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  1. There's talk about prosecuting him. Maybe the truth does still matter? We will see how this pans out. *sarcasm on* Those alleged perps are clearly white supremacists though. *sarcasm off*
  2. MtnBiker

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    I used to ride public transportation, daily. I knew I was in trouble when the younger women stopped sitting in the empty seat beside me and the ones who did were starting to gray.
  3. MtnBiker

    Angry because they had to see coed boobies.

    I wonder if there are any airbnb apartments at that location? It may be a fun place to stay when visiting NYC. 😎
  4. MtnBiker

    Another Spice joke.

    Still, it's a funny "Dune" analogy.
  5. If they ever film another season of "Dexter" I think it should be in Washington state instead of Miami!
  6. MtnBiker

    Bird box challenge

    If they don't ticket blindfolded drivers with at least "reckless driving" they need to quit giving those tickets entirely.
  7. It is an interesting article. It's amazing how little or none of this gets reported in this country.
  8. Doubting the "facts" posted on social media? I'm sure the OP actually put down his bong long enough to tweet this.
  9. If that actually happens, the Brexit crowd will be slapping themselves on the back!!
  10. MtnBiker

    Can I now be considered not a racist??

    You're a white male. According to blm, that automatically makes you a racist.
  11. Today is Jan. 8. How many people have actually filed or will actually file over the next couple of weeks? My previous employers never seemed to get their tax forms in the mail until the absolute deadline; Jan. 31.
  12. McCain was every bit a Republican as others. Bloomberg for instance.
  13. MtnBiker

    Stock market bear?

    I think the coming earnings cycle will be key. If it's bad or the guidance is bad, the bears will get more active.
  14. MtnBiker

    New Lesbian Batwoman. Yay.

    If she looks hot in spandex, I may rent the vid. No way I'm coughing up dinero for a movie ticket.
  15. MtnBiker

    Figure out this Jeep problem...

    I've seen fiats. You can't tell me they are alive!