab one of my "sanitary wipes", and rub it on my mask before I walk into where I'm goin. I know, I know...breathing the chemicals is gonna kill me... Ya just can't get there from here.
  2. And he holds his rossary high... I hate that fcukin pope too. He killed any thoughts of me returning to the..."fold". The liberal communist piece of siht. If I hadn't already ...basically...left... when "that" pope came...Yeah...I'm as good a catholic as the pedaphile new president... Tell me I'm wrong...mercy's dad.
  3. Huh. They could just be out of stock like ya said. The link I sent ya says they won't have any in stock till Jan 26, so they're out too. Too damn many people buyin guns nowdays what with joe and the hoe and all...Good luck sir.
  4. Damn! Ya'll some "High Class" folks!! I drink my own Home made, Bourbon type Hooch once in awhile, but mostly just my vodka with strawberry Kiwi water and Ice.
  5. Interesting. I bought a Bore site on the internet called "Laser Bore Site". Can ya post a link of where ya bought it? Here's a link to where I bought mine. https://www.amazon.com/Pinty-Sighter-Caliber-Rifles-Handgun/dp/B018FZHW8O
  6. Bingham Canyon Mine Landslide
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