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  1. If the store you bought it from has a return or exchange policy as most do now, I would recommend exchanging it. I’ve been in the bedding industry for 30 years and have never heard of a new mattress taking several months to break in. You should not have to go and buy an aftermarket product to make a brand new mattress comfortable. The store that told you it takes 4 months to break in just doesn’t want to hassle with a return.
  2. My wife carries a Glock 42 in a sticky holster.
  3. I was just in SF on business. I parked on a side street and the city workers were actually dumping big scoops of potting soil on the sidewalk. I asked them why, they responded, “to soak up the urine and crap smell”. They let it sit for a few days then sweep it up. I guess it’s like kitty litter for the homeless. There were about six tents on this street.
  4. I’m a member. It’s a great indoor range. The owners and employees are great guys & gals.
  5. Works great for me too! Thanks Eric.
  6. This may just be on my phone, but generally I use Tapatalk for this site. Now when I go to unread posts, it comes up empty. I have to go to “timeline” to see new posts.
  7. I have used Ballistol for years. I hate the smell when it’s wet but once it dries, to me it smells like black licorice. On a side note. My BIL has a gen 3 Glock 19 that has never been cleaned and/or lubed since he bought it brand new. He has over 5,000 rounds through it. He’s doing it on purpose to prove they run forever even while dirty.
  8. My 43 has XS big dot sights on it. My 19 has a green guide rod laser. Other than that all stock.
  9. Here in Western WA, the range is $20-$50. Just had a LGS do free transfers for the month of June.
  10. Found out about this site on GT. Same name there.
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