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  1. Mike

    what is your favorite at home meal

    That does make it sound even better! Damn, now I'm hungry.
  2. Mike

    what is your favorite at home meal

    Baked spaghetti. Because bacon makes everything my favorite.
  3. Mike

    Assaults on Republicans Growing

    So if one of this ****tarts sticks their fingers into somebodies salad and they get a fork through said hand, who do the road pirates harass after its all over?
  4. Mike

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    The new Gen 4 G20 around here is still north of $600 after tax. Sounds like you found a good deal, congrats. I'm still using 3rd Gen S&W's in 10mm myself, I have been waiting and hoping they make a no finger grove Gen 5 G20 so I can join the 10mm striker club.
  5. Mike

    USPS rant

    USPS are a group of unionized, couldn't care anyless about YOUR problem workers. We go in spurts of IF our mail arrives, if it is the old white guy we get deliveries everyday about 1:00pm, if it is the old black lady it is after 4 and if there are any packages she always marks them attempted delivery but never leaves the slip in the mailbox or attached to the door. We have taken surveillance video shows her sitting at the end of the driveway marking her device with gps as showing she was there to the postmaster and nothing happens. If the young black guy is on the route, mail just doesn't get delivered many days or delivered to other houses. The postmaster said we could rent a PO box and drive 9 miles each way daily if we didn't like the service we are receiving. We do bill pay electronically and try to avoid them as much as possible, I hope they just shut down as it is nothing more than a debacle when dealing with them. I have had decent luck with UPS, since FedEx is obviously anti gun we try to use UPS as much as possible. https://about.van.fedex.com/newsroom/fedex-responds-questions-national-rifle-association-gun-safety-policy/ snippet from above link **** FedEx they are dead to me!
  6. Mike

    Random Political/Social Posting

    I don't either, but the poster is a trump hater so photoshop be dammed he is going to post continuous anti trump garbage.
  7. Mike

    Random Posting

    No argument there. If there were any money up there, I would have moved that way years ago, we have some property near Gwinn. Everybody I know down here that has a place up there loves it, but can not afford to leave their jobs here.
  8. Mike

    Random Posting

    It is to warm for Hell to freeze over currently. Hell is about an hour from my location, it will in another month or so freeze over though. Here are a couple pics from the past.
  9. Mike

    Random Posting

    They didn't have OSHA back then, the guys in the back were the wheel chocks of the time.
  10. Mike

    NRA downgrades Sen. Tester

    I hope so, for the people of that state.
  11. Mike

    Use What's Available

    When has a government entity ever screwed something up and volunteered to fix it correctly? You are thinking the city/county that owns the chopper will be willing to compensate the homeowner for the damages caused, I am thinking without a major fight they will not. I understand why the pilot did what he did, but at the end of the day, he isn't paying for damages caused by his decision. It will probably take a couple days of effort to get the chemical balance right, if they do not have to drain the pool because of whatever type of nasty stuff is on that bucket (soot from the fire, etc), plus the mess kicked up by the rotors. I would bet that the homeowner with the pool got the short end of the stick. Again the alternative is their house might have burned down if the pilot went farther, so for the homeowner with the pool, it sucks either way.
  12. I try to avoid Google whenever possible. It is very hard to avoid the whole company though.
  13. Mike

    America 2018

    I wonder how much of that million came from soros?
  14. It seems Taylor Swift got a bunch of people to register to vote yesterday due to her post on tweeter. That is a shame. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/unprecedented-amount-people-just-registered-133758539.html
  15. Mike

    Recommend a folding chair

    If you are using them for the kids sports, the ad you posted shows they are 13.2 pounds each, is that going to be an issue going from the car to the field with multiple chairs?