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  1. Are you going to answer the question I asked in the last post or just keep posting insults?
  2. Not really. I made a statement and you want to nit pick. Tell me exactly why nobody listed above goes to these situations since I am so wrong, in detail please?
  3. If you are not already at the mall and run in guns a blazin', what does the law say about that? Where I live you would be on your way to jail. hence the original post I made describing why nobody other than a cop goes out of their way to go to these situations.
  4. Do you realize that janice6 said nobody else goes into these situations and I said it is because NOBODY else has the protections cops have. What is so difficult to understand about that? It is the cops job to do this PERIOD, the continued worship of a person doing their damn job is ridiculous is all I am saying. I'll say again, if you want to whine about injuries being permanent and fatal, go be an electrician. You and every other cop made a career choice knowing good and well what is expected, whining is not an option. Why is it that cop is NEVER on the top 10 dangerous jobs list?
  5. 3) If they are hurt on the job it is covered. Just like any other job. I am not saying if you get a cold you get free antibiotics.
  6. Tomorrow you go to work and say you go to a bank robbery and are injured, shot in the leg, broke hand, are you saying you would get the bill for those injuries?
  7. So you are saying if a cop is hurt (say shot) on the job that the cop has to pay the bill? The cops here in MI aren't receiving such bills. I know their lawyers are covered by somebody here also, if they shoot somebody etc. As for no immunity, why would I? I wouldn't risk losing everything to save somebody I don't know without knowing I have a very high odds of getting away with making errors. As I asked janice6, if I am in the situation and shoot somebody in the back running away like cops have done, would I get away with it like they do or would I be sitting in the jail waiting to spend lots of my own money on lawyers? Here in MI a dead cops family is taken care of, by other cops. I have seen my family members go cut the grass, shovel snow, refinish kitchens etc for dead cops families. Would that happen if I were killed at the Walmart? If you are already at the Walmart, yes defend yourself and family, that is what any of us would do. But would you drive there and go into that situation with zero protections if you didn't know anybody there?
  8. janice6, With all due respect, I have several family members that are cops, I had served on the citizen review board for our police department for 6 years, which is where I get the bad taste from. Are you aware most of the training you mentioned is voluntary and they are paid overtime to take said training? Yes the demand for police is there, because the law says they are the ones with the ability to do so with little recourse. As I asked, would you go into Walmart knowing you would have no free medical, no free lawyer, no paid time off work and could face charges if you made an honest error? I sure wouldn't, it is not worth the risk. Now when you are talking about the BS that is going on in NY and other areas, I agree with you. When you say doing something takes courage, no it doesn't. If your parents taught you right you do an honest days work and if you job says you go to where people are calling 911 then you do that or you become a carpenter. Again you are not seeing courage you are seeing someone doing their job. Firefighters go into fires every day, that is more dangerous than what cops do, yet we don't have parades here every few days for them either. If a cop goes above and beyond, great but to constantly say they are heros, is sad. They are doing there jobs, nothing more. Go sit with your fire department for a few days if you want to see courage. If I walk into the mall in AL and shoot a black guy in the back as he is running away would I get away with it like the cop did? No you know good and well I would not. That is why you don't see people other than cops doing that work.
  9. I hate to have to be "that guy" again but, how many of the other groups of people you listed would get paid medical treatment if they were injured, paid time off work if injured, have vests, radios, long guns etc for doing this sort of thing, have immunity from prosecution 9 out of 10 times for shooting the wrong person, have good quality free lawyers, have somebody to take care of their families if they were killed? That is just off the top of my head, not being rude but that is their job, that is why they get so many benefits because they are expected to do this sort of thing. Ask yourself what would happen if you ran in there and killed or injured the wrong person? What about if you were injured? I would say "the only persons with special resources dedicated to helping and saving lives are the police...……………………………... " You might be surprised at how many folks would help if it were not for fear of prosecution or financial devastation.
  10. You can't even make this stuff up. https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/34th-district-court-judge-facing-domestic-violence-charge A judge who is out of jail on bond, beats his girlfriend up and as the original court is trying to revoke the bond, the judge in the domestic violence case (which is a neighboring city to where the criminal judge resides) releases him on a personal bond. The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom.
  11. So she jumped a fence to get out on to a football field and is surprised she got tackled? What the hell did she think would happen? Also when did a somebody wearing cloths become a "streaker"? The title of this thread seem to explain the situation perfectly.
  12. You're a little nicer than I am, I invite them to get out of my sight if they want to be a heathen.
  13. We tried explaining this to him, but in the end he was right and we were wrong.
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