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  1. RenoF250


    Agreed, I will watch a bit of an interview on Fox now and then if it pops up but other than that useless. I really do not understand the draw to pewdiepie. There is nothing there.
  2. RenoF250


    Just checked youtube, Fox has 3.84M subscribers, CNN has 7.95M. Pewdiepie has 102M.
  3. RenoF250


    How does CNN stay in business with 643k viewers?? That is a joke. There are tons of youtube channels that get that many people a week done by one or a few people. 1.3M for Fox although twice is much is still sad. I guess I am glad to see most people are not watching their crap. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/cnn-ratings-fall-to-five-year-low-among-key-advertising-demographic
  4. What is with these *******s?? You know what I ate yesterday?? That's right you don't because I am not self absorbed enough to talk about it or think anyone cares. I am missing the boat, I think I will start a blog talking about the various types of water I drink and where it comes from. Maybe add another on the air I breath.
  5. I don't know how you guys can view this stuff on a phone. I use my phone as a phone, I can't stand using it for anything else.
  6. Wow, you are lucky you can tie your shoes. Without a particulate filter I would think it could coat your lungs and kill you.
  7. The guy sounds like a whiner that sees everything as race. I am sure the chief did not give him a quota on minorities. That would be ridiculous and quotas are not what he filed a complaint for and now he is out on disability -> whiner race baiter.
  8. This popped up with the "I put some BeeGees music over North Korean marching" title so I clicked it. Like the title says, much better than I expected.
  9. I hope the emogi is to indicate you know that is a bunch of crap. Everyone judges everyone on everything they do. That is how they decide who they will trust, want to be friends with etc. I asked "what does it say about them" that implies judgement but not necessarily negative judgement. To your point it might say they live an apartment and their girlfriend already has FNPR so they use that the 2 times a year they need it rather than stock a quart of acetone at home. FWIW I spend just more time thinking about what my judgements say about me than I do looking at others. There is a lot of "why do I like that?" and "why do I care at all?"
  10. I have heard that number but it has to be low. They do turn it fast (I heard they turn it on average every 3 days) but you would never get make enough to pay for the employees to touch the stuff. All of it has to be uncased, put on shelves, sold, spoilage, theft, returns - no way 2% covers that regardless of volume. I hear there are also some funky deals for end cap etc. so perhaps they sell at 2% but make it up in weird fees.
  11. It was pretty much everything. I remember the spray can of WD-40 the most. This was ~25 years ago but I am suspect it is very similar now. I work in a sales channel and drop shipments in high volume are still ~6%. If you have to stock it for awhile and ship in lower volume it can get up to 40%. The show "The Profit" on CNBC is very good, they discuss standard margins of various business segments on there a lot. I really don't think anyone will touch a product in any way for 2%. Not for the long term and that includes drop ship. It is not worth the risk and tying up your capital for that much money.
  12. No more business than what kind of gun people have etc. I guess I had a Hannie moment. One of the radio people I listen to was talking about using it to remove super glue and it bugged me. He owns a farm he should know about acetone. He has also needed help getting his tractor unstuck. Starting to wonder about him.
  13. I think you are way off. Most people will not touch a product for 6%. Stock it on a shelf in a store is >25%. When I worked in a hardware store most of the stuff was >50% profit - cost the store $2 sold for $4.
  14. Yes, but it is cheaper as acetone and as Cubdriver said FNPR has a bunch of other crap in it. A man should have a selection of solvents at his disposal. I have Acetone, paint thinner, laquer thinner, denatured alcohol, 91% isoprophyl alcohol, mineral spirits, ammonia, and maybe toluene. MEK and Xylol are a bit rowdy just to have. Nail polish is cheaper than loctite and works in many applications but I have never used it. I hate painted nails and the smell of nail polish. Bag Balm is good stuff.
  15. He uses "fingernail polish remover" for cleaning etc. instead of Acetone? I find it disturbing. Other similar examples?
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