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  1. Left handed hold. Image reversed.
  2. Tintypes (and other early photographic processes) produced a mirror image. Everything is reversed. He would have been holding it left handed with the hammer to his chest, barrel over his right shoulder.
  3. Living in the remote West and knowing what look for can be very interesting. I can tell you SDI is very real. The main result was to bankrupt the Soviets trying to keep up.
  4. A guy down the street worked for ages to remove a massive elm stump. He finally brought in a dump truck and a BIG track hoe. They had it out and loaded in about an hour. Stumps suck.
  5. Unfortunately every idiot trying to sell everything from solar panels to pest control is beating on my door again. A years respite was wonderful. And the new technique they are trying is to say that they are not technically soliciting. The scum suckers they work for have told them they don’t need to pay attention to the NO SOLICITING signs on the door.
  6. I have been having trouble also. I access the site with my phone. I get a message that an internet connection can’t be established. When I can’t get on I found that if I switch from WiFi to cellular or from cellular back to WiFi it helps. But not always. So I just wait and try later. This is the only site that has this problem. But I don’t visit many sites with my phone.
  7. Back in the day if I left YouTube running I would end up on Russian Car Crashes. Now I get Boat Fail videos. About like car crashes but with bikinis.
  8. It’s still on the trailer. Guessing it came detached from a truck at a pretty good speed.
  9. I was invited to test for my city department. I did well but flunked the psych exam. They said I had a “BANG! Stop or I’ll shoot” mentally. Ex Grunts don’t always make good cops.
  10. And that’s how the fight started.
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