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  1. Mike

    No more *** to give

    Best song ever!
  2. https://www.kusi.com/i/the-latest-police-head-smollett-owes-chicago-an-apology/ Justice my ass, this sounds like the broom sweeping this nonsense under the carpet as expected.
  3. Mike

    Keep Hate Alive!

    A redneck bar in the area he is from? Come on now, humans do not frequent that liberal **** hole.
  4. This doesn't surprise me. I live very near Dearborn MI, they do not care what life in the US is about, it is their way only.
  5. I had to laugh when I read this earlier. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/02/houston-cop-lied-for-warrant-married-couple-killed-4-police-wounded/#ixzz5fzzGvaq3 .
  6. Mike

    Weiner... re-entry...

    Isn't that why he went to prison?
  7. No, wrong terrorist. Conyers replacement is in MI not MN.
  8. Mike

    I'm good with the ending

    I don't see anything wrong with this one.
  9. Mike

    Anyone Carry A Flashlight?

    Over the last decade I have carried various surefire lights. I found the small Olight S1 Baton about 2 years ago and that is now my favorite, I carry that and a surefire 6px tactical daily but use the Olight 90% of the time. The magnet on the tail cap is very handy, just an all around a useful little light. I love the half lumen setting for doing paperwork in the dark, is just bright enough to see what I need and not blinding.
  10. Mike

    Woodchipper sales up in Florida

    What the **** is wrong with these people?
  11. Mike

    BOGO 300aac

    Thanks for the heads up Frank, I will keep an eye on their site.
  12. Mike

    Close range AR sights?

    I use an optic with an etched reticle so it works with or without power and a 1000 lumen light. Just a friendly reminder if you do use a DOT, be sure you know where your dot is zeroed so you can use it at "hallway distances" with confidence.
  13. Mike

    BOGO 300aac

    I saw that one yesterday, it is not the same as the one you posted pics of. Yours shows 125gr match HP, the other is 144gr FMJ. Same price but I would like to try some lighter HP rounds is why I didn't grab the black case one yesterday. Thanks for the link though.
  14. Mike

    BOGO 300aac

    Are you using 300aac pmags or 5.56 pmags. Just curious because I haven't seen any feedback on the 300aac pmags yet. I wish I had heard of this place before now, it looks like the deal you got is no longer available because I can't find it on their site. Good find though.