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  1. MtnBiker

    DA Refuse to Prosecute

    Just curious. Did Rollins run on the basis of her being the "first woman of color" to be Suffolk County District Attorney? Anytime anyone justifies their run for office primarily on the fact that they are of a specific sex or race, it's a red flag. To my thinking; It means they don't want to advertise their positions, because they would not be electable. I'm betting she didn't make these views available to the general public until after the election.
  2. MtnBiker

    DA Refuse to Prosecute

    I wonder how the property values in Suffolk County will look by the time she is up for re-election?
  3. MtnBiker

    Where were you in 1965?

    Elementary school in the Midwest.
  4. MtnBiker

    She sounds like a fun date.

    I'm scheduled to attend a wedding in a couple of weeks. Until now, I wasn't looking forward to it.
  5. In any other country, an advance like that would be met with live ammunition. After the first 20 or so fall, the rest would feel less entitled.
  6. If you stay friends on a personal basis, it's not their concern. However if she was fired for cause, you may put your reputation at risk as well. I live in Georgia. It's a "right to work" state. I used to joke with my ex-boss that they would probably fire me if I passed gas in an elevator if the wrong person was on-board at the time. He didn't laugh. He'd just blink. It made me think that may be true.
  7. MtnBiker

    Day trading

    There are brokers with lower transaction fees. Also, transaction fees can usually be negotiated with most brokers who want to keep your business. Two of the cheapest I know of: Tastyworks & Interactive Brokers. Almost as cheap and by far the one that offers the most: TD Ameritrade
  8. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in GA. We have pretty strong voter ID laws. Let's see how the dems do with this strategy here. Truth is, this sort of thing will continue. There's no down side for the dems. If they gets caught they never get penalized. They just play the race card or some other smoke screen. Usually, they don't get penalized and actually may steal the election. There are laws around financial reporting in the US. Under many conditions, the CFO of a company is held personally responsible for cooking the books or making fraudulent financial reports. The CFOs have a personal interest in getting it right. They may spend time in prison otherwise. These elections officials need to face similar penalties. If ballots are mysteriously discovered in someone's car; they should go to prison. If those ballots turn out to be fraudulent; they should go to prison for longer! Fines are not enough. They just set up a go-fund-me page and make more money than the penalties.
  9. MtnBiker

    Who Remembers These?

    They both had dark hair.
  10. MtnBiker

    Who Remembers These?

    Yeah. I always thought the "list of coincidences" was hilarious!
  11. MtnBiker

    Possible career change. Private or Federal?

    Having stayed too long in a job I didn't like; I can attest that you are correct to look at other options. Private sector vs. public sector? I have only worked in the private sector, so I cannot speak from experience. It seems to me that my friends from my youth (I am in my 60's now) who had full careers in the public sector, generally retired earlier than those in the private sector. Federal pensions seem like the best. Given that, it's worth looking carefully at how retirements are funded. I think anyone reliant on Illinois state pensions should be very nervous right now. That said, fewer companies offer pensions at all. Generally they rely on some form of 401K matching. They encourage their employees to fund their own pensions.
  12. Thanks for posting TBO! I read this on my tablet, while taking a grumpy!
  13. MtnBiker

    Politics Any other early voters?

    Yep. I agree with TeaDub. I voted in GA today as well.
  14. An army travels on its stomach. I was thinking these people don't just travel and pay their way as they go. Someone is supporting and feeding this group. I guess we now see at least part of the support team. Who worked to organize this?
  15. MtnBiker

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Agreed; however I do support a joint investigation by both US legislative branches. I say, send in a small, high powered investigative team representing the House and the Senate. Have them go to that Saudi embassy and spend as long as it takes to get a resolution. Send in Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer!