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  1. I think Arbys has a limited time venison sandwich around this time of year. Sells out quick.
  2. Sorry, just checked my transmitter. It does have phone jacks. I'd give them a call.
  3. Sorry, just read no cell service. disreguard above post or call simplisafe and see if they have a phone line option.
  4. I think Simply Safe has a camera option. It is it's own cell transmitter. My office has SS but not the camera option. It's nice. Will send me alarms to cell phone. It has a water sensor and smoke detectors that run through the system.
  5. 79 VW Rabbit diesel. Had to wait 45min for glow plugs to warm up after school.
  6. Good advice. It looks like your computer can handle it. The cards use a PCI express slot and need it's own power cable. calling tech support will help prevent you installing the thing and realizing you need a new power supply.
  7. It all depends on your motherboard. Yes, it is crazy easy to install a new video card. If you don't have a computer that will handle it, you won't see a big difference. My opinion: If this is for a business, buy a new computer and write it off.
  8. toofman

    Bygone Slang

    "if it was a snake, it would have bit me" said finding a lost item that is in plain view.
  9. Just returned from Miller, South Dakota. State said bird numbers were 42% better than last year. I've been going out there for 8 years and have never seen as few birds as I saw last weekend. Anyone else travel to SD for pheasant hunting?
  10. I went from a 2004 5.7 to a 2017 5.7. The 2017 makes the 2004 seem like a lawn mower. I think the 2017 is at 380ish HP. I cannot imagine almost triple that.
  11. I cannot imagine driving that thing. My truck has the 5.7 and it is crazy fast.
  12. Why would you release the results of her "test"? That decision alone should disqualify her from any elected position.
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