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  1. Air didn’t always come pre-canned.
  2. That brings back bad memories.
  3. It was a photographer named Edward Muybridge. He used a bunch of cameras in a row with trip wires attached to each shutter. His early studies on motion were groundbreaking.
  4. I didn’t think I’d live this long.
  5. He and my wife really hit it off. Super sweet guy. I an very glad we had the chance to meet him.
  6. Radio this morning had a story of a Florida man attacking his house guest with a machete because the guy didn’t flush the toilet.
  7. My wife’s brother robbed my mothers house after she died. I tried to talk to her family about it. Didn’t go well. They thought I was making it up. I had proof. I could have had him arrested. I just avoid him now. I also stopped helping her family out as much as I used to. The way they treated me after the burglary was one of the main reasons. In the years that followed they discovered from other sources that he was in fact the one who did it. No one has ever apologized.
  8. PT. Get in top physical shape. The Corps will teach her the rest.
  9. I always liked 44mag powderpuff loads with wad cutters.
  10. Cecil Rhodes poisoned the entire industry. Forever. The blood on his hands is incalculable I encourage colored stones or moissanite or no stone at all. I’m finding young kids are cool with that. The mothers think somewhere written in the foundation of the universe, God decreed that a bride must have a massive diamond or risk eternal damnation.
  11. ALWAYS use the safety food holder thing.
  12. OXO. The metal one. Not the plastic one. Love it.
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