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  1. That is what I was thinking. I would not use a chinese pole for my American flag. Go to a steelyard and get a piece of pipe. (probably made of chinese steel)
  2. I drive through Sacramento during tomato season and pick them up off the road.
  3. What kind of a ****stick still goes on about politics after you politely try to bow out of a political conversation? And then he just assigns you republican. I might have said "yes, I must be a Trump supporter, we seem to be the only ones that can keep our political opinions to ourselves".
  4. And we could all have a pet unicorn and fairies would fly around and give us candy and and. 5 year old girls have more realistic wishes than this idiot. https://www.yang2020.com/policies/the-freedom-dividend/
  5. Depends on the car and the repairs. They don't seem to get away with much on cars these days, the repairs have to be pretty much good as new. If it is and his wife has been driving it without incident it is probably fine. It really depends on what they mean by "frame straightening" and how nice of a car this is. Maybe let him know what the carfax says.
  6. When I was a kid that was one of the main things we did when we went back to visit. We would do about two a day with my uncles that still live there. AxMan is one I remember, they had all kinds of weird stuff.
  7. It always amazes me the power of smell has to bring back memories. The laundry in my grandmas house had a certain smell which I occasionally recreate with Tide and the right drying, takes me back to when I was 7. Marvel Mystery Oil has a great smell. Freshly started cold carburated engine that puts off a lot of unburned fuel as it warms up. The smell of freshly dug moist dirt. This varies all over the place but is always satisfying, especially if dug up with equipment. The smell of old electronics - I have only smell it in surplus stores in theTwin Cities MN and inside ~70s gear. The smell of machine shops.
  8. Ebola is nasty business, definitely in the world's best interest to eradicate it wherever possible. It would help if the morons in these ****HOLE countries would quit ****ting in their water supply. I was watching a video of a group that was putting in toilets in villages and they could not get the people to use them, they would laugh at them and go and **** IN THE FREAKING RIVER THEY WASH THEIR CLOTHES IN AND DRINK FROM. Even animals have enough sense to disregard their own feces.
  9. I would have let her handle it herself. I can't stand it when people make that stupid telephone hand. Get a banana or something if you have to play act.
  10. There is probably plenty of that but he is also always trying new things and spending money to get into businesses that my not pay off for years. His space program and WholeFoods are probably in that category. I appreciate the fact that Amazon looks for things that make it easier for their customer to do business with them and for things their customers actually want. Not just crap that can make them the most money.
  11. This is the video I am talking about BTW:
  12. Yeah, that seems to be a pretty wide spread disease. I don't understand how otherwise intelligent people fall for liberalism. I have not payed much attention to his politics to be honest, and I am certainly not impressed with his marital fidelity.
  13. What is the question? Do you think most CEOs do a good job? I guess I should not have said most since I do not follow the actions of many CEOs, I just know the CEO of the company I work for and a few others. They are focused on quarter end at all costs and just want to be told they are great rather than think about what they are doing. We had a great CEO 3 CEOs ago but the last ones have been totally driven by stock price. Unfortunately, a lot of what they do works for getting the stock price up but it does nothing to improve the companies service or profitability.
  14. So they are still around? I was just mentioning them to my son. Thought they might be a good way to be a yacht captain. I have been watching yacht videos on youtube and I may have missed my calling.
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