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  1. Moeman

    President Trump On The Wall

    Or facts are too much for some. Isn’t Mexico supposed to be paying for the wall? Uuummm reality is hard sometimes...
  2. Meh, the solutions are out there, solar, wind tidal energy etc. they might not be enough... but why not? When these money managers in the OP are strident, pay attention, they aren’t tree huggers.
  3. Too many don’t get it... man the cause? Or man adder to the climate change? A big plate of food the cause of obesity, or just pumping the glutton break pedal, just like that we need to pump the break pedal.
  4. Good read https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/dec/10/tackle-climate-or-face-financial-crash-say-worlds-biggest-investors sure coal miners can be train for wind mills, solar and tidal power jobs.
  5. How honorable has Trump been? Wife’s, taxes, administration etc.... while not a Glock fan, ez to answer. So troll away big man...
  6. Just hoping to see Kate Beckingdale in later again... wolves, vampires stuff
  7. Moeman

    President Trump Nominates Sessions Replacement

    When draining the swamp means we end up muck, scum and Russians I say put water back in...
  8. Moeman

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    So.... if you u had a problem who in media would care? The dude did a admission, is that bad? And he earned it, not pampered.
  9. Moeman

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    Not many sign up to be an addict... genetic in most cases. Just like being fat.
  10. Can’t believe this thread is still alive and the crap about “the left” in the OP started it.
  11. https://goo.gl/images/Ns85jq
  12. Moeman

    Let's get drunk at the airport!!

    If you have air miles booze can be free... can’t beat free....
  13. Moeman

    Contestant showing her ass

    Uh bummmer?
  14. Moeman

    Contestant showing her ass

    Never wanted to be a judge again after the high school cheerleaders comp. but now, Brazil just reach out!
  15. Moeman

    I want my 3.50

    Sounds like Johnny Cash ... shot a man in reno just to watch him die