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  1. I have had that on my wall somewhere in every house I've had since....wow....1972? Here's another one I really enjoy. "The Final Score"
  2. The sunset behind my house last summer.
  3. Always hated the smell of Old Spice. Use to wear "English Leather" back in the day... Along with British Sterling, Brut, and Canoe. Still love the smell of English Leather cologne.
  4. WHY aren't we using THIS at the damn southern Border?????????
  5. Is it just me, or is anybody else FED THE HELL UP with hearing about that damn megan markel!!!??? God I wish harry hadn't married her. She's worse than the kardashians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I've carried this little guy for 10 years now. It's only 2.625"W x 1.25"H. Be surprised how Bright that little light is.
  7. So....evidently, you don't watch "Maine Law". Yes, I was born in Maine. How about just GIVING californification back to Mexico? I bought Ocean front property in Nevada, Years ago...waitin for that fcukin place to get hit by the BIG ONE!! Still hope to see it before I die!! Just think of the Problems THAT would get rid of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Mr. Number is sorta a "community" app. Any call that gets thru, you can block it and report it as spam. That's how the list gets longer on blocked calls. I love it because I get to block all the robo calls from the bastards that call simple because my area code and the first 3 numbers of my phone number are the same as their crap number...they target numbers like that. Gives me a feeling of REVENGE!!!
  9. I use Mr. Number. Got it in the Play store. Works pretty good on Androids, Free too.
  10. I've carried the Glock 30s with a 10 round mag and one in the pipe for years. Most of the time just in the pocket of my cargo shorts with an extra mag in the other pocket.
  11. That's cool. I saw a T-72 tank in Saudi, that was hit with a US anti tank missile in the first Iraq war. The 1 ft. tungsten rod on the end of the missile poked right thru the turret of the tank, and the missile itself exploded on the outside of the turret...There was NOTHING Left inside the tank. Everything and everybody was sucked out of that 2 inch hole. People, wire, seat cloth fiber, everything...the inside of that tank was so clean inside you could eat of it. It was being taken back to the USA as a war Trophy.
  12. Its hard. The greatest dog I ever had passed 4 years ago. He truly wasn't a dog. I know...we all say that. I don't know about any of you, but I have put down a few "best friends". I have always been there, holding them, petting them, kissing them as the vet......yes...ah hum... He was 14, a Boston Terrier, old for a Boston. I picked him up that morning and took him outside to do his business. He turned around and looked at me, and then just laid down. I could look at that dog and know what he was thinking, and he me. Me and the wife get to "fussin" at each other, He'd jump up on my chair, put his paws on my chest and start lickin me..."settle down dad..." and it always worked. I came in and told my wife..."It's time...he just told me." Called my daughter, she came down, the 3 of us got in the car and went to the vet... The wife drove, I sat in the back with my boy in his bed. He just laid there, me petting him, him deep breathing with his eyes closed. When the car stopped at the vet, my wife opened the door and turned around. He brought his head up, sniffed the air real good... looked at her, looked at my daughter, looked at me, took one Long slow breath, and laid his head down and never breathed again. I like to think he was thinkin..."Yeah, I know this place...Naw, I ain't puttin Dad thru this again." Dr. Doug came out...It's hard to get another "dog". They ain't just dogs.
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