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  1. Too much to discuss... heart, liver, spleeen, galllbladdder and kidneys. I’m 57
  2. So i’ve Been in the hospital each week for 5 days... so many bad parts, each precluding work on the parts. My wife and sister are willing to do live donor for the liver but my heart is bad just getting out of a chair sends my heart rate to over 140 bps and this is with two meds. 18 pills@ day.... so tomorrow the want to put me on hospice, palliative care, which means likely done within a month. dont want long conversations since I’m so doped up. Last resort would fly coast to coast to Duke since they are aggressive. is it ok to try a go fund me for my wife and 13 yo? My sister and I have been taking care of her 24/7 nursing for around two years... advice?
  3. While new oled. Tvs are good it took years to replicate plasma black levels and smooth play. Family member makes a living in the movie business and the work horse was a high end Panasonic plasma and before that Pioneer Kuro (thru sold the intellectually property to Panasonic. It’s biggest limitation is its nor scalable. A led plant can easily make different size sets right down to tablets and smaller.
  4. More like NY stopped Amazon. No huge subsidies for mostly crap paying jobs; they will survive.
  5. Nestor great writeup. has anyone tried an ultrasonic cleaner for the removal? Have a couple SKS rides slated away... I think removing wood and throwing the ultrasonic machine may just work.
  6. Hawaii too Over a couple decades first hand
  7. I think keep producing here and make them super drones. But... https://www.businesstoday.in/top-story/lockheed-sees-a-potential-export-market-of-20-billion-for-f-16-fighter-jets-from-proposed-indian-plant/story/312338.html Home BIG STORY Story Lockheed Martin offers to shift fighter aircraft F-16 production from US to India Lockheed Martin is competing with Boeing's F/A-18, Saab's Gripen, Dassault Aviation's Rafale, the Eurofighter Typhoon and a Russian aircraft to supply the Indian Air Force
  8. In 1787, doubt they ever pictured states on nearly 40 million people and other around 600,000 people. There was disparity but the slaves didn’t have votes.
  9. Ooopps, I was referring to the Senate in the senate as for smalll states (I think most got that). And yes popular vote versus electoral colllege makes sense.
  10. And in a first world country, why not? If you ever get a disease or cancer, or serious car wreck etc... your life changes. It is not insurance, respect the elderly. And who can say if private 401 Ks and pensions are secure? We bail out under funded pensions alll the time and a time bomb ticks there.
  11. Nope.... even being raided of money... see here https://www.reuters.com/article/us-column-miller-socialsecurity/repeat-after-me-social-security-and-medicare-are-not-insolvent-idUSKCN1J22OR
  12. They were easy to deal with when my dad died and changed the monies to my mom. System worked.
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