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  1. Heehaw

    Hey Missouri are you Listening?

    We hear you. I'm not sure if there is anyone here from Missouri who actually voted for her. I can't get one person to admit they voted for her.
  2. Heehaw

    Weirdest thing your neighbor has done?

    meth lab. Things were weird for bit.
  3. Heehaw

    I'm EVEN STEVEN, 18 all

    pics or it didn't happen!
  4. Normally swim in lakes or creeks once a week in summer months.
  5. You. are. a. LIAR! I was just there in July. First time ever. seen locals in swim trunks and bikinis and figured the water must be warm. It was in fact not. Matter of fact I don't trust anybody from that area any more. "the waters not too bad today", my ass it aint!
  6. Heehaw

    Colin Kaepernick headlines Nike ad campaign

    You. are. wrong. They're down 3% because it's Tuesday. Their market share is broke until payday Friday. "den day bee getin dem knew kics".
  7. Heehaw


    The temperament of this thread may not be exactly right, but I wonder what her teeth look like.... That's terrible about the cats.
  8. Heehaw

    goats on the loose

    Goats are on the loose and Goat boy can't be found? Pretty sure we can guess where he is and pretty sure I feel terrible for those goats. And to think, they almost had freedom.
  9. Heehaw

    There's a Black Bear

    You gon put a bullet or an arra between them ribs?
  10. Heehaw

    Where's the beef.......

    Boy I'd be all over that! Load the pick up and go! Think they'd take my EBT card?
  11. Heehaw


    That was a compliment. Most gun people don't know a difference in powders.
  12. Heehaw

    Judge uses racial slur in court

    You can't do that. Calling out the Apes rear end because of size is body shaming. Sorry that's not allowed.
  13. Heehaw


    I can probably guess who loads/reloads shells on this forum......
  14. Heehaw

    Bow hunters roll call

    I understand 20 or less. My wife and I enjoy traditional archery mostly. Our kids shoot compounds. Honestly I'm having more fun keeping them in the sport than I have shooting myself.
  15. Heehaw

    Bow hunters roll call

    My boys have grown 4 inches since the last time they shot their bows. Tonight we have some adjustments to make. I also have to dig my gear out and pre wash, then bury in leaves. anyone else do some weird stuff like that?