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  1. Dubai was always destined to fail. It is all artificial. Bolstered on oil money. They don’t even have a sewer system. Sewage is trucked out into the desert to be processed. It is like the worst temporary festival in history. It will run for years but with the next generation not trained to run the party it will eventually collapse. Sooner if oil takes a serious turn.
  2. Predator and Prey is a sort of a relationship.
  3. #1 Get a good accountant. #2 Get great Liability and workcomp insurance on yourself. #3 Get a good Accountant. #4 Make initial contact with a lawyer. #5 Get a good accountant.
  4. The problem with shooting a vehicle is you might kill the driver. Improbable but possible. You might stop the engine. But a 2 oz slug will not stop a multi ton vehicle if it is already underway.
  5. I took the USMC Tactical Driving class in the 80s. Ramming attacks are a serious bitch to defend against. Especially with large vehicles. We were taught some nasty things to do with vehicles and how to penetrate defenses. Hardening a building or other fixed position is simple but takes a lot of concrete and steel. More if you harden approaches and make them curved instead of straight. What do we do? Harden everything? Restrict parades and other public gatherings to hardened areas? I wish I had a good answer and hope someone comes up with realistic and viable solutions. Like I said, we learned some real nasty **** that can be done with vehicles. I am surprised we have not had more numerous and much more serious attacks.
  6. I predicted this years ago when they started putting GPS and WiFi in cars. People said I was crazy.
  7. Christmas by association! The best Christmas movies. The worst are bad stories with bad scripts, bad actors, poor production value but they try to salvage it by setting it at Christmas. Tons of cable channels did this.
  8. Christmas music and movies may now commence.
  9. They vote, breed and pass the same crap on.
  10. Never saw one. Of any type. Sadly I usually just buy gas there. Or groceries if I’m camping east of there.
  11. You have no idea. I got behind when my dad died my Jr. Year. Senior year I got called into the office and the principal said if I didn’t come to school they would expel me. I said so if I don’t come, I can’t come? He asked why I wasn’t coming. Long story but there were some issues and a new district policy on turning in new work VS make up work. They used my school to experiment with the new policy but it made it mathematically impossible for me to graduate on time because it was impossible to ever catch up This policy affected a few of us who got behind. It was impossible to catch up. The district didn’t see a flaw in the policy. We were just going to blow off our senior year and come back the next year as “Super Seniors”. As district policy allowed. The principal had a meeting with the superintendent and we told how the policy affected us. We just fell through a crack they never anticipated. The policy was suspended pending investigation and we were able to make up enough work to graduate on time. I only attended 47 full days my senior year. Plus a lot of part days and some night school. I graduated dead last in my class but I did graduate. And because of music awards I won I am on the Honors page in the yearbook. That seriously chapped some teachers.
  12. When I taught school I occasionally had to substitute elementary school. I always picked up a cold. Give me a 9th grader with an attitude and a knife anytime over those little bio-bombs.
  13. Was it one with the positive to ground, negative to hot? Besides everyone needs a reason to have Whitworth Wrenches.
  14. Yes. The one pictured. 1993 911-964 series P. Only 520 were made. It will take a lot for me to ever sell it. The 520 made in 93-94 were the very last of the upright headlights. Less power than the new ones but much lighter and more nimble. On tight turns it feels like it is dancing on the road. The new cars are too smooth and technically advanced. They feel disconnected from the road.
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