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  1. Those technologies are not consistent and will not meet demand. Also, the environment impact of making all of those photocells etc. needs to be considered. I think nuclear done correctly is probably the most environmentally friendly way to go. Yes, I know the investors just want money and do not care but that is not this countries fault and those people are going to exist regardless. The only way to get them to care about the environment is make it profitable. That has meant subsidies which has translated in to a bunch a graft - Solendra etc.
  2. Harbor Freight says I am on my last catalog, if I don't buy something there will be no more. I better get down there.
  3. Most marketing people are dumb as a hammer. They think more is better. I used Expedia once and from then on was getting 3 e-mails a day after I told them to stop so now they are spam. BestBuy sends one a day at the same time with 5 deal that are actually deals and they are really only good that day. They seem to get it. I sort of look forward to that e-mail.
  4. RenoF250

    Politics Modern radical liberalism. Remember.

    WGAS what a tick turd like that thinks? I had to google who he was and I am still wondering, looks like he has a show about being a tick turd.
  5. RenoF250

    Lung shaped bloodclot

    Amazing one whole lung was worthless: https://www.foxnews.com/health/patient-coughs-up-blood-clot-in-shape-of-lung-passage
  6. Sorry you are correct I think a few pennies might make it to the 3rd world just for show.
  7. I get it just fine, they want to take money from 1st world countries and move it to 3rd world while taking their piece. Do we contribute? Probably some, but not nearly as much as they would like you to think and they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt their predictions are complete ****. What are they going to do about it anyway? They say reduce but they have no real solutions for that and do nothing to progress towards it. They are a bunch of hypocrites that want money/power.
  8. Yeah, and what investors? What a load of horse****. Beside, coal is being phased out in the US, their bull**** link talks about investors - USA investors are putting money into coal plants but they are not being built here. I am really sick of this climate change crap, they are talking about it constantly.
  9. When I become dictator, if you are in a position of public service and caught screwing the people you are supposed to serve you get a public stoning from those people.
  10. He must have meant bolívar not USD.
  11. "Please reflect on what you've already copied, prepped and posted," Sinclair concluded. "I'm hopeful we can avoid the discomfort of me directly questioning something you've copied, posted and had your kids do. That makes me uncomfortable, and I know it doesn't feel good." She signed the memo, "The (Unintentional) Grinch who stole Christmas (from Manchester)." I would make her all kinds of uncomfortable. I would have to go buy special Christmas outfits for my kids and instruct them to sing Christmas carols whenever they were not in class. Freaking jack booted principals need to take their tin pot and go dictate to the bums in the park.
  12. So he said out loud what all others have done? I wish someone in washington gave a **** but they don't, only Rand Paul and he is ignored.
  13. RenoF250

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    How he was "waving the gun around" is key to getting to the bottom of this and we will likely never get that info. The problem is, plenty of times cops have been completely in the wrong and gotten away with it. They kicked in the wrong door here in Reno and killed a guy in his own living room because he was holding a fire poker. More recently that idiot ass that shot the guy he had crawling up the hall got away with it. That cop was criminally stupid if nothing else.
  14. RenoF250

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    The truth is in the middle. He should not be running with a gun in his hand but it does not excuse the cops shooting him in the back. Unfortunately we are still stuck with humans for cops and they make mistakes. None of us were there and we don't even have good facts. There do seem to be too many cops that shoot first and ask questions later, I would think they could train that out of them a bit better. That said, I don't want them getting shot because they have to be shot at first.
  15. RenoF250

    Avoid Women at All Costs

    I must add, men do have their part in this. I have witnessed plenty of **** head behavior and heard about plenty more. Guys making all kinds of crass comments about women etc. They expect me to go along with it and I generally look at them disgusted and say "she is married dude, watch your mouth". I will joke about a lot of things but I try to treat women the way I expect my wife to be treated. If I ran into harvey jacking it in front of that girl in the hall he would have gotten a serious beating. I hope most men do not allow that ****, women should not be afraid to be around men.