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  1. RenoF250

    Why I don't like Apple stuff

    Honestly, my main reason I will not use them is the stigma of entitled ******* I attach to everything apple. It is second only to prius for me. I have plenty of friends that use iphones I just can't stand what I think the Apple brand stand for. They are also behind Samsung, and other android phones. Samsung had NFC, NFC pay, and was waterproof way before apple but only the iphone having it made the news.
  2. RenoF250

    Interesting targets

    When I first read it I thought you meant you had the target sitting on the car. I figured that explains why they are all high. I generally only shoot pistol with a rest to check the sights, gun, or ammo.
  3. I think that is it, the useless **** executive want a way to measure their metrics they think matter. Meanwhile, like you said the store is not stock and insulated cups are in 4 separate locations. Try to use WalMarts new website, it is an unusable pile of **** with an Ellen degenrate slide show. America is suffering from terrible executive management.
  4. RenoF250

    ADS to the border

    It makes the surface of your skin hot to the point you cannot tolerate it. Glad they found a perfect use for it. I still think a .50 would work better. Or maybe a CIWS.
  5. RenoF250

    Politics Why is the "caravan" mostly young men?

    That flimsy piece of crap is $325???? I would really like someone to explain to me why they cannot be successful in the country they live in. It seems to me Central and South America have plenty of natural resources etc. to do well, is it maybe a corrupt ****bag government?? How about they stay and fix it, they made it.
  6. I mean the poor kids that are getting frightened by the sign.
  7. That is not nice, think of the poor children
  8. RenoF250

    Here W Go...

    No no no, I am sure soros has nothing to do with it. I bet a couple of .50s would turn them around.
  9. RenoF250

    jeans that take the smell out of jeans

    My farts don't stink, and I **** rose petals so I am good.
  10. RenoF250

    Assaults on Republicans Growing

    I was listening to Savage and a lawyer from Reno called in, said he had a client that was in a restaurant with his family wear a MAGA hat and 3 **** sticks came in a told him to take it off. He politely told them to copulate with themselves so they threatened to take it off for him. He broken plates of their heads and chucked them out the window and into the hospital. Charges were pressed and the judge threw them out. Now he is suing them for kidnapping. Savage said he was going to start a fund for him.
  11. I dump Netflix for brewing up this ****. I have a million ways to be entertained, they can shove their liberal propaganda up their ass.
  12. RenoF250

    USPS rant

    I think it is regional, I have not have a problem with them in a long time and use them a lot. UPS and FedEx have made many more mistakes for me.
  13. Do you live in your house? For me it is the stupid Instant Pot everybody said you need. Useless, crockpot works just as good. I was under the impression you just dump **** in it and it is done in 20 min. NOOOO most of the recipes have a bunch of steps. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  14. My dad built quite a few, he did our TV when I was a kid. I think was involved a bit. He said it was much more pre-assembled vs. the other kits he had done. This was probably ~1984.