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  1. My backyard is OVERRUN with them right now. Tiny infants, midsize brownish juveniles and a few full size dark black adults. But very few insects in the webs. My daughter says it’s perfect conditions for a lot of births but the distribution of ages combined with the lack of kills means they are resorting to cannibalism.
  2. I took writing classes in Jr. High and in High School. Used writing prompts in class several times. Not one had to do with sex. Just more proof of the intentional institutional sexualization of children.
  3. They are anti drug in their country. If it brings in cash and hurts the west, not so much.
  4. At least the opium fields will be in full production soon. 🙄
  5. Behind the plate was nothing. Try an early 50s Cadillac. It’s behind the left tail light.
  6. Very true. My elbow was the problem. When I framed by hand, Vaughn was my favorite. I like Estwing because the heads don’t come lose. That is a real issue in a dry climate.
  7. Old Rock-N-Rollers. In line to see STYX and REO Speed Wagon. Man we got old.
  8. I’m getting sick of “Are you the decision maker in the house?” No Hello or anything. Then they want to sell me pest service or some ****.
  9. Catch you on the flip side. Have fun, be safe.
  10. I bought two of these for my boys. Husqvarna model 155 .22LR. Great little guns. The geometry is almost identical to the 6.5 Swedish Mauser so they have the same basic feel as far as muscle memory goes for practice
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