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  1. ALWAYS use the safety food holder thing.
  2. OXO. The metal one. Not the plastic one. Love it.
  3. Hot steel. I mean real hot. Like out of the forge or stick welding hot. The smell of building something serious.
  4. Batesmotel


    Used Ancestry. Very happy. Fast. Found my father and his side of the family. I meet them tomorrow. I knew about my half brother (moms side) but he didn’t know about me. Tonight he logged in so he knows now. Hasn’t contacted me yet. There we also a bunch of extended family on both sides that are slowly making contact.
  5. People just get their kicks just being negative to anyone or anything. The internet gives these small minded people an anonymous forum to be total ass holes.
  6. Yes. I just did the bottom of the first cast iron skillet I ever bought. Used a wire wheel in a drill press. 43 year old baked on carbon takes effort. Another trick is put them in the oven and run the self clean cycle. I haven’t had my Matfer pans long enough to have issues yet but I’ve had to strip several cast iron pans.
  7. I’m taking a few months away from most of the few internet sites I visit. I’ll still check in here at least once a week. Last year I took time off when I went to culinary school and some strange rumors spread. I will be dedicated to a great personal project for 3-4 months. Just want everyone to know things are good even if I’m not here as often until spring.
  8. We stopped being united with the McCarthyism era. It was the beginning of accusations and division.
  9. My wife said I’m not allowed a drug habit or an unsuitable girlfriend. “Unsuitable” is what disturbs me.
  10. I love Paths Of Glory to show the madness of that war.
  11. I’ve blown $1000 on a weekend road trip. He blew a career.
  12. ........wear some flowers in your hair.... Just to mask the smell.
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