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  1. Mega-Magazines because learning marksmanship is hard.
  2. Is that building still there? Love the style. I found it. Looks like it is still pretty original.
  3. They all have one thing in common. They don’t care for me, or our kids. I’m from the wrong side of the tracks and they will never let me forget it.
  4. Batesmotel


    We should erect a monument. Something pretty, like rare glass. Trinitite comes to mind.
  5. I still have a big Panasonic. Runs great but runs hot too.
  6. A recent gender reveal party using colored smoke grenades caused a major fire. I think the whole idea is stupid. Just another way to try to outdo each other. Make announcing your kids sex a bigger and more expensive bash that the previous couples announcement with lots of Me, Me, Me thrown in.
  7. I count at least 10 problems that don’t meet MilSpec without even seeing where the wires are going.
  8. She was also very short and had hip problems. She had long stair cases made with tiny stairs so it was easy to climb. Tons of doors were super small for normal people but just right for her. Strange lady but had almost unlimited money to keep her worker’s working. Obsessed with the number 13 built into things. There is a store room filled with stained glass windows from Tiffany’s. They were not ordered to fit. She just bought them and figured the workers would find where to use them. I think she was a little off to begin with but after her husband died and she started building the house she slowly went off the deep end.
  9. Winchester House. If you go take the house tour and the tour through the basement as well. Great look at the construction and you see how the entire house moved in an earthquake. And don’t miss the firearms museum. The myth is that she thought the continuous constitution kept ghosts away. I think she was just lonely and liked the workers around.
  10. An old fashioned ball puller works. Just a little more “interesting” to use. But seriously, if you shoot a percussion gun keep a little flask of ffffg powder. Pull the nipple and fill the thimble with ffffg, replace the nipple and fire again. It usually sets off the main charge. But CO2 systems are great.
  11. Napoleon had a solution for riots and looting.
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