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  1. So the tax base that could fix things is leaving? Where and when did we see this before? Oh yes. New York in the late 60s. I remember seeing the whole mess in the mid 70s. Burned out blocks, abandoned cars, trash everywhere. Time Square was one big porn theatre. Welcome back!
  2. To slow down bikes and skateboards before they cross the driveway. Just the litigious world we live in.
  3. What is the grey stuff? Raw shrimp or calf’s brain?
  4. I wish my dad could have told his sea stories but my mom hated the military and wouldn’t allow him to talk about it.
  5. Boycott. Let the chain suffer for the actions of a few. That’s the only way the C-Level will learn to not tolerate this behavior from THEIR employees.
  6. Look hard on line including Amazon by model number. A lot of the originals were built in China and Indonesia. Now that the company has discontinued that battery line the original manufacturer might still be making them as aftermarket replacements. That’s how I found mine. Still made by the original manufacturer just in a different color and imported by a company in California.
  7. In the 80s I built all sorts of batteries. Including rebuilding NiCad packs for power tools. Literally cracking the old pack open and replacing the cells. They all sucked back then. The new ones are Fantastic. I have a 20 year old Bosch set that finally had the batteries die. I just got a set of four aftermarket NiMh replacement Batteries for $120. I’m probably good to go for another 10-15 years.
  8. The older I get the more I plan work around the heat of the day.
  9. Like someone once said..... Where are we going and what’s with the hand basket?
  10. Grown men getting paid millions to play with a child’s toy. Then we are supposed to blindly follow their political views? Because millions watch them throw a ball.
  11. My daughter was a vet tech. She has tons of rabbit horror stories. Rabbits are Rear Gut Digesters. That means they nibble on food constantly. They need a good supply of Timothy Hay or similar to eat all the time. She has seen way to many dead and dying rabbits who were given a carrot and a little lettuce a couple times a day.
  12. So what’s the penalty duty for that?
  13. Only if she also has multiple passports.
  14. Napoleon used canister shot from 12 pound guns. The rioters in Paris were actually preventing the food they were rioting for from coming into the city. The riots ended immediately.
  15. The have the shooter. Charged with Aggravated Attempted Murder.
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