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  1. The wife kindly purchased a CZ P07 for me for Christmas. First double/single action I have had since I turned in my state issued Sig P220 thirteen years ago. Shot the new pistol yesterday and all went well. The trigger is nice in both modes and I found it easier to make good hits in double action than I remember the Sig being. New pistol...
  2. Nitecore Tini 380 lumens max, three level settings. Handy and stays on my key chain.
  3. Wasn't born here but got here as soon as was possible. Just wished there was more open land for hunting and fishing similar to my home state Louisiana.
  4. Wife has an LCPII. I have problems being mobile so she often walks away from me to take photographs when we are traveling. Convinced her to carry in those times but usually she lets our safety up to me.
  5. My favorite is smooth. I like BP&J and I like apple slices with peanut butter as a snack.
  6. I have two, semi auto would be the Ruger 10-22. As far as a bout action it would have to be the CZ452.
  7. Cane over from Glocktalk, handle there is John Watson.
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