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  1. RenoF250

    Samsung folds...

    I do use mine for podcsts and a few other things but people seem to be way too enamored with their phones these days.
  2. RenoF250

    Why Columbo matters as much as ever

    Great show, I may have to go back and watch it again. We have been watching Little House on the Prairie with the kids. Lots of good lessons for them in that show and they both like it.
  3. RenoF250

    I've been drinking all day...

    Don't forget pepper spray. For reason I don't think being drunk had as much to do with her being and entitled bitch as she will want us to believe. She did strike me as very drunk at all. If I am drink all day and don't want a 3 YO sitting next to me I just start pouring for the 3 YO. They will move him.
  4. Are you close to Mexico border? I don't think I would kill someone for that but I would do things to insure they don't do it again - not physically able. Sounds like a **** sandwich.
  5. What state are you in? What is going on? Cops won't do anything?
  6. What in the hell draws women to join a religion like that? Those guys are some serious salesmen. Most of us have a hard enough time attracting women when we are going to do things for them. These guys are getting women that sign up for taking all their crap and following their laws.
  7. RenoF250

    Mystery smells

    No wall paper here and we have lived here for ~2 years. The smell seemed to go with the drapes. I told her to wash them in the regular washer and they shrunk about 10" so they are going in the trash. They also almost killed the washer.
  8. RenoF250

    Mystery smells

    Wife and daughter smell it as well. Also, it is clearly in one area. We bought this house from an older woman whose husband had already passed. There are some drapes in the area and we are thinking they may be the source. We are going to pull everything out of the area and clean it. It is also in the area of the cat boxes and it started when they were cleaned. These things always drive me up a wall. I will burn the house down if I do not find it soon.
  9. RenoF250

    Mystery smells

    Are maddening. We suddenly got this mystery smell in the dining room. Stinks like really cheap old lady body powder and the juice from a dumpster. Just all of the sudden, can't get it down to a 10 foot square area but not lock it to one thing. Drives me crazy. To make it worse I have heard some squeaking noise in the same area. Seems like it is too loud for a mouse and the cats don't seem interested in it. Nothing we can see and never hear it long enough to really locate it. So pour another drink I guess.
  10. What an *******. And a textbook case for the anti-gunners.
  11. RenoF250

    Every Power Plant in the US

    Yeah, that is why they say total generation stopped increasing. Not sure why, more efficient homes and lighting I guess. Good friends dad was a nuclear engineer and apparently the nuclear commission kept changing the specs - starts with 2 feet of concrete and 6 inches of steel, start building, wait should be 3 feet of concrete etc. That gets expensive in a hurry.
  12. RenoF250

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

    Just egg shells right?
  13. RenoF250

    Every Power Plant in the US

    Lots of good stuff on that EIA site. This is interesting: https://www.eia.gov/electricity/annual/html/epa_08_04.html
  14. RenoF250

    Every Power Plant in the US

    It was not ignored, it did not grow during that time so it did not replace coal. Gas was the main increase, then wind, solar got thick enough so you can see it but still irrelevant. This says last reactor was 2016 but 2nd to last was 1996 so there was no real growth in nuclear since 1996. https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=228&t=21 We need more nuke and hydro.
  15. https://www.sfgate.com/local/article/salinas-doorbell-licker-surveillance-video-ring-13517743.php