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  1. This will all stop when the police are removed from the ghetto hoods. Can someone explain to me how removing the police will lower the gang-banger shootings? -=BDD=-
  2. Now that the Penguins did a rapid exit from the playoffs, local sports talk has been very critical of management in the three major sports teams. The Pirates are striving for a winning season, not the World Series, just a 82-80 season. When you have an owner who is only willing to spend his loose pocket change on total team salary, I guess that's about all you can hope for. Nutting keeps complaining that fans don't support the team. Put a winner on the field and fans might show up again. The Steelers are the favorite of Pittsburgh fans, but this year has been a circus with antonio and levion. The coach does one thing - he satisfies the Rooney rule. Tomlin has no control of his players. They basically show up for meetings and practice if and when they want to (only applies to the stars). Again, no discipline from Tomlin. With the Penguins, it became obvious in the playoffs that the stars didn't want to play the game the coach outlined. Spinning around with the puck trying to show the fans how great you are obviously didn't work and was not the way Sullivan (coach) outlined. The GM made a lot of bad trades and is now stuck with some big and long contracts for players that didn't help the team. I don't think a coach like Belichick would have put up with these egos. How can we convince him to come to Pittsburgh and take over all three teams? -=BDD=-
  3. I wonder how long it will really take to even start with this restoration? Since I'm an old fart, I don't think I'll see anything except for the all the demonstrations that I guarantee will start soon. It could be entertaining. -=BDD=-
  4. The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral truly was a devastating tragedy. I don't think we will ever hear the truth on the cause. The news keeps reporting on the all the money that has been donated and the quick turnaround on repairs and restoration they expect, but I will bet that any religious restoration on the exterior will be met with massive demonstrations by snowflakes, clowns in their yellow traffic vests, burka clad terrorists because they are all offended by anything with a religious connotation. If it is owned by the french govt or the political hand puppet called the pope, I don't think it will ever be restored to its original appearance. -=BDD=-
  5. The LA Times comment on Polar was it's a "toxic brew of mindless violence." My kind of movie! I think the sequel will be the televised debate of the 99 candidates for the democrat's nomination - let's hope! -=BDD=-
  6. Watched it the other night and if you like non-stop shooting, this is a winner. I think the head bad guy "Blut" would be a perfect democrat candidate for the next election. You have to watch the movie just to see this character and all his musings. -=BDD=-
  7. Why is the somali muslim population so high in Minnesota? I would think the difference in climate would discourage somalis from concentrating in Minnesota. Did the state and local govt encourage all these muslims to come to Minnesota? I keep reading all the atrocities committed by these clowns and the fact that there are some areas where local police are not permitted to enter. They have gotten to the point where they are actually winning elections and are now pushing their koran based agenda in this country. Anyone from Minnesota want to explain this fiasco to me? -=BDD=-
  8. This may sound wrong to many people, but Tom Wolfe, democrat governor of Pa, invited the survivors and relatives of the deceased from the Tree of Life shooting to the capital for some reason today. This happened 6 months ago. Why are we still boo-hooing this waco shooting? There have been lots of other shootings, but we continue to highlight the Tree of Life shooting every day. I could give my opinion, but I would probably be banned! -=BDD=-
  9. The amount of money and manpower that will be wasted in the courts on this illegal attempt at gun control will be amazing. "Bicycle Billy" needs to take a look at Chicago to see how well gun control laws actually stop violence. Why do these folks always blame the object and not the criminal? When Pedildo has to cut back on "flower gardens" in the hill district or making his bicycle lanes in the snowflake areas more "friendly" because of wasting money fighting the courts, there will be another local news marathon on the Tree of Life shooting and evil gun owners. Time to move on with a reality check! -=BDD=-
  10. This is basically the thought behind my original posting. It would be very costly, but when you look at what we spend on Narcan, police spending their valuable time on overdoses, medical personnel, police trying with very little success to fight the drug cartels and drug smuggling, it may be cost effective. The biggest losers would be the high level officials losing their bribes. We laugh at all these third world cesspools and all the reported corruption. Are we any better or are just better at hiding it? -=BDD=-
  11. I know it will never happen, but if heroin was legalized, you would have a lot less deaths. Addicts would know that they were getting a purified product (no elephant tranquilizer, etc.) We've already proven that you can't control these illegal activities. How long did Prohibition last before the govt finally went OK to booze again? Obviously the drug cartels are so organized and with advanced technology and with enough money to bribe every high level official looking the other way, it wouldn't be legalized, but is it worth it to bring up the subject to the public. Addicts will be addicts, no matter what, but if it was legalized, can you imagine the Super Bowl commercials for the new and improved crap? -=BDD=-
  12. "Bicycle Billy"; spineless mayor of Pittsburgh, has come out and said he wants to change the laws that govern the police. He wants to put more restrictions on the police for the sake of "justice." Again, no support for the police, but pandering to the clowns that drain society. I guess the people in the city want Pittsburgh to surpass Chicago or Baltimore in weekly shootings. I'm glad that I don't live anywhere close to this cesspool!. -=BDD=-
  13. I'm bleeding from Harry's shave club 5 blade razor - I can't imagine how much blood I would lose if I tried that. If I ever wanted to commit suicide, that would make it very easy. Is that the razor you use? -=BDD=-
  14. I was wondering through Wally World the other day, enjoying the genetic experiment that are some of the shoppers. I noticed they were selling a starter pack of Harry's shave club pack of one handle and two five blade cartridges for a really low price. I normally use a Gillette power fusion razor, but the cartridges are getting expensive. OK, I'll try the Harry's shave club razor. How bad could it be? Answer - really bad. I would have been better off trying to use my Dewalt router with a dull dovetail bit. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is very true here. I'm not sure how this crap managed such razor burn and nicks on a new blade, but it was terrible. It is taking a trip to the trash can. If you are thinking of trying one, save your money and buy a couple sheets of 60 grit emory cloth. You get a more comfortable shave. -=BDD=-
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