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  1. I'm not a Christian, but even so I recognize this occurred during the most significant time of year for Christianity, and that can't be coincidental. The indifference among people here who should know better in some ways makes me even sadder than the atrocity itself. Our educational failure has reached the point that we value our own civilization so little we don't care at all when a savage destroys something of such huge historical and symbolic significance and value. Its a tremendous blow to Western Civilization, symbolically the worst since 9/11/01 although thankfully not accompanied by loss of lives. If we shrug and accept it, we're lost.
  2. I'm a fan of early voting because of the lines on election day. Early voting is much faster - you pick the time and place, and there's no one there. Show your id, they check off your name, print you a real ballot. You fill it out, put it in the scanner, get the acknowledgement that it registered (or not, in which case you fix it or do a new one right then) The paper ballot then goes in a locked box in case there's ever a question. Its not perfect, but there's way more safeguards than just putting it in the mail. Absentee - you have no idea what happens to your ballot. I also think absentee needs reform because the opportunity for fraud is so blatant. Dems have made voting easy in the general election. Its the primaries where choices are tough. In the general, vote for the Rep. If there isn't one, for whoever is against the Dem. Vote NO on any ballot questions, (referendum, local tax, constitutional amendment, etc.) Those are all issues where the state or local legislature should act and take the heat, not pass the buck. Easy, peasy.
  3. Boink. Little "dead cat" bounce couple days ago, then right back down
  4. Slow Burn

    Glock 45

    Ida got one if it came out before or at the same time but now I'm so attached to the 19X even the color has grown on me. I'm surprised people are down on front serrations. I don't care one way or the other but I wouldn't pass on a gun because it doesn't work with a particular holster. Holster makers will adapt, trust me.
  5. You think NFL ratings are in the tank and seats in the stadium are empty because of concussion injuries? Nothing to do with the fact that Kaepernick and his followers used audiences there to see a football game to broadcast their disrespect for law enforcement, the flag and the anthem? Because only "very hard right" sports fans are offended? We live in totally different worlds, my friend.
  6. The Swoosh is all Nike's got; we'll see whether this changes how people feel about it long term. This caper has clearly tarnished the NFL shield, but maybe the pub will work out for Nike. I sure hope not because the Swoosh deserves to go down.
  7. Low income kids don’t need your crappy used sneakers. And the last thing we want to do is perpetuate the idea Nike’s are “cool”. Nike does give a ****. Stock is way overpriced, like the products. All they have is the brand and if it tanks, they’re done. Light em up.
  8. New Balance makes better quality shoes anyway. Nike's are way over priced
  9. If your heart is set on a 9mm, I think you have to favor the P365 mentioned in your post. I think they've now on their 3rd iteration, and chances are they've worked out the kinks. I rented one at the range, which had presumably been put through the ringer, and it was perfect. Incredibly small too, for what it is. I found it too heavy in dress pants compared to my pocket 380. However if I was going to carry a tiny 9mm... Try one out anyway.
  10. Don't ever order a milkshake there. It will blow you away and you'll wind up getting one every day.
  11. Nobody eats there anymore - its too crowded. (apologies to Yogi)
  12. Leftist activists count on your fatigue. Real people have real lives that don't revolve around power games and political control. But the committed left LIVES for this stuff, 24/7. That's why they're so rabid about the Trump admin. Its a real threat to their way of life, so they're 2x as hyperactive and nuts now. It's an actual case of giving 110% effort. The good news is if we can hang in, they'll wind up revealing themselves even more until everyone else is so sick of them they'll be decisively rejected. Some "regular" leftists (ones who are just misinformed not power hungry) are starting to wake up and walk away. In the meantime the worst ones are starting to show signs of burnout. But don't ever underestimate them. They have incredible stamina for this stuff. So please stay the course. Don't let yourself be consumed by it, but keep paying attention, making the case to your friends and family, etc. Your future and everything you care about depends on it.
  13. Kahr CW380 for me. Every day. I can't comfortably carry anything larger and, with my lifestyle I really don't need to. I love my 2 Glocks and keep one in the SUV and one at home, I used to carry "Elsie" but mine had the smiley problem (google it) . Ruger wouldn't or couldn't fix it - I think its a design flaw. Anyway, the Kahr doesn't have that issue and for me has been 100% reliable. I actually have 2 and rotate them. A big plus is its pleasant to shoot and accurate. I have to go to the range consistently to keep up minimal competency with a tiny gun, and I found the LCP punishing to practice with.
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