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  1. Hopefully they earned their place at the top with grades etc. I do think it is a problem but what are we going to do about it? Also, I am about at me limit with this woke crap, I think many of us are. Perhaps the president can all them to the White House to discuss this. They he shows he cares about the subject and can call these idiots out on their virtue BS. I would also like to see others from the class say they are full of ****. Trump has already dumped a bunch of the toxic generals. Hopefully he continues to do that but just as important is making sure the roles are filled by solid people.
  2. So the article says that West Point is pretty reasonable but he is concerned about the letter. It is written and signed by 9 twerps. 9 is all they could come up with. Now we need the rest of the class to have the balls to sign a letter saying they are FOS and West Point is not racist. Anyway, in this environment, I am not going to get excited about 9 ******** commies.
  3. Asshats. I would fire them and give the whole department a free meal. Checking the video? So you think the cops are lying? Pieces of ****. If you want to check it, check it already. I hope they go out of business. They stuff is overpriced anyway. Nice gimmick with the potato bags everywhere.
  4. Knock it off, it is no different PPQer doing his version. We have plenty of threads to argue that crap. Tad, glad to hear you are getting taken care of. Your O2 does not sound bad to me, I can get to 89 on room air easily, 93% is about normal for me. Not happy about it but docs don't care.
  5. Seems to me a couple of fathers might want to get a roll of duct tape and pay him a visit. Take him for a ride in the trunk and then leave him in the AZ desert, the sun will cook that pedo right out of him, unfortunately for him, the amount required is usually fatal.
  6. Alright, we need an update. How are the nurses? Get well and get out.
  7. I have heard Mexicans talk about taking over population wise but never blacks. I don't think most of the black population is anti-white, there are many times more white anti-whites from what I have seen.
  8. I think I have mentioned this before but in college we had a book of short essays and when was by a pile of filth that got knocked up at 13 and had an abortion. She said it was "empowering" and went on to get pregnant a few more times on purpose just so she could get the abortion. She needed to be aborted.
  9. I know but what made the indoctinators screwed up? How did anyone buy into this bull****? People just don't learn. People that know their history are cursed to watch idiots repeat it.
  10. Has nothing to do with cool it depends on if they can do something useful for you. We generally wait a LONG time to take my wife and even then they don't end up doing anything. If they feel they can help you, go! If you live alone and have no one checking on you that would bias to go. If you have someone taking care of you I would probably ride it out. Around here if you go in they are just going to separate you from everyone and not really do anything for you. The only other concern is could it be something else and you are assuming it is Cv-19? I hear that happens a lot in medicine and can have quite negative outcomes. Why isn't the test back yet?
  11. I agree but it makes me want to just go out into the woods and let the idiots sort out their bull****. It REALLY pisses me off how much we all pay for the actions of stupid people. Just do the basic ****, be honest, work for what you have, and don't blow smoke up your own ass but fewer and fewer people can figure that out and we end up here.
  12. I think we are totally off the rails and we are in for a lot of ugly. Even people in the same group cannot agree. Another site which all of us are familiar seems to be having a big upheaval over all of the "racism". It seems there are many over there that believe many of the people are racist. I went through a thread that seems to have triggered many of them and found nothing racist at all. They want to find the racist boogie man under every bush. These are people that are supposedly conservative gun owners. If we cannot all get along an agree I think we are in deep ****. People like this are going to eat themselves alive with their virtue signaling horse****. I do not believe we have very many real racists in this country. They certainly exist but they are not in positions of power and have mostly outed themselves as idiots. They are not really a concern. I am much more worried about this woke antiracist that wants to burn everyone at the stake that can in any way be shown to be more racist than they are. I am tired of the whole subject, it is stupid and very frustrating it is causing such a large problem. We need to make countries based on preferences - we could have a country for white racists, black racists, big government, no government, libertarian etc. I want to be in "I don't care what race you are, just leave me aloneistan"
  13. I don't think I ever watched that because I can't stand cage. He is a terrible actor. The movie survives his lack of ability?
  14. I love that all these people wear masks and then pull them down to talk. Was in Costco yesterday and the guy had to pull his mask down to ask if we wanted the stuff put in a box. Also, cashier was not allowed to touch my Costco card but can touch all the **** in the cart that I touched to put in there. Maddening any of these idiots have the power to do anything.
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