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  1. It's a V8 Saturn. Stick with the Mustang.
  2. Even in death these losers inconvenience travelers.
  3. You want fulfillment.
  4. We just went through this in Oct. My wife got hit by a guy with no insurance and an expired license. He just bought his car a month ago. We ended up using collision and uninsured motorist on our policy. $500 deductible for us but being in the collision industry I made that back and then some on the repair. Our insurance company turned him into collections for the claim but as they say, you can't get blood from a stone. Since his car is no longer driveable he'll likely stop making payments on it and the finance company will take it in the rear when they repo it. Cop at the scene wrote him a handful of citations and sent him on his way. Aggravating ordeal from beginning to end. Hope you have better luck.
  5. Glad you weren't hurt too bad. If the insurance company totals it I'd seriously consider buying it back and putting a few bucks towards fixing it. It will be a PITA going through the salvage title process but dollar for dollar you'll still end up with a better car than starting the used car search all over again.
  6. Shouldn't have blurred faces of the thieves. That's what they are, let them own it.
  7. Agreed. The brother of a guy I used to work with killed a family of three when he ran a red light while drunk. He was only sentenced to 10 years. Absolutely no remorse for what he did. Every statement he made was all about how hard this was going to be on his family. It's disgusting that he's out now living his life while a husband, wife, and daughter are in the ground. I'm guessing the extremely light sentence here is due to the fact that his passengers chose to get in a car with an intoxicated driver. I don't agree with the sentence, just pointing out that the deceased had the option to avoid the situation. Something the rest of us don't have.
  8. Same here. Everyone around here raves about them so we went in to check it out. Saw nothing that would make me want to shop there much less buy a membership for the privilege of doing so.
  9. Sanders supporters are all about a free education. He got one.
  10. When I was a teen in the 80's my mom used to listen to 50's doo wop music on the oldies station. Today my wife was in the kitchen listening to the 80's station. Hard to believe the same amount of time has passed between those eras.
  11. My wife is on her second RX350 and she loves them. She's been driving them since '07 and never needed anything other than basic maintenance. She recently drove it cross country when we moved and it was comfortable enough for her. Storage room is good but we use my truck to haul stuff so we never really load it up.
  12. Phoenix. Moved here this year.
  13. When we had a 2nd home it wasn't worth paying for a 2nd TV service so we'd end up binge watching TV series. The Sopranos, NYPD Blue, Coach, Taxi, and All in the Family kept us entertained.
  14. Glad they hooked you up. The alternative would be going to a graphics & wrap shop and have them make it for you.
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