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  1. You're right, I half assed looked at it and saw the tan frame, RMR and extended barrel and thought it was the new Tactical version of the 509 (didn't even notice the hammer :hide: ). Nice looking gun though.
  2. Over the years I have seen the Springfield XD being bad mouthed on different forums, so don't feel that Glock is the only gun to get bad mouthed. As long as the Glock does what you need it to, I wouldn't worry about it. This forum here seems to have a group that hates on guns that are modified (similar to the 509 in Moshe's post above). I look at that as people that don't understand why the guns are modified.
  3. Knowing what the law says and what happens in real life are two separate things, at least in my state.
  4. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/New-Details-Borderline-Bar-Shooting-Investigation-502182061.html I wonder what would happen if Joe Public stopped a shooting but killed a cop in the process?
  5. Mike

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    Yes, within reason. Its been a couple weeks since the mall shooting, would a non cop be in the same spot the cop is? Every cop I see treats me like they assume I am guilty of something, what's good for the goose...…….. Why are you ok with the multiple standards? As to your comment about there being a shortage of cops; why wouldn't you want a group of people being paid to do the right thing to know that they know they will go to jail if they do not? Let's revisit this in a year. My guess is there will still be 2 armed killers on the street, the difference is one will still be wanted for the murder and unless enough people complain the other will be still the employee of the city. Also you forgot to tell me how the GROUP of cops that shot at an unarmed person in the link I provided and at least one killed a ****ing child inside the building in the process are still getting paid almost a year later?
  6. Mike

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    Until cops police there own, that is exactly what EVERYBODY needs to do. Blueline my ass, if you took a job to uphold the law then do not allow your fellow cop to piss all over it. Every shooting they are involved in needs to be investigated by an outside group and if the cop did wrong they should be held to a least the same standard than Joe Public. Blind trust is why there are so many worthless cops. Also to correct your first line "it may be true" is wrong, "It is true" should be what you write. Here is a link to one if you want an example, I can offer many more if you really want them. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/kameron-prescott-family-demands-justice-child-killed-police-schertz-texas/
  7. I was excited for a minute, then read this. 7 Controversial new rules N.J. cops must follow when they interact with immigrants. https://www.nj.com/expo/news/erry-2018/12/7370b6b09a7751/7-controversial-new-rules-nj-c.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=politicsnj_sf&utm_content=nj_facebook_politicsnj&fbclid=IwAR0Eq9rLOSUIez1csQ8XC4S5_k_1SHXJYWoyqctImwaGkEHVuD3LyGAxCdQ
  8. Glad to hear it. Hopefully other field offices follow their example.
  9. Mike

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    Let us examine the "luxury of not getting involved" you are talking about. Guy is in a mall where people are getting shot, people are screaming, running, what should he do? Common sense saying be prepared to shoot at somebody trying to kill you and run AWAY from the source of the shots, right? He was doing that and YOUR HERO killed him. The dead guy was about as NOT INVOLVED as he could be, your own words say he was running away and you haven't provided anything that shows he was threatening anybody. Can I count on you being involved in seeing to it that cop is charged appropriately for the death he caused? Action vs inaction? Guy NOT being a threat and running AWAY, in this situation inaction would have be the better thing to do, as we still have a dead guy on one side and a paid vacation cop on the other.
  10. Mike

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    Where I live the cops kill the wrong people regularly and get away with it. That is one reason I am so sick of seeing people like patchman licking their boots so often. With that said, you say the truth is in the middle, ok with that in mind, where is the middle? We have a dead guy on one side and a guy on paid vacation on the other, where is the middle in this situation? I agree with not wanting cops to get shot, but at the same time they mow down more innocent people every year so something needs to change.
  11. Mike

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    What you are describing is shoot first ask questions later. In the mall shooting, the cop didn't know who was doing the shooting, right? So how does he know that the guy he just killed was a danger to anybody? Responsibility for their actions should be a qualification for police, but more and more that is disappearing, just like this situation.
  12. Mike

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    I can be in your living room by Friday morning if you grow a pair and send me the address. I'll ask again, on what planet is it legal to shoot somebody in the back that is ONLY BRANDISHING while running away from you?
  13. Mike

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    It would be nice if stupid people could understand that "orders" don't mean anything to the average person in that type of situation. If I have done nothing wrong and hear somebody yelling (In a mall full of screaming/running people) to stop, drop my gun as I'm running AWAY FROM THE DANGER and thinking he must not be talking to me as I've done nothing wrong. Then you get shot in the back and your family has to deal with badge bunnies making up excuses why it is not the cops fault, what a great system we have. I mean why would a cop take responsibility that he ****ed up when boot lickers make excuses for them? Fact: If they can't handle the job, they should go work as a plumber, instead of having badge bunnies making excuses for them to allow them to wreak more havoc on the public.