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  1. Batesmotel

    what is your favorite at home meal

    Neapolitan style Pizza. I have a gas fired pizza oven on the patio. It does the thin Neapolitan pizzas on under 2 minutes. I like pizza but when I make good dough and get toppings my kids like, it gets them home for a night. They are adults so it’s harder to get together.
  2. Batesmotel

    Random Posting

  3. Batesmotel

    Random Political/Social Posting

    At 100 yards! Volley fire by rank! First rank.........
  4. Top of the line Peltor Ear Muffs. They were about $300.
  5. Batesmotel

    New Cookie Recipe?

    If the law allowed it I would be buried in a canvas bag and have an apple tree planted over me. Like being recycled But it being baked into cookies is a bit to direct.
  6. I’m in a prison on Sundays. Vaccines are not required but are STRONGLY suggested. Just too many people in close confinement to avoid avoid germs.
  7. Don’t forget the hoards of relatives that will come out of the woodwork looking for money.
  8. If you think that means I want to see boobs, you would be correct.
  9. The mind sees what it wants to see.
  10. Batesmotel

    What is the most beautiful firearm ever made?

    Kentucky Long Rifle in iron furniture. Elegant simplicity.
  11. Batesmotel

    Finally! Wine for us rednecks!

    Can’t be worse than what I cook with. Bottom shelf boxed wine........ marked Delicious Red and Delicious White. Good enough for deglazing a pan.
  12. Batesmotel


    I wonder if they were dead before impact. Poisoning of some sort. Even at high speed someone should have lived, at least a while.
  13. Batesmotel


    This whole thing stinks.
  14. Regular old clutch for the transmission. Got confusing because there was a second pedal next to it that was a foot clutch for the PTO. It was custom built as a canyon search and rescue vehicle but over thought and over engineered.