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  1. The storage is largely from a bad back. It’s hard to bend over do one day I just built racks and hung everything.
  2. Barkeepers Friend. It is not just an abrasive scouring powder. When it mixes with water it becomes chemically active. It deoxidizes the tarnish. Most of my copper was bought used. Most of that was in real bad shape. Think salvaged from granny’s basement when the kids cleaned out the estate. It took a lot of scrubbing to get them looking good again but keeping them clean is easy with it. I use it on copper and stainless pans and it takes mineral buildup off of the sink. It’s great on everything. I even used it very gently on car windows with salt scum from winter roads.
  3. I looked this way already. Child of the 60s.
  4. I’ve got a bunch of them but the Mercer is my go to.
  5. You would use these weapons of mass destruction against men and women who uphold the law? We use these weapons to shop for groceries. Demolition Man.
  6. My naked ass in the shower would stop a perp in his tracks as well as leave him with serious psychological damage. So I’m good.
  7. I made the bed this morning. My mistake was working in the garage all day and not closing the bedroom door. My bed is now a beagle nest.
  8. Somebody ought to belt you in the mouth. But I won’t. I won’t. The hell I won’t. John Wayne. McClintock.
  9. Hunk of junk double action .44 Mag. Don’t remember the brand. Got it at a gun show. It was the only gun the company made. Fewer than 500 were made IIRC. Probably closer to 300. You could only fire 4-5 rounds before you had to tighten the screws on the side plate. Ugly but I really wanted a .44. I traded it to an avid reloader for a nice .36 cal flint long rifle. He wanted it to proof hot loads. If his hot rounds didn’t blow it up he knew his Redhawk would be fine. Then there was a very early production Grendel P10 .380. The one you loaded from the top. It came with a flat wound striker spring. The spring kept breaking. Later ones came with a wound coil spring. They finally replaced my flat spring with a wound coil but it didn’t fit right. The dealer took it back and gave me store credit for it.
  10. Yes. I can see that one. Just some of them are blank.
  11. Even bigger when you consider it was once a mountain. Then flat. Now a hole. And going deeper.
  12. 12 quarts of strawberries reduced to 1 1/4 quarts of puree’. Great in oatmeal. I dried some out to make fruit leather. The top container is what was sticking to the pan so I deglazed it with cognac and cooked it down. It is awesome on vanilla ice cream.
  13. Batesmotel

    BS FB Ads

    Love Engrish.
  14. A couple years ago a Colt R75 Monitor went for $120,000+ at auction. That was Colts Commercial version that was sold to law enforcement and civilians.
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