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  1. Sharkbites are pretty tough. I have never used them but all testing shows they hold up well. The only real problem is the o-ring breaking down and leaking. Matt Rinsinger on youtube did some tests on them and they held up well.
  2. I have left some honest 5 star reviews but they are pretty simple - "came on time does what it says" type of reviews. I do go to the 1 star a lot just to see the issues. Amazon used to understand their customer, seems some numbers based idiots got in management and we are getting this.
  3. Is it just me or are the Amazon reviews starting to really stink like they are paid for, made in China reviews? I am reading an awful lot of them that have poor English and excited go through the list of features of the product. Smells like old fish. Amazon also charged me for a subscription I did not sign up for. When I called them on it they said it was a mistake. Sure it was, it was only $3/month, I am sure they were figuring most people won't notice. They are starting to pull standard corporate cockery. It will cost them business.
  4. You are putting way too much faith in SSDs. High end SLC NAND SSDs may last 50 years if stored properly but most of the stuff made now is 3D MLC made for price and speed. I would not rely on them for long life. Regardless, store them cold.
  5. Some nitwit had me on some kids sports text group. I kept telling them to take me off and they didn't so I started messing with them and then they got offended. At least they finally took me off.
  6. This may be the exception to the "any landing you walk away from is a good one." I am thinking the pilot's career is over unless something failed on the plane.
  7. The labor unions did not help but US executives are crap pretty much across the board.
  8. We certainly do not need these race cars with their over powered engines just meant to go fast and kill.... We need common sense car control.
  9. You rub me wrong time?
  10. RenoF250


    Odd, I wonder what is stopping the DVD player from working. Regardless, a Roku should work find on its own. They play just about every channel and have a good interface. If you get one I would not put credit card info in, you have to setup an account but you can skip the CC step. If I want to buy any shows I will do it through Amazon.
  11. RenoF250


    You can watch Hulu on Roku for a long time, why would you cast instead? It will just ruin the resolution can add problems.
  12. RenoF250


    It still had all of the syran wrap on the edges and the bags were sealed. I also just went through all of the settings and there are no paired devices. I told it to always block screen mirroring - it was set to prompt.
  13. RenoF250


    Kate turned out to be one of the daughters friends sleeping over. I need to find out if she has the Roku app. Still that is piss poor, you should have to register devices to control the TV. No, TV was bought new and had no signs of being opened.
  14. RenoF250


    I just got a new 4k Roku TV to use as a monitor. I am sitting here using it and it goes to a YouTube screen (native to the TV NOT on my computer) and says something about logging in and then says "Kate's device has successfully connected" and then starts playing a video!?!?!?!?!?!? Seems to me if it is set for HDMI input the rassmfrasser should stay on HDMI until told otherwise and I have no idea who Kate is.
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