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  1. Better pack a lunch. That could take a LONG time.
  2. It was like the final 2 minutes of an NFL game. It goes on for 25 minutes, most of which is reviewing vids or watching officials review vids. This stuff is entertainment. Waiting for some official the finally make a judgement is not entertaining. The NFL lost me for a variety of reasons. This is one. The horseracing world never really had me. I hadn't seen the Ky Derby for probably 15 years. I am more than willing to wait at least that long before I view it again.
  3. Did they share the Darwin award that year?
  4. All the while, the rest of the world advances. The Russians continue to annex Venezuela. Really important issues are ignored. ... .
  5. I hope they charge a LOT for that pouch. Of course, its' racist, though. The driver is black.
  6. I didn't realize anyone ever gets prosecuted for voter fraud. Bravo!!
  7. Has this person considered running as a dem. presidential candidate?
  8. Your destiny lies with linux. Just embrace it and move on.
  9. Didn't SteveO already do that stunt?
  10. Send him an MP3 of "Rocket Man" to help him wait it out.
  11. I understand the honchos in Venezuela sent pallets of gold to Russia for safe keeping. Perhaps the mayor of NYC and his wife did the same? That wouldn't be any form of collusion. After all they are progressives...
  12. Do the de Blasios have a foundation? Maybe the money went to charity; similar to the Clinton foundation. (nudge nudge, wink wink)
  13. The dems get more like Mussolini and his fascists every year. I hate their approach, but it was successful until he was rooted out by a world war.
  14. There's talk about prosecuting him. Maybe the truth does still matter? We will see how this pans out. *sarcasm on* Those alleged perps are clearly white supremacists though. *sarcasm off*
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