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  1. Pinball guts. Love analog. I don’t know what board this is but I just bought one just like the one behind it for my son. It is a 4 player game and much more complex. Lots of engineering just watch a ball roll around.
  2. The hospital wrote me off as good as dead at two days old. One nurse wouldn’t give up. I appreciate everyday above ground.
  3. I use dedicated CD player for the audio system and a Blu-ray player for Blu-ray and DVD discs in the AV system. The combo disc-tape machines were made from the lowest quality components.
  4. Don’t like them. Confusing aiming point.
  5. Too easy to make great ones at home. Might be a 70s throwback but I love them.
  6. Let’s say someone is going through a divorce. It costs them money every time they email the attorney. Does anyone have any idea what the average cost is per email? I’ll give details later but my wife and I are watching a dirtbag sabotage his own divorce case. Just wondering how much his email game might be costing him.
  7. Just finished The Dogs of War. Just started The Wild Geese. My daughter bought me The History of Middle Earth. About 6000 pages. Twelve volumes bound in three books. That one will take a while.
  8. We were talking about difficult neighbors. She called me a liar when I told a story about the kids of some hoarders down the street who tried to burn the hoard in the front yard. The fire blew back into the house and burned up the living room. Apparently she was highly displeased when I posted a link to the story in the news.
  9. BTW Rolex is actually a British owned firm and run as a charitable foundation. The British government screwed them over so they moved production to Switzerland. Then they got screwed over again by British Outland Revenue so they became a non profit. When you buy Rolex you are supporting kids programs in sports, arts and music.
  10. Churches will be high on their wish list. Schools and academics will come first.
  11. Still wearing a 36 year old Rolex Sub every day absolutely no glow left on the phosphorus but I’d like to find a nice bright tritium watch. I’ve look at a few. Any suggestions?
  12. Makes no sense driving everyone off.
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