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  1. Florida has the lowest, highest point of any United States, State.
  2. The United States of America was born in discord. During the rebellion from Great Britton thier were groups of British sympothiseors along with rebels and a large number of people who generally did not care. We went through the Articles of Confederation that turned into an unworkable mess. Then during a constitutional convention we fought about strong versus weak federal government. In order to work through the Constitution 10 amendments to limit the government were required. I don't believe we are all truly united. The idea of United is an ideal not a requirement. We are generally a self-absorbed group that thinks first of ourselves, then family, friends, local area, State then the United States of America. Our nation was born divided and probably always will be. I believe the 24 hour news coverage and constant bombardment by national news just emphasizes our divides. Remember the federal government was not something most people considered as important for thier daily lives until recently. State and local government was and still should be more important for an individuals life. The problem I see is that people want a federal answer for problems that should never have been part of the Federal Government. It may be to late to constrain the Federal Government but I can always hope. Just for the record Democrats race as fast as possible to expand the Federal Government, Republicans follow them but more slowly. Both expand the Federal Government's reach into our daily lives. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Tapatalk
  3. This is not going to be fun. If you are in the path of this storm stay safe. Good Luck.
  4. To me it would not matter. I usually empty mine before the weekend anyway. I just don't see how moving the job of emptying the trash from the janitorial staff which is probably the lowest paid people in the company to the higher paid tech or management people could be a cost saver. Sure instead of a few people making the bottom of the salary ladder doing the work now you will have a bunch of people with a huge range of pay doing the work.
  5. I was also told that flying the state flag of florida in front of the school also counts for displaying the state motto. (The state motto 'In God We Trust' is part of the state flag,)
  6. Hit a bird that flew across the road. Made a mess on the car. My mom was once rear ended by a cop at a drive through. What was real funny is the rear bumper on the truck had been rebuilt. The original had rusted out. The new one my dad had made at his work. It looked almost exactly like the original but was made from.1/4 inch stainless steel with reinforced areas that was leftover from something at my Dad's work. The cops private vehicle bumper never stood a chance. What made it even funnier is the poor guy had to come up and apologize. He looked extremely worried that my Mom would call the it in as an accident. She laughed it off. No damage to the truck. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Tapatalk
  7. My son had a substitute teacher in math. She gave a pretest to the students then checked their work. It was a standardized test and my son missed every question. The sub made the whole class "correct" their papers. My son refused and insisted that his answers were correct. The sub made him skip recess because he would not change his work. The sub gave him a mark for not obeying her. During lunch apparently the sub finally checked the math. Guess what my son got every question right. He never did get an apology and the mark for not obeying her stayed on his record. I rewarded my son with a toy he had been wanting. Latter the real teacher and the students laughed about it. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Tapatalk
  8. If where I am going requires a significant change to my normal carry items, I rethink where I am going. If my normal g-19 with two mags is not sufficient for me to be somewhere then I do not need to be there. If God forbid I was required to use my carry gun I would assume the police would seize it and I would have to purchase another or at least additional ammo.
  9. Just saw Eric's post from "other site" glad they allowed the link to the new site. Ever since the other site sold it has just not been the same. As a long time lurker at the other site (195 posts since 2008) I will hopefully get to be a long time lurker here also.
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