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  1. MtnBiker

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Agreed; however I do support a joint investigation by both US legislative branches. I say, send in a small, high powered investigative team representing the House and the Senate. Have them go to that Saudi embassy and spend as long as it takes to get a resolution. Send in Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer!
  2. MtnBiker

    How the Italian police deal with Antifa.

    Maybe it's because they remember Mussolini and his fascists. They learned from the experience that you can't just let it go unopposed.
  3. Imagine if some Antifa-type does the programming. What sort of behavior can we expect from it?
  4. I once had an Opel GT. It not only had a dimmer switch like that, but next to it was a foot operated pump to send window washing liquid to the windshield. It got exciting at times if I missed and covered the windshield with blue liquid instead of dimming the brights. It was a manual, so I had 3 other pedals to deal with too.
  5. That defense always worked for Flip Wilson. "The devil made me do it.".
  6. Let's see if he's actually convicted and sentenced. The dems protect these perps pretty aggressively.
  7. Yeah. I wonder how big the totals will get on the go-fund-me page?
  8. It's a tall stack. It includes Chappaquiddick, among many other things related to the Clintons.
  9. MtnBiker

    Kavanaugh is done for now

    I would have loved to hear some of the HS students at Bill Clinton's school and BHO's school come forward with their recollections. I have no doubt there were some real entertaining stories that could come out. Of course those people will be audited by the IRS when the next dem president comes along. On the other hand, maybe not in the case of bho. They can only be audited if they are in the US or US citizens. Where did he attend HS?
  10. MtnBiker

    Colin Kaepernick headlines Nike ad campaign

    I don't know why many of these companies feel they need to make a political statement. I guess they think the public is so loyal to their brands we have no other options. I used to like Nike. It is a US company. I have a short list of athletic brands I buy. Nike is off that list. Which reminds me, I need some new running shoes. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Companies like Nike spend huge amounts of energy and money building and defending their brands. Is this a calculated move that will increase Nike's brand value? Or did they shoot themselves in the foot? Time will tell.
  11. MtnBiker

    Burt Reynolds passed.

    He always appeared to enjoy life. He will be missed!
  12. MtnBiker

    how do you sleep ?

    I am partially deaf in one ear. If there's ambient noise, I just sleep on my good ear. I can fall asleep in any position, as long as I am not standing. Put me in any moving vehicle when I am not at the wheel. I am out! BUT, it is rare for me to sleep continuously for more than about 3.5 hours. Then I am UP! It usually takes me about an hour to get back to sleep. I blame years of I.T. work. Trying to solve problems in my dreams. Also, the on-call cycles when I would be awakened and expected to think things through rapidly. Alcohol doesn't do much to break this cycle. I can sleep through the night if I take ibuprofen or benadryl before bed. The truth is, I hate taking pills. I usually just live with it.
  13. LOL. It sounds like an easy way to negate the contract. I'd publish ALL the details.
  14. MtnBiker

    Colin Kaepernick headlines Nike ad campaign

    Didn't the 49er's pay him $29 Million to just go away? Now he has an ad campaign with Nike. Not exactly sacrificing everything. He's hitting a huge, sport-related payday and he no longer even has to practice or listen to a coach. That said, I am done with Nike.
  15. MtnBiker

    What is the greatest Sitcom of all time?

    Does "Breaking Bad" qualify? There were some hilarious scenes.