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  1. toofman

    Politics Pocahontas gets smack down from Cherokee Nation.

    Why would you release the results of her "test"? That decision alone should disqualify her from any elected position.
  2. I can't believe there aren't more shotguns on this thread.
  3. toofman

    Stop the beeping!

    Some of the old cold war soviet bloc cars had dashboard geiger counters. Move your plutonium to the other side of your yard and see if it still happens.
  4. toofman

    NRA downgrades Sen. Tester

    What was the deal with the video of him shooting a bull? Was that a campaign ad?
  5. I saw that. I believe he is a good man. I believe voters see more of Kavanaugh in themselves than the people trying to destroy him.
  6. How did I miss this? Didn't he call all the media to show up ahead of time for the photo op? Did he stay the whole day? I think I saw Obama dish out some mashed potatoes once.
  7. toofman

    Remington Tac-13 Damn!

    Can we quit all this NFA BS and just put a stock on it?
  8. toofman

    Drivers 75 and older...

    Seriously. I feel they should have a new test at the DMV. Have one of the staff throw a tennis ball to you from 30 feet away. If you can't catch it, no license.
  9. toofman

    Fairytale Castles in Scotland

    I want one.
  10. don't have time, but pretend I put a GIF of Dana Carvey as "The Church Lady", saying, "Satan".
  11. I really feel Kavanaugh would have turned out to be a squishy conservative justice before the smears be the left. Now, I don't think he's buying the BS.
  12. toofman

    You're Wrong On This One Mr. President.

    Trump is far from perfect. The best thing he can do for the 2nd A is appoint pro 2nd A judges. There won't always be a "conservative" in the white house. The supreme court is our only firewall. For that, he will get my vote (again).
  13. toofman

    Politics “These are really evil people!”

    I think it will get a lot worse in the next few years.