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  1. conventional or heat pump? look at warranty and repair. Shoot for 10 years warranty on parts and labor. FWIW I've had a Goodman unit in home for 9 years now with not one issue. It seems most of the issues with Goodman are do to improper installations. The matching air handler needed the inducer fan replaced last year. That was covered under warranty, parts and labor. I'm happy with Goodman, and I'll buy one again. but to each his own.
  2. Pretty sure This article just made my greatest dream come true! I finally qualify for membership to a special people group. I never been prouder in my life to be "skin pigmentation challenged refuse"!
  3. Heehaw

    Who am I?!

    wife asked me a question last night and I responded with "CAN I GET A HELL YEAH"! in stone cold fashion.
  4. You only have the opportunity once to do this. You'll probably never regret going, but someday when you're Old AF you might.
  5. Piss on it. File for bankruptcy and do the kitchen on credit cards. it'll all work out in the end.
  6. I use a lanksy fixed blade system if I have time. If not I hit each side with a file, stroking from back of the blade to the edge of the blade. couple good strokes should produce a "thin foil" on the edge. Strop the black on a good piece of rough grain leather until that "thin foil" falls off. Should take less than five minutes and you'll have a razor sharp edge.
  7. We hear you. I'm not sure if there is anyone here from Missouri who actually voted for her. I can't get one person to admit they voted for her.
  8. Normally swim in lakes or creeks once a week in summer months.
  9. You. are. a. LIAR! I was just there in July. First time ever. seen locals in swim trunks and bikinis and figured the water must be warm. It was in fact not. Matter of fact I don't trust anybody from that area any more. "the waters not too bad today", my ass it aint!
  10. You. are. wrong. They're down 3% because it's Tuesday. Their market share is broke until payday Friday. "den day bee getin dem knew kics".
  11. Heehaw


    The temperament of this thread may not be exactly right, but I wonder what her teeth look like.... That's terrible about the cats.
  12. Goats are on the loose and Goat boy can't be found? Pretty sure we can guess where he is and pretty sure I feel terrible for those goats. And to think, they almost had freedom.
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